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Publication numberUS945772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 11, 1910
Filing dateMar 17, 1909
Priority dateMar 17, 1909
Publication numberUS 945772 A, US 945772A, US-A-945772, US945772 A, US945772A
InventorsTaylor Evans
Original AssigneeHoard E
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US 945772 A
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To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, TAYLOR Evans, a citizen of the United States, residing at Centralia, in the county of Lewis and State of lVashington, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Mops, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to mop holders, the object being to provide a mop holder which is so constructed that a mop will be held therein after once being placed in position without any danger of it coming out when in use.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a mop holder with means for holding the mop which is so constructed that the mop can be easily and quickly placed in posit-ion or removed by simply working` a lever.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a mop holder which is exceedingly simple and cheap in construction and one which is composed of a very few parts which are so arranged and connected together that all danger of the same becoming separated is prevented.

Another object of the invention is to provide a mop holder which is comprised of a frame, the lower bar of which is provided with asocket in which is mounted a clamping member which is operated by a lever whereby when the mop is placed under the same and the lever is thrown upwardly into a locked position the mop will be securely clamped between the same.

With these objects in view, my invention consists of the novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described, pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure l is a perspective view of my improved mop holder showing` a mop arranged therein. Fig. 2 is a side view of the same showing the lever thrown downwardly so as to open the clamping frame in order that a mop can be placed therein. Fig. 3 is a detail plan view of the lower end of the frame and, Fig. 4 is a section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 3.

In carrying out my improved invention I employ a wooden handle A in the lower end of which is secured a shank B which is provided with parallel arms C having diverging end portions D which terminate in a sub- Specoaton of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 17, 1909.

Patented Jan. iti, 19rd Serial No. 484,659.

stantially rectangular frame E the lower cross bar of which is grooved on its under face as clearly shown at E to form a socket as will be hereinafter fully described. The grooved cross bar of the frame E is provided with an opening adjacent each end through which extend the parallel arms F of a substantially U-shaped frame, the lower connecting bar of which is adapted to fit within the groove and the arms F converge and are provided with flattened apertured ends G which are pivotally mounted on a bolt or rivet G to each side of a lever H which is pivotally mounted between the arms C on a bolt or rivet I whereby said clamping frame can be raised and lowered by operating the same and for securing the lever in a clamped position I employ a sliding ring K which is mounted on the shank B and is adapted to lit over the hooked end II of the lever H and it will be seen that by sliding the ring upwardly on the shank from over the end of the lever the lever can be dropped so as to allow the clamping frame to drop below the main frame out of the socket whereby a mop or rag of any kind can be readily placed over the same and by forcing the lever upwardly the rag will be forced within the groove of the main frame and securely clamped. The ring is then placed over the lever so as to hold the same in that position and it will be seen that by this arrangement the mop will be clamped within the groove of the main frame by the clamping frame in such a manner that all danger of it accidentally becoming detached in use is prevented. It will also be seen that by this arrangement the mop is held between the main frame and clamping frame in such a manner that it -will not be torn in any way and at the same time the frame will be embedded in the mop in such a manner that all danger of it scarring highly polished floors is prevented.

From the fore-going description it will be seen that I have provided a mop holder.

which is provided with means for clamping a mop therein which is so constructed that it can be easily and quickly operated so as to clamp a mop therein or to remove the mop therefrom and at the same time by having a slidably mounted clamping frame as heretofore described the same is allowed to drop below the main fram-e whereby the placing of the mop over the same is greatly facilitated.

A mop holder comprising a handle having a shank provided With spaced arms having diverging portions terminating in a substan tially rectangular frame, the lower cross bar of said frame being provided with a grooved under facel and having an opening formed therein adjacent each end, a clamping frame slidably mounted Within said opening provided with converging arms having Hattened apertured ends7 a curved lever pivotally mounted between the arms of the shank carrying a pivot member upon which the flattened end of the arms of the clamping frame are adapted to be mounted and a ring slidably mounted on the shank adapted to fit over said lever for locking said lever in a raised position.

TAYLOR EVANS. Vitnesses:

D. B. Rans, IDA CHAN cnr.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/46