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Publication numberUS946770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 18, 1910
Filing dateAug 26, 1909
Priority dateAug 26, 1909
Publication numberUS 946770 A, US 946770A, US-A-946770, US946770 A, US946770A
InventorsNettie A M Sands
Original AssigneeNettie A M Sands
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US 946770 A
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HEAD CQVERING. A'Prmownm v1" N; I I N ne AM Sands my@ s. 7 www, MW, M Mm @www eremo.

nivrrnnsrarns PATEN ernten. ,Y



To 01H whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Nn'rrrn A. M. SANDS, a. citizen of the United States of America, residing at Newark, in the county of Essex and State of New Jersey, have invented a new and useful Head-Covering, of which the following is a specification.

The object` of the invention is to provide a head-covering of tasteful and inexpensive construction, which is readily adjustable to any size. of head and to any manner of Wearing the hair.

A further object is to provide the headcovering with a detachable vizor and a cape, and to render it serviceable for either indoor or out-door Wear, or in bathing, as a protection against dust. sun, wind and rain, and as ahnt-protector in stormy weather.

ln the accompaiiyimesheet of drawings which forms a part of this application- Figure l is a perspective of a head-@oven ing embodying my invention, as applied. Fig. 2 is a4 plan of the vizor from above. Fig'. 3 is ay view of the body portion from underneath. Fig. 4 is a plan of the cape viewed from the outer side.

The .head-covering;r comprises a body-portion 1 of a single piece of pliable material, as soft silk, cut in substantially a circle, with a hem running around its periphery. About one-third of thepcriphery Q is permanently gathered. The balance of the periphery 3 is provided with a gathering cord 4 by li'hich the covering can be gathered up under the hair. A ring 5 is provided through which the fabric at the middle of the bodyportion can be drawn t0 take np any fullness. This ring,r may be sewed to the fabric, one side of the ring only being; connected soA as to prevent it from being lost. and not interfere `with the drawing of the fabric therethrough. The permanently gathered portion ofthe periphery of the body-portion is adapted for the attachment thereto of a vizor G when desired, this portion of'the periphery and the meeting edge of tl e vizor being provided with similarly spaced mating clasp-buttons 7 7. The remainder of the periphery. which has the gathering cord, is also provided with clasp-buttons 8 8 with which may be engaged the mating parts of the buttons along one edge of a cape 9 when Specification of Letters Patent. Application tlled August 26, 1909. Serial No. 514,814. t

Patented Jan. t8, 1910.

it is desired to attach the ca e. The opposite edge of the cape is provi ed With a gathering cord 10 and the ends of the cape are provided with mating clasp-buttons 11 11. Both the gathering cord of the cape and these buttons enable the cape to be drawn about. the neck and fastened under the chin.

' What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

l. In a head or hat covering, the lcombination of a body-portion of pliable material, and a ring through which the central portion of the body-portion is gathered, substantially as described.

`2. In a head or hat covering, the combii nation of a vizor, a'gathering cord, and a. body-portion formed of a flat. substantially circular piece of pliable material having a portion of its periphery permanently gath cred and provided with button connections for the vizor and the balance of the periphery hcnnncd to receive the gathering cord, substantially as described.

3. ln a hcad or hat covering, the combination of a vizor. a gathering cord. a cape, and a body-'portion formed of a Hat substantially circular piece of pliable material havingr a portion of its periphery ermanently ,eiathered and provided with utton connections for the vizor and the balance of the periphery hemmed to receive the gatheringi cord and provided with button connections for the cape, substantially as described.

4. In a head or hat. covering, the combination of a vizor. a ,gathering cord, a cape, a body-portion formed of a flat substantially circular piece of pliable material having a portion of its periphery permanently gathered and provided with utton connections for the vizor and the balance of thek periphery hemmed to receive the gathering cord and provided with button connections 'for the cape, and a ring through which the portion of the body-portion is gathy s central ered, su tantially as described.

Signed at New York, borough of Manhatten, N. Y., this 24th day of August. 1909.



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Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/12