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Publication numberUS949066 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1910
Publication numberUS 949066 A, US 949066A, US-A-949066, US949066 A, US949066A
InventorsPaul L Fowler
Original AssigneePaul L Fowler
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US 949066 A
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APPLICATION nun APB.13.1909.

Patented Feb. 15, 1910.

nuanfon Wham I I I 7\ Ha m i Mi ne'er AVAtLABLE we.

minor-61 To iilflz bhem it may concern: I

lit; t kium u that 1. PM. L. Fowt .r.n, a l'liltfitltjfdillt l'uitctl States. residing at 'tf 'l lff l ll lllt' co'intr of (outra (min and hitati iil't'alit'oruia, untiut'cutctl ccrtaiu pro) nit or iin irurctl means for atlju talily ilxltlt llg littfvr-ltilptttltttg arms in position and i antl t lieiun rits thereof, uutl alho to acquire a i ktloitglwtlgeof the. details of construction a'utl W nn-ans foretl'ectmg the result, ref-- crcu ce' i:= to he hail t0 the follow in; tlcstzriptiouun tarcompatrriug drawings. in which:

Figure t is a ide elevation of the wmr nlete raek in an textctnlctl position. l'ig. 2. I: ll mutton on the hue 2 of Fig. t. Fig. 3 iaul r itle elevation howin; tllt complete in-,gr Iohletl position. the lowcr ctnl of a tllte heiu hrokcn awar. Fig:- -l is dc- {one of the disks for support- (Tort 'poluliug aml like parts are referred In in tl|o follo\\'in-, description incl itulicatnl in all t-lu, riew ot tluulrauiui lthe same get eta-t,- charactcr.-. .l'erring to lllt drawings. the Itttlllt-l':ll 10 tlcsigtuiteaa hasc hl ck which is pret'm-ahl of cnzcuhni formation a|nl \\'h-ich i provided upon its upper face with a uwtali'nplate ll. The liar-c. ltl i.-" u'oritlotl iu it.-- upper face with a circular t c u7c.-.-it.u for th 'l'ccepliott 'of a lllllt :2, whiclris u wardly. extended fmutthi hate t0 and which is was! through an npertureformetl ueutrallv iu the plate 11 and which is dis msotl iivtlu-catlvtl eugagw umnt with plain" it to retain the same rigidly Sputt'tcattmt of Letters )atcat. t'npyltcntt o n filed Apt! 13. 1908. Semi! tic. 459.611.

UNITED STATES PATEN OFFICE. ram. L. rowmzrt. or cnocir n'r r. cann-onm ix CLOTHES-RACK.

l 'atentmt Feb. 15, 1910.

in position. The plate It i.- rt't'lil't'tl u )0" i.- til inst- 1 iu llll'lit lttl t-ngagcun-nt tt uiitl thc in mint uu-luher H.

The tucau (ltl])ltt \'ttl for hohliug the blocks l0 and 13 against the than; ulul cciliug I t't' titt".i\el \'cozuprisce a split sleeve which is formed with lugs 19 which project outwartlly froui the same at the cntl portions thereof. through which a screw it! is disi Ittlhttl which ii\'otall Mipports thc inner I trial of a caini 1)o.-ittl split at its upper cxtremity mat is F :ulapt tl gagcnicut of thc cam lever 2t againa thc cvcr .l. The tuln' l. 0])- tor communication upon the eu- :nljaccut sitle ol' the same. the fittlttt" llt'lltg f ctlcctctl by the swinging of the outcr unit portin; means which is carried hv the titz'n-c comprisea disk :22 which is loosely cugagctl about the tubular iueiuhci l-l anti which is provided at one. side with an upwardly projectctl llauge 23 which is Nifilfltl upon one side of a circular plate 2-1. The circular plate is cnlatpedat its outer ---i\le to project hcyoinl the. tltSli 2-2 mat is ltl't tltlt l with a ilurality of apertures .25 which are l in spaced relution atlju cut lllt I outer edge of the same and which are registeml with semicircular grooves it; formed In the edge of the disk 2;! in spaced relation.

- plurality of aruis 3? are mployed which greatly extend from the circular plate 2t. thearlus 27 being curred downwardly at uh- I stantially right angles at thciriuuer cxtrcnu tiles to form abutment :28, the uluttments 28 being extended through the apertures 2-: :tlul engaged at their lower extrenuties ttl thc semicircular grooves '26. The lower extrcu|itie of the ahutments 28 are turned it:- \\'ttt'tll and enlarged as at 29 to prevent the (llSl'lltlt'Oltltltl of the arms 27 when the same aretlis'cugaged frourthe disk 22. For the purpose of clamping um disk 2'2 to the circular plate 24 in adjustetlpositiou upon the tubular member a set-serew30 is arovided which is extended through the l augc 28 and engaged at its inner extremity against the side of the tubular member 14, the same being retained in position b the employment of a jam nut 31. In the drawin s is 5 disclosed several series of am'i 2 and in actual manufacture of the rack any number of arms may be employed, the same being adi'usted to the desired height upon the tubu ar member 14 by providing a plurality 10 of disks 22 and circular plates 24,

When it is desired to erect the device the telescopicsections 12 and 14 are extended 1 to engage the base 10 upon the floor and the blockrl5 against the ceiling of the room in l 15 which the device'is erected. although any I position may be had with the device provided an upper support is convenient. \Vhen the cam lever 21 is thrown downwardly and caused'to contract the split scctions of the upper end of the tube 12 and l thus bind the tubular member 14 in. rigid. relation within the'same, the set screws 30 .a-re operated tqrelease the disks 22 and ci r- -cular plates 24 to couple the adjustment of l 25 the arms 27 vertically with respect to the device, when such adjustment its obtained the arms 27 are raised to slide their inwardly curved portions 29 downwardly through the apertures 25 and plates 24 to engage the 30 a utments 26 through the apertures and at the lower extremities in the semicircular grooves 26. When the device is positioned it will be observed from the drawings that the arms 27 are radially extended from the tubular member 14 and are retained in a substantially horizontal position to enable the hanging of articles thereon. A suitable strap 32 is positioned about the tube 12 to engage the outer extremities of the arms 27 when the same are folded downwardly against the sides of the tube 12.

Having thus described the inventiomwhat is claimed as new is:.

l. A rack as specified cmnprising a pair of telescopic members, a base carried uaon the end of one of said nlembers, a cei ing block mounted on the outet end of the 0 mosite of said n.en'|bers. the inner end 0 -the larger of said members being split, a split 3 sleeve. engaged about the split portion of! said member, a cam lever carried adjacent the split portion of said sleeve to impin c against the split portion to contract tic same, a disk carried by ti; upper of said 1 telescopic members, a flange upwardly cxtended from one side of said disk. a. circu ar plate projecting from said flange in spaced relation from said disk, a plurality of arm's I extended from said plate. abutments carried from said arms and extended downwardly I through said plate, said disk having a inrality of semicircular grooves formed in spaced relation in the edge of the same,{

said abutments adapted to engage in the grooves to support said arms, and a stud screw carried y said flange for adjustably retaining said disk and said plate in position.

2. A rack as specified comprising a pair f'teleseopic members, a cam lever carried by one of said members to contract the same and bind said members in position, disks carried by said members, circular plates car ried by said members and spaced upwardly from said disks, flanges extended between said plates and said disks at one side thereof,.at the edges to secure the same in rigid relation to one another, a set screw carried by each of said flanges to adjustably retain the same on said members and a lurality I of arms radially extended from said plates and adjustahly supported by the same.

. 3. A rac'k' as specified comprisin a pair of telescopic m'embers', disks carrie by said members, tlan 'es upwardly extended from one side of said disks, circular plates carried by said members and spaced upwardly from sa d disks, said plates being supported on said flanges, said plates being provided with a series of apertures, formed therethrou h in spaced relation adjacent the edges of t e same, said disks being provided with corresponding series of grooves in the outer edges otthc same, arms radially extended from I said plates, abutinerds carried u on the inner ends of said arms to engage t rough said plates, said abutments adapted to engage in the grooves in said disks at the lower extremities, and inwardly curved and enlarged p'or'tions formed on said abutments for retaining the same in position through sa.d plates.

4. A rack including a telescopic standard, sup )orting members mounted adjustabl on sat standard and inte rally forme in pairs, a set-screw carried by each put: of said members for engagement against said standard to secure said members in ad'usted position, the upper of each 'pair 0 said members being apertured and the lower members having recesses formed in the outer edges thereof, arms outwardly extended from the upper of said members. abutments carried upon the inner ends of said arms and extended through the apertures formed in said upper members for engagement with the lower ofsaid members and enlargements formed on said abutments for retaining the same within said upper members.

in testimony when-of I afiix my signature in p esence of two witnesses.

K. E. llnwa nos.

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