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Publication numberUS949420 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1910
Filing dateDec 31, 1908
Priority dateDec 31, 1908
Publication numberUS 949420 A, US 949420A, US-A-949420, US949420 A, US949420A
InventorsGustav Engisch
Original AssigneeGustav Engisch
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Toy airship.
US 949420 A
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.o all whom it may cwwem:

Be it known that I, GUsTAv ENGISCH, a

citizen of the German Empire, residing at Berlin, Prussia, Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Toy Airships, of which the following is al -Fi f. 2 is a side view. and I `i u 3 a lan ot the saine.

The same letters of reference have been used in all the views to indicate correspondiner parts.

l teferring to the drawinga indicates a l buoyant body which is preterably made of rubber. 'lhe said buoyant body has the usual cigar-like form, and it can be inflated by a suitable gas the speeitiogravity of which is less than that of the air. -ltrom the` body a car fm/ and a frame are suspended. At its 'front end the frame b 1s formed with a bore for a propeller shaft c carrying at its end a propeller rl. To the rear end of the frame there is secured a connecting means,

for example a hook f. Through the latter and through a hook provided at the rear end ot' the propeller shaft a rubber band f/ is looped two or three times. To the rear end ot' the. frame l' a vertical shaft /i is linked which carries a rudder 'i consisting of a frame covered with paper or fabric. 'lhe shaft is held against rotation by friction, so that it i'eniains in its position when adjusted for performing a flight. The frame also carries horizontal planes n` which can be turned in bearings of the frame when the air ship is to be raised or lowered. Also the planes n are adjusted for each trip of the ship, and they remain in their adjusted position to the end ol the flight.

The frame b ol the car is secured to the buoyant body by rigid connecting means. 'l`herefore the earis not suspended within a special balloon netting. Preferably the said rigid connection consists olone. or more elas- Specitcation of Letters Patenti.

Application tiledA December 31, 1908. Serial No. 470,185.

Patented Feb. 15, 1910.

ticrods k which are looped in tlielinanner shown in Fig. 1. The depending portions of each rod are intersecting each other; at their point of intersection they are interconnected, as indicated with 1 in Eig...1. The ends of the rods are secured tothe frame of the car. By providing looped iods as described tlie saine rods may be used for balloons of different sizes. .lhe buoyant body.

is pressed into the loop sutliciently to produce a rigid connection of the latter vwith the frame. They can be longitudinally shifted on the said body. The connectinr rods f, the fraaie b and the car m are rel erably inade of very light material, suc i for example as bamboo, so that the :ir ship is buoyantavithout requiring a balloon of excessive size.

Instead ot' the driving and steering means' referred to other suitable means may be provided.

ln order to drive the air shi the propeller d is rotated aboutl its axis, so t iat the rubber cord r/ is put under tension. When the` propeller is released it is rotated in the opposite direction by the rubber cord, whereby the air ship is driven.

'lhe air ship is steered by the rudder and the planes fn, which are adjusted before starting the saine. The rudder and the planes are held in their adjusted positions by friction.

I claim:

l. A free. flying toy air-ship comprising in combination a buoyant body, a. frame, driv.- ing means, steeringr means, and a plurality of rods attached to said frame, and embracinggr portions of said body. the two halves of each rod intersecting each other between said body and said frame.

2. A free flying toy air-ship comprising in combination a buoyant. body, a frame, driving means, steering means, a lurality of rods attached to said frame. an( embracing portions of said body, the two halves of each rod intersecting each other between said body and said frame and being intercom neeted at their point of intersection.




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Cooperative ClassificationA63H27/10