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Publication numberUS950912 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1910
Filing dateDec 15, 1908
Priority dateDec 15, 1908
Publication numberUS 950912 A, US 950912A, US-A-950912, US950912 A, US950912A
InventorsThomas Harrington
Original AssigneeThomas Harrington
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Support for display matter.
US 950912 A
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Patented 11111111910.

be removed or replaced by one? 'UNITED THOMAS HARRINGTON, OF NEW YORK, N. Y.


y`Specification of Letters Patent.

.Patented Mar. i, 1.910.

Application filed December 15', 190. Serial No. 467,665.

To all whom t 'may concern:

Be it known that. I, THoMxs HARRINGTON,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New York, boi'ouglrof Manhattan, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Support for Display Matter, of which the following is a full, clear, and exaet descrip-v tion.

This invention relates to certain improvements in frames or supports for display matter, and the object of the invention is to so construct 'th frame or support that advertisingl matter, announcements or displays for successive periods may be mounted on said frame or supporty with the signs, advertisements or displays for one period only, visible at a time. The frame or support is reversible, so that at the expiration ot' one period, the signs, advertisements, or displays for the next successive period may be instantly disclosed to view, bythe reversal of the frame or support or a portion thereof. During` the next successive. period. the signs, advertising or displays upon the back may for the next future period, so that at the expiration of the present period, the frame or the movable portion thereof will be ready for reversal.

lily invention is especially applicable to theatrical advertising for use in hotels, railroad stations, and other publie or semi-public places iii-large cities, although it is evident that the invention may be employed in connection with' advertisements signs, or displays of other character or subject-inatter. y

Reference is to be had to the accompanyiner drawings` forming a part oi this speellication, in which similar characters of reference indicate correspondine` parts in all the figures, and in which- Figure l a perspective view of a frame or support constructed in accordance with my invention, the parts being' shown iu dotted lines in nthe position they oer'upy din .m

reversal; Fig'. 2 is an enlarged trout rien.' of i is a veriy the 'trame or support, and Fig. il cal transv-rse section.

ln various publie pces, part tels in 4lame cities, 2 ens-Tom. ay smal advertisements of larly ho- .rjf to dis- .i'llperent ments, which are beinga conducted at the ..ters, lectures, and other pubnc entertainl of these theaters or other public places of instruction or amusement, it is necessary to make repeated changes in the list of performances in order that said list may be kept up to date. The \.ast majority of entertainments, particularly in large cities, run tor at lleast a iveek and often for several months, but ity is customary for these performances to begin their engagement at the beginning' of the week and terminate at the end of thativeek or some succeedingV week. Thus, it is necessary to make an extensive change in the list of performances after the close ott Saturday night and before the lists are exhibited to the publie on. Sunday. It there are a large number of these lists exhiblted throng-hout the city and they are all owned or controlled by one person or company, it requir s a large number of nien to make the rounds et' all of the lists and make the necessary changes, vto lningn them up to date.

In my invention I make the sign or support tor the e'ards Aforming the list reversible, ,so that daringthe vveek one person can make the rounds of all ot the trames er siuiports and fix the c; 'ds in the back or invisible side, so that the): will read properly tor the next succeeding` .veek. '.lhenA after the close of the last performance tfturday night, one person can make the rounds a see-ond time and without disturbing' a v ot the cards forming the list or without tarryinp` any extra cards, tools, or paraphernalia with him, may re erse the posititni ofeaeh Ytrame or support in an instants time. so that it. ivill dif-play the prei er list, :nlveri'iseinents or annonneement-l 'tor the next succeeding` week. Monday4 nlm-nine` he may' airain roanns and rifa f the "ards in the bark oii the traine orsnpporl. o that they vvill read for the next f..nfcet=[l". f week rather than the ast previo f e. lll-lv means his invenlimi.' one pe an do all of ivorl-i. r quired and oni).v one pei-son' need it neri' in order daring a fiaturday ennliloy a i nere. is no work do flaring' the 'wrt-k. .le speeilit in illi mated, l employ art inf/l "ly an outer 10 and an f1. The outer time, and in case there` are a large number- The frame `11 is slightly smaller than the mediate ltheir side edges and at the top and and 19.

4members 17. Each member 16 and 17 has in transverse section, substantially the form Q0, and engage with one side of :entertainments or the like, I provide a sepaframe is substantially rectangular and isl provided with any suitable means to retain l the frame in an upright position and preferably in engagement with a wall. is Shown, the outer frame has two eyelets 12 in its upper edge, which may engage With two corresponding hooks 13 extending outwardly and upwardly from the supporting surface.

frame' 10 and is mounted in the same plane within said frame. The frame 11 is reversible in respect to the frame 10, the means for permitting this reversal being preferably two pivots 14, 14, in alinenient with each other and connecting the two frames interbottoni. This will permit the frame 11 to rotate. about a verticalaxis, -but such rotation is normally prevented by the engagement of both frames with the vertical wall or other supporting surface which lies closely adjacent one surface of the twol frames. 'lhe inner frame is subdivided into a plurality of openings, 4compartments or sections 15, by means of a plurality of transverse members 1G and a plurality of vertical of a Greek cross, that is, it has opposite flanges 18 and 19 lying in the plane of the frame and 'opposite lianges 20 and 21 extending outwardly from the plane of the frame. The frame 11 is also provided with corresponding flanges 18 and 19 along its inner eriphery and in the plane of the frame.

ach of the openings, pockets or recesses serves to receive va separate card or ticket bearing the advertisement or announcement of a theatrical performance, public lecture or the like. The advertisements or announcements ai'e printed on cards 22, which are of 'such size that they may fit friction tight within the openings between the fianges the fliiiige's 18 and 19, or between the flanges Q1 at the opposite surface of the frame and engage with the opposite sides of the flanges 18 vIn using my improved device for an-l nouncements or advertisements of theatrical rate card foreach theater, and the cards are arranged in alphabetical order and placed in the several pockets or openings. Each card gives the name of the theater, the name of the production and a list of the players or performers. In4 addition to the cards 22, I preferably make one pocket or recess of a size equal to several of the smaller pockets or recesses and provide a card 23, upon which is printed'an alphabetical list of all of the theaters, their location, the time of curtain call, the range of prices, and any other general information of the same na-l lto only a few signs'.

ture., In the pockets or recesses of one sidex of theframe or support are placed cards for all of the theaters in town, or at least, all of the important ones.' rl `he back of the frame or support serves to receive a similar number of the cards. During the week onel person can make the rounds of all ofthe tlieatersjor other public places in which the frames or supports are displayed and arrange in the back of the inner Iraine'll, the cards giving the proper announcements for the next succeeding week., On Saturday night after the last performance the person furnishing the cards, the hotel proprietor, or any other person can in a very short space of time, swing the outer frame 10 outwardly and upwardly until it occupies substantially a horizontal plane, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 1.\ can then be rotated about its -pivots and through an angle of 1S() degrees, and the"85 then be allowed to swing` against the frame :l0 may downwardly and backwardly wall. No skill of manipulation is required and such a short length of time is necessary to inakethe change that one person could reverse a very large number of signs in one night,l whereas if lie had to remove certain cards and insert other cards in place thereof, it would be possible for him to attend During the week while the announcements ieniaiii constant, he may,

l 'at his leisure, change the cards in the back of the frame, so that they will `read properly; for the next week. y

lt is, of course, evident that the same frame or support could be used for displaying the advertisements or announcements ofotlier events than theatrical performances, and that the period could be of greater' or shorter duration thaiia week.

Having tlius described vniy invention,

claim as lnew and desire to secure by Letters.


A reversible ing anouter franie,-n ieans carried 'by one edge of said outer frame for pivotally supporting the latter from a vertical supporting surface'and normally'retaining it in engagement with said supporting surface but permitting it to'swing outwardly to a position at substantially right angles thereto, an inner frame within said outer fiaiiie and in the plane thereof, Vand oppsitely-disposed pivots for securing said frames together and permitting said inner frame to rotate about said pivots to display either surface of said inner frame, said inner frame being normally prevented from rotation 'by ,its engagemei'it with said supporting surface and havinga plurality of transversely-exteniling members and vertmally-extending members subdividing said inner frame into a plurality of sections, each of said members having longitudinally disposed flanges u'pon upv posed faces thereof' and Lextending out The inner frame sign display frame, compris-v iio v950,912 f l I 8 Wardlyffrom the plane of th fname, and In fstxnony Wheref lInhave signed my nach of said sections being adaptedtO rename to this speccaton in theprsence of 5.' Said cmfdbeing'V frctionnlly held by its enceive af display, card and retain the same in l'tWo subscribing' Witnesses. .y engagement with the side of the frame, THOMAS HARRINGTON.

I .Witnessesz A l I CLAIR 7. FAIRBANK, l

@agement withl the opposed facesa ofsa-id JOHN P.' DAVIS.


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