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Publication numberUS951142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1910
Filing dateFeb 6, 1908
Priority dateFeb 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 951142 A, US 951142A, US-A-951142, US951142 A, US951142A
InventorsMaurice H Murray
Original AssigneeMaurice H Murray
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US 951142 A
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Patented Mar. 8,1910.

.25 wjillgnotlbring the strain on the anchors at TEDnpST-ATES 'rrarnnrfonmg Toallwhom it mayconcem:

Beitknown'that LMAURICE H. MURRAr,

I of Bakersfield, Kern county,`Ca1ifornia, have invenred'anew and useful Improvement in Pole-Bases, of'whieh the 4following is a full,

I clear, 4and exact description.

"My invention relates to improvements in polebase's, of reinforced concrete or cement,

and'my present invention is an improvement.

on` the strueture'shown in Letters Patent of the United States No. 864,854, issued to me on: September 3rd,` 1907.

" I have `found, however, that it is desirable to havethe' straps which are embedded in the pole"b ase'and secured to the pole or post,

anchoredat diferent points 'in the concrete or cement, so that the swaying of the pole anyone point 4in the pole base, but that by ,distributin'r the strain and .making the straps ofivaridus 2lengths and having the anchoring means atdrerent points, the base 1s very much strengthenedand its cost 1s not increased. Ihav'e also` found that it is desirable to have a separable orhinge joint near the' base ofrthe pole and unit-ing the parts ot the straps above andbelow the top o'f the pole base on at least one side of'the structure, as by this means the jointed strap can he attached while thefpole is in an inclined or horizontal position, and the pole can then be lifted-and tipped to place against the other securing'straps with great facility, and the hinged orj inted strap assists in guiding the pole: as it is raised.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying i drawing fprmiug a part of this specification,

in which similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Figure 1 is a broken side elevation of thc pole base embodying my invention. Fig. il is a crosssection on .the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

MAURICE-II. MURRAY, OF BAKRSFIELDyCALIF-ORNIAV Fig. 3 is a broken side elevation at right Application filed February 6, 1908. Serial No. 414,634. :N l

and usual kind, and embedded'in this "are the straps ll and 11, which are'fsecure'd as usual by embedding them vinthel cement while it is soft or placing them -in ftheniold and pouring the cement around them'.s -=il`h`e lower parts of the straps are. wlioll'y embedded in the cement, however, `andzxthus oxidation is prevented. The straps lland ll1 are of differentlengths, thatis theyeproi y POLE-BASE." Y

' 951,143. speciacatmn of Lettersratenf. patented Mam.8,"1"c)'10.

ject into the pole base to varying depths; l

and they are anchored first by having their lower ends formed into inturned flan *es as shown at 12, and next by cross bo ts 13 which connect the pairs of straps 11 and also the pairs of straps l1, and the bolts 13 preferably cross near one another and are tied together by a suitable tie 14;, preferably of wire. 'lhe straps project well above `the to'p of the pole base, and the pole or post 15 is placed in position with the upper ends of the straps against its sides, and the straps are secured to the pole by cross bolts 16 with suitable nuts thereon, and so the whole structure is secure. The pole base is inserted in` the ground so that its top .willbe a little above the surface, and it will be seen that the poleV being4 thus raised from the ground will last for a long time. pole base may be planted near a pole of an existing line, and the pole cut oli'l and placed in position on thebase. This structure which I have just described .was shown but not .claimed in m former patent.

It will also be understood that the.

I prefer to provi e the securing straps bolts 16 can have nuts on one side countersunk as shown at. 18, and when the pole istipped 'up to place the bolts will extend through the opposed strap 1l and can be secured byfsuitable nuts 19. The joint-17 should be practically at the top surface of the. pole base 10, and obviously the particular character ,of the joint is not. essential.

Attention is called to the fact that in Fig. :l the straps 11 are not of the salue length and it will be seen that the,principle` is the same it the several straps are of varying in the lower pgnt Y11 lof the fastening Strap. Itvilllbe noticed that byliaving the joint4 17 on only one side `of the `Struetue, the

.six-ed the :joint can -be covered by cement partially elhlwdded in 'tlie-jeenwnt and hrwl ing*r then' nppeij emlsfextemllng above .the

-top of the buse und npertureil, :l pole on the In the accompanyingdrawing a: form of' joint is shown in which' the parl/11" is provided with u hook 21 which engages'inieye latter is not materially weakened, and demitm-illepole is erected.

en ter `the "hpertre V in the 'straps Aprojecting from the base.

2; A.'- p'olebaseof ceme1itSeel1rin-g straps Jecting above the base, the said straps havbase, straps on the pole overlying -the ends oftllestiupslprojecting from thebuse and having hooked ends entering openings in the said strnpseprojecting from-themse, land'nic'zfn'xs ,for-,elmnping the straps Con-Y netefl to the, Apole in `imei-locked engage- 1nent:\\itl1"tliefstrnps projecting from the buse. f'

l 'A fiumrelc n. MURRAY.' vll Witnesses-:-

buse. l'uslening devices seenreql to lhe. poleartinlly embedded in the cement and pro.

ingopenings near their ends, a pole on the and having .,hookfshalped ends adapted to A

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Cooperative ClassificationE04B2001/2684