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Publication numberUS951211 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1910
Filing dateMar 31, 1909
Priority dateMar 31, 1909
Publication numberUS 951211 A, US 951211A, US-A-951211, US951211 A, US951211A
InventorsZoltan B Csiky, Zoltan Tamassy
Original AssigneeJacob Kronheim
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Convertible chair.
US 951211 A
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Patented Mar. 8, 1910.


IN vE NTGRS` ZoltanBJjsnkY ATTEST Jacob

e) Zolan Tamassf BY #uw www Q47 www1/LIM ATTYS.




Patented Mar. 8, 1910. 1





951,21 1. Patented 113111910. yBSHEE'VI'S--SHEET 3.

LUL n 1 l l rn I 41"; ,n. 1w E N, liaJ w D \'N5 EO hoga and State of @hie have Unir-ED STATES PATENT ormoni.N




Specication of Letters Patent. y

Patented Mar. s, 1910.l

To alt whom it may conloem:

Be itknown that we, ZoLTAN B. Csrnr, 'T Aco KRONELEIM, and ZoLTAN TAM'Assv, residing atCleveland, in the ooh invented certain new and useful Improvements in Conrtible Chairs, of which the following is a specification.

Our invention relates to convertible chairs,

and is'an improvement in that' class of vchairs wherein the seat and back of the chair lis inverted to form a bed, all as hereinafter` described and more particularly pointed out 1n the claims. i

5 In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a 4perspective view ofthe chair when folded, and Fig. 2 is a vertical section thereof showing the springs` and bed `mattress particularly. Fig. 3 is a vertical ,section on line .1v-m, Fig. 4, and Fig. 4 is a sectional view on line 'zyy, Fig. 3 -showing the skeleton frame more particularly and with theV upholstering springs and mattress removed. Fig. 5 is a plan view of the frame parts unfolded for use as a bed and with the side arms lowered and broken away in part,` and 6 is a longitudinal section centrally of Our linvention comprises -an open base frame -2- of rectangular or square formation supported by legs --3-A at its four corners, and the yside pieces -4; of said frame are preferably and approximately double the height of crosspieces 54. An' open seatframe 6- corresponding in size and shape to base frame -2-, is hinged at -7- to the front end of side pieces Llthereby permitting said seat frame to either' rest Hush upon base frame Q-f, or be inverted 40 to the samehorizontalplane at the front thereof. `lhen .inverted cross piece --8- of seat frane'j-GQ- abuts against front cross piece -5- ofbase ,frame -2- to maintain horizontal alinement between said frames. -A

4l-f, respectively, are adapted to stand upright in more or less lparallel relationship tok jointly form the back of the chair.,

To Vdistinguish between. these two back nty of Cuya-l freedom for the occupant 'o frames, frame 9 will behereinafter referred horizontal plane as shown 1n Fig.j6. In so z doing a pair of legs +13- pivotallymounted inside yrecesses i4-.- on seat back 9 are caused to drop by gravity to avertical supporting position for seatback l-f9-, and

a' similar pair of legs (not shown) may be used fore seat frame 6 if desired, but the shouldered joint at hinges --10- is deemed sufficient to produce .a rigid supporting frame for the purposes required. p

Hinged back rest ,-1lis adjustably supported at different inclinations by a curved ratchet link -15 pivotally secured to cross piece -i6-- of the restframe, and

-which link is adapted to lockingly engage slotted keeper. 17- fastened to the rear face of cross piece -5-1of base frame ,-2-. A. cable 1S- attached to linke-'15- ex` tends to an operating lever '-'19- `pivotally mounted to the upper cross piece e-20- of back rest- -ll-e, and which lever is provided with a button or stem -2ladapted to project through an opening in said cross piece and where it may be engaged and de` pressed by .the finger or hand to lift' link -l5- free of keeper -fl7- and permitV raising or lowering of back rest -11- to any desired inclination.' Link y--15- may either `lock by gravity orbe spring pressed` to the same end.

A further feature of the invention is embodied in. the drop side arms .-22-f at either side thereof, and ,which are lowered to a horizontal lane when the parts are unfolded to form a ed.` Thus, each arm -22- is'preferably smooth and. plainlts full height and lenth on .the inside :tace` thereof ywhere it 'aabuts and reshts Hush against the sides' of the frameparts, so that -when said arms are lowered each may provide a table `or stand at either side of the Yhed at the head thereof. In addition, the

lowering ofv said" side arms 1pinail'jtesC-lgreterf e an v1 novother` advantage were afforded by their l use, this alnegwould vbe noteworthy.

Lowering and raising of-arms -`22.'- is' obtained-by a pairof cables 24 and 25, re-z spectively, afset for each at 'either side ofy base. frame -2 Each cable '-24- conel rigidly affixed to eacharm -,-22-- and eX- tending downwardly. and vinwardly beneath hinges -23-, there-'being' anopening -1-28-4 provided therefor, at'tlie bottom ofside pieces -4 The other end-of -each cable--2 after passing over a sheave -29- is attached. at pointsfBO- onthe linside of'jseat frame- '-'-6-" and relatively near `to the'pivotal point of hinge -7 so However, this lowering 'of the vside armsis not immediate, there being a relatively greater and faster movement of seat frame' 6 at its free end than I where cable -24 `is attached at point 30", and the natural slack in .the cable must also'be taken 'up before an actual pull is hadupo'n projec- Thisv gives -an interval of rest for the side arms during initial 'unfolding `of seat frame f5- which is taken advantage. of to disengage two locking hookmembers .-land -32-, mounted on` vffs'pectively, see Fig. 3.v Said hooks 4pivotally lock the side arms to the seatframewhen y having a seat frame hinged thereto at lts the parts are folded foruse as a chair, Otherwise, any voutward pressure upon the arms would strainr the cables and their conf nections. connectv with projections -27f andv pass on one side to yprovide a'. cushioned and fin having an mver'tible ,seat frame and drop tachingl with seat frame 6-v at corners mediately beneath projections -27- to to lift'arms -22-. v Obviously, Vwhen cables '-2tare under tension to lower arms 22, cables 25- are 'slackened,' and' frame, in combination witha s et of cable 'connections between saidarms and i' ,seat

frame adaptedto jointly` fol d and Iunfold vice versag" `Now referrmg to Flg. v2, seat frame 6 and its extension. -9-,f`1s ltherem shown as provided with suitable upholstering -36- isvhed seat and back for the chair,- and coiled springs 37 are also provided in both said parts, as -well as base frame -.2-, to not only form a yielding andcomfortable chair seat but also a spring bed bottom when they to operatively connect said Seat frame and chair is unfolded for sleeping orre'clining purposes. A hair, felt, `or -37-or other'bed clotl ed to be folded and u arts, there' being `sufticitm or this purpose betweenthe f'old' g frames; and one end of mattress '38- is-preferof the'v bed The lifting cables --25--- also ably secured in anyfsutablelmahnei' piece -'2.0' --`of' back resti -ll-f wherebyy-, when the back rest is lowered, said mattress will provide. a head rest for the [occupanti posa l A What We claim is; l. In a convertible or support pillows vfor this, pur

having lan invertible seat fra e [hinged l" 'thereto lat its front and dropar sjhinged atits Asides, a'seatl back hinged t 'said Seat frame to' unfolditherewith, and" m ansoperatively connecting, said seat frame'andfdrop armsfadapted-to lower and raise said arms when said seat frame'is unfolded and folded.

V2. In `a convertible chair, abase framehavinga seat frame hinged thereto', atl its front and drop .arms hin ed thereto] at its sides, and 'means mounte frame and operatively connected 'with said upon said base seat frame vand drop arms, respectively, and

adapted to lower said arms to a horizontal plane at the sides of said base frame when 'I said seat frameis 'inverted to a horizontal 9g* plane at the front of said base frame.

3. In a convertible chair, af base frame having a seat fra-me hinged thereto at its' front and drop arms hinged Athereto at its sides, operating connections between said 'I 'fs'eat frame and arms adapted'to 'lower' said arms when said seat frame 1s inverted, andlocking means to hold said arms rigid "when in raised position yand adaptedto unlock when saidl seat frame is unfolded.

4. In ai convertible chair, a 'base frame front andv 'drop arms hinged thereto at itS'l sides, interlockino members on said arms-- and seat' frame adapted to rigidly support said arms whens-the seat 4frame is folded,

the same jointly. ,5.4 In a convertible cha-ir,v a -bas'e'frame having :a seat frame pivotally connected therewith and providedl with folding side arms adapted to be raised and lowered, and a seat back pivot-ally'connected to saidseat the same.`;- l

6. In a convertible lcha-ir, -a' base frame a''rms and back rest hinged thereto at its f ront, sides, and rear, respectively, and-saidA fat its free end, in combinationwith means side arms to fold and'unfold jointly. 7. In a convertible chair,I a base `frame at its free end, 1n combination with means seat frame havinga seat back hinged thereto 1 ;fhavingan'invertible seat frame and drop j larms and' back resthinged theret'ch and said seat frame having a seat 'back hinged thereto iso to' fold and unfold said seat iframe and together, and means to adjustably support arms jointly, and means to adjustablysupsald hinged back-rest ,rfpon said base frame. 'port .said 'back rest at different inclinations. In testimony whereof We aX our signa` 8. In a convertible chair, 'a base frame tures in presence of two witnesses 5 having an invertible seat frame and drop ZOLTAN B, CSIKY.

arms and back rest hinged thereto, and a JACOB' KRONHEIM.y seat back hinged to said seatframe,*in com- ZOLTAN TAMASSY.. bination with means to lock said seat frame Witnesses: and arms to' ether when folded, means to E. M. FISHER,

10 fold and un 01d said seat Vframe l,and arms R. B. MOSER.

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