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Publication numberUS952302 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1910
Filing dateAug 25, 1909
Priority dateAug 25, 1909
Publication numberUS 952302 A, US 952302A, US-A-952302, US952302 A, US952302A
InventorsWilliam H Brenner
Original AssigneeWilliam H Brenner
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Collapsible fruit-box.
US 952302 A
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MJPI.IG.4\.T10N FILED AUG. 25, 1909.

Patents@ 115, w10.

[NVE/WOR WITH/158853:

iiNfran Lerares PATENT oFFioE.



To all who-m it mag/roam: l

Be it known that I, VILLIAM H. BRENNER, citizenv of the United States of America, residing' at New lllestiiiiiister, in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, have invented a' new and useful Collapsible Fruit-Box, 'of

which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a fruit box of that class wherein the box is made of thin wood veneer, and collapsible when empty for convenience of packing, and the b]ect of the invention is to secure the bottom to the under edges of the sides in such a mannerV that the box may be used for bottom Afilling companied,in which:

Figure l shows the box in perspective asif so desired.

The invention is particularly described in the following specification, reference being made to the drawings with which it is `acopeii for use, a portion ofthe near sides being removed to show the construction andmanner of supporting the bottom, Fig. 2, 4a-

similar view with 'the box partially collapsed, and Fig. 8, a perspective view and part section vof the clip by which thelbottom is supported. 4

The .sides 2 of the box being formed of thin wood veneer are-scored or partially cut Sfslthrough at the corners to facilitate bending and to eiiable'it to be folded on itself when collapsed for transportation, the free ends of the sides being overlapped as at .4 and secured by staples, clenched tacks or by other approved means.

The bottom 5, of similar thin wood veneer, v

. conforms closely indimensions to the length and breadth. of thel box, to one side of which itin-ay be attached in any approved manner. In the drawingit-is shown -.jas secured by a portion --G stapled or otliei'eivt'ise fastened to one of the sides and scoi'edi'lfroni the body of 5, that it may told up against the side to which itv is fastened. t y -v The opposite endof the bottoni rests upon a clip .support of thin sheet metal, one por'- tion of which, adjacentto one side, is folded on the mid-portion 8 so thatfit will tightly clip-the thickness of-the wood of the sides when the fold isentered on it, and the other edge portion 9 is bent outward at right angles from 8 so as to form a ledge on which tliebottoiii 5 of the box will rest.

rIhe 4portion 7 of the clip which is to the outside of the box is preferably of narrower Specification of Letters Patent. appiieatam ined August 25, 1909.

Patented Mar. 15, 1910.`

seriai No. 514,610.

width and has rounded cornersl as drawn, that it may not be soheavy in appearance" and that itwill enter the easier on the thickness of the wood of tliesides.

The removable attachment of the bottom to thelower edges vof the sides of a box of this character is the essentialffeature of this invention, and the clips by means of which this attachment' is made may be used to sup,-

port an entirely detachable bottoni j or a semi-detaclied one such as is illustrated in the drawing herewith( The box may be used as a bottom filler in either case. To so till the box it is opened from its collapsed condition and placed with its bottom edges upon a loose piece of board such as may readily be inverted with the box. Selected fruit is then arranged within the box on the board and the remainder of the box is 'filled with the ordinary fruit. 75

The bottom is then lowered or inserted, ac-'- cordin'g as thesemi-detached or detachablev bottom is used, and is held in place with one The lbox is lthen inverted with be protected in by Letters within the sides at a distance above the edge of said sides, said means comprising a metal clip tightly embracing the thickness of the wood of the sides and having a shelf poi'- tion upon which said bottoni rests.

2. In a box of the class described, having a bottom member secured to one of the sides and susceptible of being folded against it.

means for supportingthe -free-ed,f ;e of the v bottom within said 'sides above the lower edges thereof said vmeans coinprisiiiga thin 4100 sheet nieta-l clip folded onto the thickness of the wood ofthe sides adapted to engage said bottom.

3.v In a fruit box 'composed of sides and. foldable flatwise when lnot iii use, abottom fitting within said sides and secured to one side of theboxto be surrounded by said sides when the 4box isl open, and a reniovable clip lsecured to one side and having .formed of thin wood scoredat the corners 105 4 along moed u ftiofii so .asvggo tightly clip the 'thikness oi the wood 'from which the box is mae and; :i

portion tomeoeive'oiyof'the 'roe @ges of l portion;` along the other edge bent outward 10 botfcom to suport the same.,

' l nfa.- Yoox` olf t e' dass described, means foi" supporting a; bottom from the lower edges of the Sides, said means' comprising a. piece of thin shoot metal having a portlon o folded against the midpoiatv-iighbangles from the mid-porgion.

in; tos'imny whereof have' .signed my name to'ths specification in the presence of two Subscribing Witnesses.

WXLLAM H. BRENNER. Witnesses.;



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