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Publication numberUS95235 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1869
Publication numberUS 95235 A, US 95235A, US-A-95235, US95235 A, US95235A
InventorsJ. Emerson Kent
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Improved shoulder-brace
US 95235 A
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, To` all lwhom it may concern I glands. i l

Figure l isa `perspective view. of my improved EMERSON KENT, or PHILADELPHIA; PENNSYLVANIA', A'ssIeNoR TO WEBST JEVERETPOF SAME PLACE.'`

Latem Balarm, 95,235, dateasepmwr 2s, 1869.


l TheSchedulex'ei'erreci to in these -L-ecters Patent and mal-:ing part of the same.-

Be it known that I, J. EMERSONKENT, M. D., of the city of Philadelphia, county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, have invented anewand Improved Shoulder-Brace and GhestsSupporter and I do hereby declare 'that the following is a full, clear, and exact 1 description of the construction and operation of `the "same, reference being hadfto the accompanying draw ings, and to the letters of reference markedthereon.

The objectof my invention is "to lbrace or support v the iutercostal muscles ofthe chest, and 4to press inward upon the lower protruding portion 'of the scapulae,`or shoulder-blades, thus supplying the needed sup` port and pressure to the muscles and structures, `whose weakness and protrusion .are the sole cause of stooping forward, orround shoulders.

I also do entirely away with the usual attachments used in braces Vwhich pass `iuidervtbe arm-pits, and which produce painful discomforuchaiing, and often serious irritation ,and enlargement of the auxiliary shoulder-brace and\chest-supperter.4

Figure Z'is a back Vviewof same, as applied Figui-e3 is a front view of same, as applied.

'Figure 4 is a Vdetachedview, showing how thepads l or plates pressing on V,the A scapulze `or shoulder-,blades can be adjusted if desired.`

'lo enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will now proceed to descn'be .itszconstruction and operation. l p' `The parts A and B, which form the back of the brace, are made,stiifened, and braced in the vusual manner. ,011 theinnerside of said ,parts are placed and secured, by means of stitches orotl1e1wvise,two pads or plates, P and P', so arranged as to rest upon the loweror protruding portioirof thescapulze or shoulder-blades when the parts A andB are placed ,in proper position upon the wearer.

l Secured to the upper part of the parts A and B by means of laces, are two shoulder-pads, R and R', which have attached to their lowerends straps, S and S. Said 'straps pass through buckles attachedto the breast-plate B- P; This plate is made in any suitable form, .and can be constructed of hard rubber, metals,` pasteboard, or wood, and covered witha soft material p to form a pad.` l

, Fastened at the lower part ofthe breastfplate B P',

arestraps, S2 and S3, which have their lends secured inbuckles placed on the b'ack part of the parts A Near-the lower ends, and on the sides of `theparts `A andB, are secured straps, S4 and S5, which form the waist-belt.

It vmay-be found necessary -to have the pads P and P."- adjustable, in order to have the pressure at the right point. In this case the pads aresecured'to theparts'l A and B by means of set-screws passing through ob# long slots, as shown in fig. 4. v

Having thus described my invention, its tion and operatibn, Y

What Iclaim, and desire to secure 'by Letters Patconstrucent of the United States, is-

'The arrangement of the partsAand B, provided with plates or pads 'P aud-l", shoulder-pads It audR, straps S and Sl, breast-plate B P, and straps S2, S4, S*, and S5, for the purpose .ofv supporting the, iuterco'stal Amuscles of the chest,l and causing a `pressure inward of the lower or protruding portionrof the scapul, Asubstantially as speci'iied.

In testimony whereof, I have vhereunto signedmy i name, in the presence oftwo subscribing witnesses. J. EMERSON KENT, M. D.

Witnesses: d Y t ISAAC R. OAKFORD,


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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/028