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Publication numberUS952543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1910
Filing dateJul 17, 1909
Priority dateJul 17, 1909
Publication numberUS 952543 A, US 952543A, US-A-952543, US952543 A, US952543A
InventorsJames L Mcclintock
Original AssigneeLangdon Moore, James L Mcclintock
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US 952543 A
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' Patented. Mar.22,1910



TY EE-EVBI ful Improvements in Type-Writers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to lIHPIfOVGiHBHtS in typewriters and more particularly to the keys used in the operation of such machines.

The object of this invention is to provide a. typewriter key in which a part bearing the characters will be displayed independently of the cap adapted to be engaged by the finger of thewriter.

The usual caps found upon the keys of the typewriters now in use are either made of metal or some other hard substance. The operators have found lt a great advantage to place over the keys a rubber cap, or a cap of some resilient material which will reduce type characters are usually painted upon the key cap, but where a rubber cap is used over the regular cap it has been found that it is necessary to inlay the characters of difierent colored rubber in order to preserve them, for the reason that ainted characters will soon wear and rub oi of the rubber cap.

By this invention the cap of hard material is entirely dispensed with and a cap of rubber, cork or other resilient material may be secured directly in place thereof. As the characters are not displayed upon the cap of the key, the cap may be used indefinitely. The advantages of such a construction are obvious.

While I have disclosed the preferred form of my invention in the accompanying sheet of drawing, it is to be understood that minor detail changes may be made without departing from the scope thereof.

Figure l is a perspective view looking down upon a complete key from the front. Fig. 2 isa view in vertical section taken through the center line of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a plan View of a blank illustrating the manner in which the cap support, character in Specification c Application filed July 17,


Q desired key bar 1, cap a and character indicator 3 may be stamped integrally tr-om a blank as illustrated in Fig.

3. if desired these parts may be made sepa rate. The cap support and key bar may be secured in the usual manner, and the char acter indicator secured to the cap support in any way desired. The character indicator 3 is secured to the rear side of the cap support 2 and extends a sufficient distance above the cap 4: to clearly and distinctly display the characters. T he cap 4 may be made of rubber, cork or any other resilient material and secured in any way to the cap support 2. If desired the cap support may be roughened and. the cap secured thereto by cement. As it is not necessary that the characters be displayed upon the cap, the caps' are interchangeable and therefore it does not require a special cap for each separate key.

i Vhat I claim is 1. in a typewriter, a key bar, circular cap support, and projecting character indicator formed in one piece, a removable resilient circular key cap, the sides of said character indicator curved and conforming to the cap support providing means for retaining the cap in position. i

2. In a typewriter, a bar, a circular cap support, a removable resilient key cap, and a character indicator formed integral with the cap support extending above the key cap and curved laterally to engage the key in a. typewriter, a key oar, acircular cap support, a removable resilient key cap. a character indicator centrally attached to the rearof the cap support and extending abate th portions of the character ind cater on each side of the attached portion curved to follow the contour of the cap support and to engage the key cap.

JAMES L. MoCLlNTUCK. -ti itnesses Laueoos Moons, CAROLINE .MORGAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationH01H3/125, B41J5/12