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Publication numberUS952862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1910
Filing dateJun 30, 1909
Priority dateJun 30, 1909
Publication numberUS 952862 A, US 952862A, US-A-952862, US952862 A, US952862A
InventorsWilliam P Armstrong
Original AssigneeJohn I Garrison, William P Armstrong
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Exercising device.
US 952862 A
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952,862. Patented Mar. 22, 1910.





952,862. Patented mm2, 1910.



SnemwiongfLenerslatent. *Patented Mar. 22, 1910. l`Application filed JeiiefSUl-.xll v Serial No. 505,249.

2V-,and Fig. .5 is a further modfificationzae- ATo .ella/11mm; it may concern:

y Be it known that I,'W1LI1rAi\I, P.,.AR 1\I .cording-to which .thebody of the gureis eritema acitizenof thc..Um. ted-S ta.tes,-itesi4i ,adapted to ,be ifnlated withair. ing at Ylashington, District of Columbia, The dummy Afgurewhich is used in carry- 55 5 have invented certain new-,and usetul I-ming out Ithe-'in,ve11t io n is 4,preferably of life proveniente in .ExercisingDevioesg and I do size, andl usually construct it lto simulate a hereby .declare the followingto ,be ,a iull, man, .thorrgh, ofcourse, many .changes in clearandexact.descniption of. the invention, .this respectmay be made'. The figure or such 4as will .enable others skilled i-n t-he .alt dummy 6 is provided :with .a body 7, and legs 60 to which it appertains to make ,and use the 8, .8 .bymeans zof which Ithe dummy is snpsaine.' r pontedgupofn af'roeking base. Said base is 'This invention aims `to provide an imrounded .0E-atA the vbottom so as .to form a proved vexercising device for use atplaces of portion v,of a sphere, 4and the base is so amusement and in gymnasiumsa-nd the like. weighted that the figure will normally have 65 l5 The device is-intended to take the plage of a an upright position. This weighting of the punching bag and to alord :a lmaximum base causes the immediate and quick return 'amount of exercise in substantially the same of the figure after it has been struck, as will way that. it is obtained when/a punching bag .be understood. In the form of the dev-ice is used7 while creating more interest and shown in, Fig. ll, .the base 9 takes the form of 70 amusement. To these iends,l I provide an a substantially hemispherical metal shell,the exercising device in the form of a dummy or lower portion of which is heavily loaded'for ligure intended to represent va person of the purpose pointed out above. The body normal size, said figure being mounted upon of the figure is formed by a mass l0 of exa 4freely rocking weighted Vbase which percelsior .or .other suitable stuffing that isl re- 75 ,25 mits it to swing in all directions. This figure tained in a sortot cage formed by a plate or is provided with a body portion suitably disk 11 located at about the waist line .of the stuffed or inflated in order to receive, withfi-gurefanda frame work 12which constitutes out injury to the hands of the personusing the upper back portion of the ligure. The the contrivance, the blows which are directed disk or plate l1 is connected with the base.9 80 at it. The person using the device may by means of upright substantially parallel strike it with his bare fists or use suitable bars 13, preferably metal. These bars form gloves, and the blows which the dummy the legs of the figure and said bars and the figure receives cause it to be rocked rapidly body are preferably covered with suitable on its weighted base, whereby the action of garments, as shown in Fig. l. The body 85 a punching bag is simulated. The figure covering '14 confines the stufling l0 in the swings about wit-h considerable rapidity, so manner shown in Fig. 4, and it will be noted that just as muchskill is required as in the that theframe 12, which is formed of suit- .use of a punching bag. The device also has able ribs, is located only at the back of, the

the advantage over a-punching bag, that it figure, and does not extend across the iront 90 may be freely movable over the floor under where the blows are to be received.l The the impact of the blows, thus enabling the head 15 can be secured on the body in any user to secure considerable practice in foot suitable manner, but it is preferable t0. brace work as well as the delivery of blows. l the same by continuing the back bar 16 of In the accompanying drawing, Figure l the frame l2 up into the rearA portion of the 95 is a -front elevation of a device constructed head as' shown in Fig. 2. Suitably made in accordance with the invention, Fig. 2 is a arms 17 can be attached to the body as vert-'ical section of the contrivance'shown in I shown in Fig. l, and at theends of these Fig. l, with the body stufiing removed. Fig. arms boxing gloves' 18 may be placed if de- 3 shows a, modification in which the base of sired. y 100 the figure is of modified form.V Fig. 4T is' a In the device shown in Figs. l and 2, the section through the body online Lis-4 ot Fig. figure is freely movable over the floor, but

i i and in this way the stuiiing material,

a rocking movement -to the amount of in thel modification shown in Fig. 3, the weighted .base is-irmly anchored and only of the ligure is permitted. In this last named form the base 9a is made in substantially metal, it is counterweighted by a weight 19.freely suspended from the bottom' of the rocking -base by means of a suspension cord 20. Said suspension cord passes freely through an openmg 2l in the floor or other foundation 22,

dummy is-securely anchored imposition and its. vremoval by unauthorized persons vis prevented. However, the same rocking movement of the figure in all directions underfthe blows ofthe user is obtained, the. weight 19 being pulled up slightly when the' dummy is struck and rocked on its base, whereupon the action of gravity will cause the weightto return to its initial position', thus producing the rapid return .movement of the dummy. The weight 19 is preferably composed of a numer of separate sections 19, each having a slot 19b by which it may be-placed in position around vthe cord. .By using a different number of we vice inay be a person using it, as will be understood.

Instead of filling the body with suitable ht sections or pieces the dewith air. Fig. 5 shows an arrangement for this purpose, and in thisv figure there is Shownan air bladder y9.3 'madeof rubber or other suitable material andadapted to' force the outer cover 14 in outward direction with a certain amount 'of pressure, .corresponding air which 1s contalned 1n produced bfy they bladder. '.The ination is means of a suitable-valve 24, and when su the same shape hereinbefore described, but instead of havling a solid mass of justed to thestrength 'of the said body may be inflated 'covering for the upper easea icient air has beedpumped into' the body the blows will be effectively cushioned.

Without limiting m self to the precise construction shown, I c aim' 1. An exercising device comprising a dummy figure having. an interior disk or plate adjacent the waist line of thbody, meansA within the body and supported on said disk or plate to cushion the blows, legs extendin downward from said plate or disk, auf? a rocking base to which said legs are secured.

2. An' exercising device comprising a dummy figure having an interior disk or plate adjacent the waist'line of-the body, a frame supported 'onsaiddisk or plate and composed of a plurality of ribs at the rear portion of the'iigure, means inclosed by said frame to cushion the blows received by the body, a bar extending upward from therear of the frame and forming a part thereof, a'-

head for the4 ligure that is -braced by said bar, and a lrocking base on which the ligure is supported.

3. An 'exercising dummy figure, the tbody of-which -includes a disk or plate adjacent the waist line, a hemispherical rocking base, bars connecting the disk or plate with said base, a covering for-said bars to simulate the legs of the iigure, a frame rising from -the plate or disk, cushioning means within Asaid frame, and a part of the ligure that incloses the frame and the cushioning means.l 'l

In testimon whereof I a my signature,

. device com rising a

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