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Publication numberUS953623 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1910
Filing dateOct 5, 1909
Priority dateOct 5, 1909
Publication numberUS 953623 A, US 953623A, US-A-953623, US953623 A, US953623A
InventorsCharles J Keller
Original AssigneeCharles J Keller
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US 953623 A
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@ Patented Ma, 29, ma.

WIM/55555.- NVENTOR www; t *on r i f iii @arrivi CHARLES J. KELLER, OE BLOGMSBUEG, ENNSYLVANIA,


Application iled Setobei' 5, 1969.

To @ZZ whom it 'may concern.'

Be it known that E, Uiiliniins J. KELLER, a citizen ot the United States, residing at Bloomsburg, in the county ot Columbia and State ot' Pennsylvania, have invented eertain new and useful l'inproveinents in Flan uftlcrs; and l do hereby declare the following' to be a. full, clear, and exact` description oi the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to inalie and use the saine.

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in ear inutllers, and is niore )liarticularly an improvement over iny tornier patent lo. 804.731, dated Nov. lit, 1905, and iny object, is to provide ineans tor attaching a wire to a circular body and arranging the ire whereby the saine will direct an inward tension on the inuiilers proper, and a further objectis to so arrange the wire that when not in use, the parts will be assembled in coinpact torni.

@ther objects and advantages will be hereinafter referred to and inorc particularly pointed out in the claiin.

ln the accompanying drawings torn'iing part of this application, Figure l is an elevation partly in section ot the inulllei's ready to be applied to use. tion thei'eet' partly in section. F ig. 3 is an end elevation partly in section showing the parts oil the niutller i'olded together. ig. d is an edge elevation tliereoi partly in section, an l, Fig. is a detail elevation oi" ay portion oit the inutller traine showing the inanner ot attaching the wire thereto.

Referring to the drawings in which siniilar reference nunierals designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, l indicates the traine adapted to support the niul'llers, which are coinposed of cloth or like substance, said traines being two in ninnber and coniposed of liat rings of inetal, one portion of the tranies l having integral ears 3 at the inner and outer edges of the traine, through which extend the ends of a wire and in order to hold the wire in engagement with said rings and at the saine tinie perinit rotation oiC the rings on the wire, that portion ot' the wire between the two ears is Fig. 2 an end elevarateiited hier. 25,5, it. Serial Io. 521,123.

itlattened as shown at 5, the flattening ot' said wire in one direction causing the saine to bulge iii the opposite direction, thus toria ing an enlarged portion which will prevent the wire i'ironi moving lengthwise through the ears, the flattened portion being lornied atter the wire has been introduced through the ears.

The wire si. is ornied of spring nietal and is so arranged that when the iiiutliers proper are folded together as shown in Fig. said wire will be substantially circular and the iiiufliers will register with each other, thereby reducing the device to a conipaet torni and likewise when the niul'llers are separated and placed in position over the ears, the ten sion of the wire 4 will be increased and serve to hold the niulllers securely in position over the ears.

Ey arranging the wire L whereby the tension thereof will cause the saine to assume a circular position as shown in Fig. 3 and register the inulllers proper with cach other. it will likewise serve to direct equal inward pressure on the inulilers said inufllcrs are placed at right angles to the positions shown in Fig. 3 when the inutllers are applied to use and it will further be seen that in view of the curvature ot' the wire, it will snugly iit around the back portion ot the head oi' neck of the wearer.

'ilhat l claini is:

EL device of the class described, coniprising a pair of traines, a wire effecting connection between said trames, each traine having its forming ineinbcr provided with opposed ears at the lateral edges of said torining nieinber, said connecting wire having' its ends flattened between said ears, said wires being oil spiral outline and adapted to allow said frames to be arranged parallel with each other.

in testinioiiy whereof I have signed iny naine to this speciiication in the presence ot two subscribing witnesse.

GUY Jaooiar, CLYDE Ci-iAs. Ynfr'rnn.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F11/14