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Publication numberUS953960 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1910
Filing dateMay 20, 1909
Priority dateMay 20, 1909
Publication numberUS 953960 A, US 953960A, US-A-953960, US953960 A, US953960A
InventorsHeinrich Koppers
Original AssigneeKoppers Gmbh Heinrich
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US 953960 A
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Patented Apr. 5, 1910.

v usual arrangement being that several streams ofgasenter the bath from an annular pipe immersed in the bath all that is required is To all whom it may concern;-

' gases.

' vessel is prevented by imparting tot-hebath,

- formation of depositsyand breaking away i the'amount of eddy movement required for Saturation Vessel) for the Production of p 'Colid Salts froin Gases, of which the followhere stated consists .in utilizing the L ogththe inflowing'gas es for the purpose of'imparting the movement referredto, the said gases being introduced into the bath in an HEINRICH KOBPERS, 0F ESSEN-ON-THE-RUHR, GERMANY:


Application filed May 20, 1909. Serial No. 497,171.

Be it known that. I, HEINRICH KoPPERs', a citizen of the German Empire, and resident of Isenbergstrasse, Essen-on-the-Ruhr, Germany, have invented a new and usefuling is a specification. k v v This invention relates toa saturation vessel for the production of solid salts from In this vessel the adhesion of the precipitated salt to the inner Walls of the a continuous eddy. movement, and thus destroylng the quiescence required for the Observation in deposits already present.

.of ascertaining each particular case allows producing the desired result: I A development of the general principle velocity approximately tangential direction. The

tomake the'nozzles or ducts" from which the gas issues inclined to the'radii of the circle,

insteadof radial. I

A construction embodying this improvement is shown in the accompanying drawing, Y 'inwhich-' I v Figure 1- is avertical section of the apii 'parat-us and Fig. 2 a .horiz ontal'section.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr, 5, 1910.

In the drawing 1) represents a vessel of circular cross-section, closed at the top by a cap a and having a lower pocket 0, for the reception of the precipitated salt, which is removed at intervals by means of ajetpumphavin a discharge pipe (13, that extends throug .vessel 6, into pocket 0. The

. gases are admittedithrough'a pipe e, to the distributing rin or channel ffwhich is integral with t e vessel. After passing through the .'acid' the gases pass out of the vessel through pipe The ducts h in the wall of the'distributing ring f are inclined all atthe same angle to the radius, so that the streams of gas enter the bath aslant and thus produce a torque which creates and maintains an eddy movement of the liquid. The comparatively large thickness of theleaden wall of the ring f is suflicient tofgive the ducts h the length requ'ire d for producing the desired effect.

VVhatI claim is A saturationvessel for the production of solidvsalt's from gases, with an annular distributing pipe inside7said vessel and ducts .in the --wall of said pipe inclined to the radius.

day otMay 1909. v


Witnesses: LOUIS Wnmnn'rrn, R. GUnnnRsoN,

Signed by me at Joliet, Illinois, this 11th

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