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Publication numberUS954840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1910
Filing dateAug 18, 1909
Priority dateAug 18, 1909
Publication numberUS 954840 A, US 954840A, US-A-954840, US954840 A, US954840A
InventorsConrad Wiedemann
Original AssigneeConrad Wiedemann
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Traveling-bag or luggage-carrier.
US 954840 A
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954,840. Patented Apr. 12, 1910.

- Y F10. 17.99 Wl'rwssef /9 2 mania)".-

'their ends and held in place between the vide a traveling bag or luggage carrier of are folded together, will preferably be rethe handles are attached.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CONRAD \VIEDEMANN, a citizen of the United States, residing at San Bruno, in the county of San Mateo and State of California, have invented or discovered certain new and useful Improvements in Traveling-Bags or Luggage-Carriers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

This invention has for its object to prosimple construction, so that it may be manufactured at little expense, but which will be convenient for use and be adapted for a large variety of purposes. To this end the improved traveling bag or luggage carrier is of flexible material, preferably of canvas or other similar fabric, so that when not in use it may be rolled or folded into small compass, and comprises a body portion preferably folded on itself at its ends and stitched together at its sides, which will form the ends of the bag or carrier, so as to form two main pockets opening inwardly near the middle of the. bag. These inwardly-opening pockets areclosed by means of flaps or a double flap centrally stitched or otherwise suitably attached to the body portion of the carrier and overlapping both of the said inwardly opening pockets, suitable attaching devices being provided to hold the said flaps down so as to maintain said pockets closed. To each of the main pockets, formed by folding in the ends of the body portion of the bag or carrier, is preferably stitched a suitable piece of fabric which will be left unattached at its outer part, so as to form, on each of said main pockets, an outwardly opening pocket. The outer edges of the carrier, which will be the upper edges thereof when the two parts of the carrier inforced or stiffened, to keep these parts in proper shape, by wires or rods curved at outer and inner plies by lines of stitching. These stiffening and reinforcing wires or rods will serve to give additional strength to those parts of the bag or carrier to which In the accompanying drawings'Figure 1 1s a view representing the invention in use as a luggage-carrier for various articles.

Fig. 2 represents the bag or carrier in folded condition and strapped to an ordinary Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Apr, 12, 1910 Application filed August 18,

1909. Serial No. 513,436.

resents the invention in use as a traveling bag. Fig. 8 illustrates its use as a sling for assisting an exhausted or injured person, and Fig. 9 represents the invention in use as a pillow or head-support for a sleeping person. Fig. 10 is a cross-section of the car-. rier, on line 1010, Fig. 3, illustrative of its construction.

Referring to the drawings, 12 denotes the outer ply or main body portion of the improved traveling bag or carrier, and which will preferably consist of a piece of stout canvas or other similar fabric, but which may be of leather or other suitable flexible material. The strip of material forming the outeror main body portion 12 of the carrier is of suitable length so that its ends may be folded in,-these in-folded parts or plies 13 terminating at the dotted lines 14, near the centerof the bag or carrier. The i11- folded plies 13 will be stitched or otherwise suitably attached at their edges 15 to the main or outer ply 12, but the edges of said in-folded plies terminating at the dotted lines 14 will be left unattached, leaving openings or months on the lines 14 for pockets which will be formed between the plies 12 and 13 by these in-folded parts.

The mouths or openings into the pockets between the plies 12 and 13, indicated by the lines 14, are covered by flaps afforded by a strip of fabric 16 centrally attached to the outer ply or body portion 12, as by lines of stitching 17, the said strip thus affording two flaps overlapping the said mouths of said inwardly opening pockets. The said flaps are provided with means by which they may be fastened down, to maintain said pockets closed, said means, as herein shown, comprising the straps 18 provided with suitable buckles. Ordinar snap-fasteners may be employed to hold said flaps closed, if desired. Stitched to the plies 13, forming the inwardly-opening pockets referred to, are pieces of fabric 19, the lines of stitching by which these plies 19 are attached to the plies 13 extending, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 3, around the ends and inner sides of said plies, leaving the outer sides of said plies unattached, at the lines 20, to form outwardly opening pockets.

To properly stiffen the outer edges of the bag or carrier, stifi wire rods 21 are stitched into the said edges, said rods having curved ends extending" downward, for the purpose of holding the upper corners of the bag in shape. The extent of these wire rods, which may be of any suitable weight, are indicated by the extent of the lines 22 of stitching'by which the said wire rods are held in place. The wire rods referred to not only serve to strengthen the upper edges of the bag orcarrier and keep the same in shape. but also serve as a reinforcement for the handles 23 which are suitably secured to the two folding parts of the bag or carrier by rivets or otherwise. To hold the bag or carrier closed at its upper edges, when in use, the same is provided with straps and buckles 24:- As shown in the drawings, the rivets attaching the handles 23 and straps 24 in place are inside of the stifi'ening and reinforcing rods or wires, so that the latter will assist in resisting the pull or strain on said handles or straps.

From the foregoing it will be understood that an improved bag or carrier is provided which is of simple construction, so that it may be manufactured at comparatively little cost, and which is adapted for a great variety of uses. The flaps afforded by the central strip 16 closes the inwardly-opening pockets afforded by the plies 13, so that when the bag is in use, as shown in Figs. 1 and 7, these inwardly opening pockets, the mouths of which are downward, will be securely closed by the said flaps, and articles contained in said pockets cannotthen escape therefrom.

When the improved traveling bag or luggage carrier is in use by persons camping out or on hunting expeditions, it may be, employed as a ,sling or carrier for assisting an exhausted or injured person, as indicated in Fig. 8, or it maybe used fora protective head support, as indicated by Fig. 9. When not in use the bag or carrier, being of fiexi-' ble material, may be rolled into small compass, as shown in Figs. 5 and 6, for convenient transportation. Being simple in construction and ada ted to be made of can- ,vas or other similar inexpensive material it may be cheaply manufactured. so that it may be sold at a low price, while it is of such construction, particularly with reference to the main or inwardly-opening but securelyclosed pockets between the plies 12 and 13, that articles may be securely carried without danger of being lost, while the articles contained in the ba or carrier are always conveniently accessi le either when in the outwardly-opening pockets afiorded'by the plies 19, or when in the main or inwardlyopening pockets of the two foldable parts of the bag or carrier.

Havin thus described my invention I claim an desire to secure by Letters Patent:

The herein described traveling bag or luggage carrier comprising an outer ply 12 of canvas or other suitable flexible material and having in-folded parts 13 to form pockets which open inwardly near the middle of the bag or carrier, flaps, afforded by the centrally attached strips 16, covering the mouths of said inwardly-opening pockets, straps 18 for securing said flaps in place to hold the said pockets closed, and outwardly: opening pockets afiorded by the plies 19 stitched tothe said plies 13, the upper edges of the said infolding parts of said bag or carrier beingprovided with stiffening wires suitably secured in place and serving to stiffen said edges and hold them in proper shape, said wires having downwardly curved ends, and the said carrier being provided with handles which are attached to the folding parts thereof inside of said wires, which latter reinforce the edges of the carrier so as to resist strain or pull on the said handles.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses LOUIS Ronson, ADAM BBEHN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA45F5/1046