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Publication numberUS954927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1910
Filing dateMar 10, 1909
Priority dateMar 10, 1909
Publication numberUS 954927 A, US 954927A, US-A-954927, US954927 A, US954927A
InventorsCharles L Burdick
Original AssigneeCharles L Burdick
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Sheet or card lifter.
US 954927 A
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Patented Apr. 12, Lgo.

To 'all whom it may concern: o


SHEET 0R CARD 'LIFTER speci'anon of Lettersraten. Pitente'd Apr. 1 2, 1391.0.

- Appncanon mea March 1o, 1909. seria11o.4a2,5o'5.-

Be it known that l, C l-Ifxnmis L. B Uluneli, a citizen of the United itntes, residing at- Lo'ndon, in'llieeo1m-ty ot Middlesex, Eng-- land, have invented :1 eel-tuin ne and nseiul lrnprovenmiit in Sheet or Cn1d' l ii!lie1's, of which the following is n fulholear, ooicise,' and eK-act description, rei'erence being had to Ilthe uceqinponying drawings, forming a' part efihis specification.

My invention relates' to un improved device for removing .sheets or cords one ato, tilne lfrom u pile ot such cards. It is par ticnlurliv idnpled for use in connection with processes requiring work onsheets or 'cards while they1 are in :x pile, `without disturbing the arrangelnem' of the pile.

M v invention 1s limrt-lcnlnrly ndipi'cd for Ause ln eonnection with the imprinting upon sheets oreal-ds of coloreddesigns by means of stenelhng, 1n which-process the sheets o1' cards :1re urrungel'l in a vpile the design is applied b v means of coloring matter 4tlnongh :i steneihthe stencil is then rein'ovedandthe top sheet. or card is teken fronithe pile. .ln -fcoinieetion with' such' processes 1t. is neces-' .snryT -thn-t the ren-mining' sheets or cards be 'left' u inlistnrlml; end .in order' to accolnplish this und :1tlhe sznne time remore the printed sheet or wird expeditiously :ind positir'elv, l mathe use of the .n leeh'einism een sist ig essentially o- :ty-htndle adapted to be held in the hund ofthe opera-tor, such handie being 'prei-dried 'Avit-h connection vto n. suitablesoure .ofjsuetion rnd provided also with a regulating valve' conveniently pla-eed' to be operated 'byione of theii'geisof' the hand holding the. tool. The' toolA hasfassociated Tivithit a soft-flexiblenienbeLfndapt ed to engage' thesheet 01;i oord -remQ\ fe'd,-in --olde'ri that-the sheet.' o r card 'may be retained the draw-ings.

' ing sheets or cards to reduce the-time element concerned in the removal of the' decorated sheet or eardfromthe pilfe to elimini'-v Inuni and at the same time to 'provide against v6 0 displacement of the remaining [sheets or cards. This I accomplish bythe use ofthe' device referred to above, Whieh is more' par' tioularly described below in connection with The several drawings illustra-tinginyi'n-' ventionzire as follows: Y i i Figure l is :L perspective view showings table top and a pile of sheets or Cards'upon which work ist-o be done, together -vvith the 70 device in position to remove the-top one of thesheets or cards., Fig` 2 is a longitudinal vertiealseetional view throughthe devie,

.showing particularly the valve mechanism.

employed to secure the operation of the 75. Same, i; 'Similar- -numeralsrefer to slrnilar {port-s throughout .the several, figures. 1-

As shown, in the-drawingsl-af table top` 1-`1s provided to support a'pileofsheets orostrds' 80 E2 in position to be operated uponf-Lin any desired manner, as --by 'means of stencil'deoo- 'rating appl-fetus, ete. The 'ca-rds 'aire 're-v tained-in proper ahnement'hyfstops -ond 4 5" as indioated." 'lhei'device used for 'engaging and; ref lnoving the top sheet or '-e'ardeonsists fessentially in a'hollow-har1'dle-5, inwhieh fr' vvalve chamber is formed; Thehandle is eX` 'tended beyond the valve chamber 6 .and/down; 9 0 wa'rdly, -as show nlat 5 sind has secured O n its downwardlyprojeoting end ya short piece ofi-.soft rubberftubin 1 8; Sini'ilar material same 'timethedevice-is moved in such a suchsheet orcard. After being` thus re- ,1G-the tension of; the 'spring 13 has ahole drilled tlir'ough it, as indicated. to i j 'einit communication beinvecn the outside i so` l i islreleased. v

handle fand the l'inside of the portion 7 ot' .so 'that the flexible tubing 8 irmljv engages card adheres'itightlyto the lower end of vthe *any other convenient po -as lndicated at 15, or to any desired re `renioving device is4 interrupted. The spring 13 is"containcdivithin the valveV casing (i between -tvhe plunger 10 and an 'mljustablo "screivplug 16 ,adapted toengas'rthe lower 'end 'of the casing-'6: By. means of the' plug vdo ,nots however, liinit myself to this parmunication is cut oil and communication is establishedbetween the inside of the hollow the surface of the sheet or ca'rd, and at the 'same time the button l2 is depressed to esteblish communication bet-Ween the source of suction and. theinside of theportion 7 and therefore'with the inside of tube 8. As, a' result of this operation ,the top sheet or tube'8, and in order to prevent displacement of-the pile of s heets or cards a slight moveinent is imparted to the removing tool in a direction toward .the stops 3' a'nd l and at the manner as to lift the edge of ,the sheet or card to permit. the ready entry of air under leasedfromthe pile .thejheet moved to ition on the table,

ceptacle.` After the ,sheet or card is moved tothe position desired, the linger is released from the button 12 vand the spring 13 ihovcs the plunger 10 back toa position opening communication,through the port ll. between the lower end ,of the valve chamber (3 and tho insidc'of tube 8, as a result of which thcjengagcrnent-between the sheet orl card and the may be. adV- justed toany desired amount. The plug lo atmosphere and the port il when thi` valve '-Vhilc l have shown'my invention in the particnlax"embodiment herein described, I

ticular construction, but desire t'o claim any equivalent that will suggest itself to those skilled in the art,

What 1 claim is:

1. A portable sheet or card'lifter comprising a tubular handle having a downturned end, a flexible soft tube extending from said end, means for connecting the other end'of said handle-with a suction device, a short tube closed at one end intersecting said -tubular handle, said tube having alining ports to complete the passageway through the handle, a plunger valve insaid short tube for controlling said ports, a plug having an opening therethrough screwed in the 4 lower ond ofsaid short tube, a spring'in said short tube for niaintaining said plunger valve in position to close the port toward the. suction device, the otherport being partly open to connect-tl1e free end of said tubular.

handle with the atmosphereY through ysaid plug, and a button connected with ,said plunger valve by a rod passing` through the closed end of said short tube, depression ot' said button causing the opening ot the port toward` the suction device, exclusion of the atmosphere, and effective connection hetween snid two ports.

2. A portable Vsheet or card litter, com- -prising a tubular handle arranged at' one end for connection with a suction device and at its other-end forcontact with sheets or cards, a short tube closed 'at one end intersecting said tubular handle,-said short tube havingl alining ports which complete the passageway through the handle, a plunger valve in said shorttube for controlling said ports, and meanssi'or maintaining Said plunger. valve in position to close the, port toward thc suctiondevi'ce, the otlierport bcing partly open to connect the free end ot such tubular. handle with.themtmosphere through the open i dof suchtubc, actuation cof said 4plunger causing the opening of the port toward the section device, cxcl nsion oft the atmosphere and effective connection between such -twol ports.

. CHARLES L. lllltlltl.

VVitne'sses: 4

nnnn'r C. BELL, LnoNAnn W. NovANnnn.

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