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Publication numberUS955390 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1910
Filing dateSep 12, 1908
Priority dateSep 12, 1908
Publication numberUS 955390 A, US 955390A, US-A-955390, US955390 A, US955390A
InventorsCharles Denegre
Original AssigneeThomas C Cairns, Charles Denegre
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Valve for explosive-engines.
US 955390 A
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955,390. Patented Apr. 19,1910.

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- w' Mgg um Lg y /ssmmmf e mam/ff l UNITED snr.



To all whom it may concern: I Be it known that I, CHARLES DENEGRE, a I citizen ofI the United States, residing at Bir mingham, :in the county of Jefferson and y State of Alabama, have invented new and l useful Improvements in Valves for EXploi sive-Engines, of which the following is a 1 specicatiml. My present invention relates to improvements in valves for engines, and vmore especially explosive engines of the four cycle type, and' it has for its object primarily to provide a simple and improved valve of this character whereby the admission ofthe eX- plosive gas through the inlet port andthe exhaust of the consumed gases through the exhaust -port'of the'engine may be properly controlled by a singley rotary valve, the valve being' so constructed that it is capable of relative erpansion and contraction due to the temperature variations of the parts, and by rendering the' valve expansible, the corn'- pression and explosion: act to insure a tight fitting of the valve irrespective of thev rela-` tive temperature of the parts.:

Another object of the invention is topro-y vide af: alve of this character Which is mounte substantially Within the compression and explosion chamber of the` gine cylinder, the valve bein@r rotatable preferably about an axis parallel to or in alinement with the axis of the engine cylinder, and kalso to provide improved connections between the rotatable valve and the gearing which operates the saine from the engine shaft. y

To these and other ends, the invention consists in certain improvements, and combinations and arrangements of parts, all as will beA hereinafter more fully described, the

4novel features being, pointed out particularly in the claims cation. l

In the accompanying' drawing: Figure" l represents an axial section of a portion of the cylinder'of an explosive engine equipped with a rotary val-ve constructed in accordance with my present invention; Fig; 2 rep- `resents a transverse section of the val-ve casing showing the valve Vmounted therein an'd i the inlet and exhaust ports; Eig. 3 is a. peri spective view of the valve ring; and Fig. i l

at the end of the specifi,-

is a perspective vievvofthe operating' device which is adapted to couple tosaid ring apd ,to the valve drivmggear,

Specification of Letters Iatent.v 'Application filed September 12, 1908.

` plied, to Athe lof the; four per" endfofA the cy' inder With-in' Patented Apr. if), i916. serial No. 452,736.

1n the"` construction and the relative arrangement of the parts may be made in. order that the desired results may be obtained in each P'artlcular case. l

In: the-'present instance,

parts are designated by the same E have shovstnY one formef the invention and the `samedis apcycle' 'ty le, l design-an `theuph W -iehthel piston 2 reeiprocates, as usual. .l 1

The valve is preferably moinntei in a space yWhi--eh serves as: the eompressionjand explosion chamloel1J of the cylinderand .while this space may be formed Within ani integrale' part of thercylinder, I have shovvnA inv the which is bolted or otherwise 'secured by suitable means to.- the .head of thecylinder, this cylinder of an explosive en ine lpresent linstances. Supplemental casi-ng casing servingto inclose the`valve and hav'- ing *in the present instance a cylindrical bore Within which the valve rotates, this bore being preferablyI of the same diameter as that of the cylinder and in the present instance it is' arrangedlfin alinement therewith. An inlet port 4 and an exhaust port 5 are formed in the'wall of the valve casing at ai suitabie angle relatively to one another, this anglev` bei-ng usually ninety degrees. The pipe for conducting the mixed airand gas from the carbnreter may be connected to thisinlet port, While lthe exhaust pipe is eonnected tothe exhaust port as usual.

The valve which rotates Within the casing;

'3 is composed of an annular or ring-like variations' in the temperature thereofjf and the Walls of the Any suitable means may be employed for operating thevalve from the `exteriorof th'e easing, a rotatable stem i the pncsent instance which extends tlfrough a bore in the head of the valvefcasing and is provided at its inner end with ra"cross arm 8, the ends'of which rest in diametrically oposite recesses or grooves Q'ormed in the mner walls of the annular valve member, these re-@asses or slots being preferably spaced at pposite sides of the port of the valve member. 'This cross arm en ages the thrust shoulders or abutments 10. the ends of the grooves or recesses in the valvemember so as to support the latter within. thecasing and prevent movement o the valve member toward the engine piston, and the valve stein is provided with a collar l1 which cooperates with the head of the valve casing and thereby serves to prevent leakage around the valve stern. .t

Any suitable valve operating gear may be employed, the valve being connected so as to revolve once to every two revolutions of the engine shaft, a spiral gear 12 being splined to the valve stem in the present .inst-ance above the valve easing and a helical comression sirine" 13 encireles theI valve stem and bears at one end upon theupper side of the gear 12 while, its opposite end abuts against a collar il which is fixed to the valve stem. The expansive action ot this spring tends to exert\a yielding thrust in a direction to lift the valve stem and thereby hold the collar il thereon in close relation tothe head of the 'alve casing, while the cross"arm upon the stem which has a thrust connection as' hereinbefore described with the valve member operates upon the valve member to support the same. The s line connection between the valve stem an the gear l2 permit-s. the stern to operate axially through this gear although it has a driving connection therewith.

The loperation of the valve is as follows: Assuming that the valve occupies the position shown in Fig. 2. the piston ot` the engine will be at the innermost limit ot` its strokethe crank being on the dead center. As theI engine shattrevolves to carry the piston on its outward stroke, the valve is revolved so as to bring the port therein into communication with the inlet port l and the out stroke oi the piston will draw a charge of explosive As the piston reachesI the limit ofv its out ward stroke. the port in the will be found to have passed the and this port in the valve at this time will be closed. Upon the next inward stroke of the piston. the charge ot' explosive mixture contained in the cylinder will be compressed and at the highest point ot' compression. the port in the valve nien'iber will occupy the position indicated in Fig. 2 at the end of boingr provided in ormed at.

inlet port l l l l i l l l; l l l vide a controlling port: gas into the cylinder'.

rotatable valve t senseo the second cycle. l`heexplosive mixture under compression is then ignited and during the power stroke of the piston. the valve member rotates into the position indicated in Fig. as designating the end ot the third cycle. and on the next return stroke of the piston, the po'rt in the valve member is irought into eonnnunieation with the exhaust port 5 through which the burned gases in the cylinder are discharged, this cycle ot operations being repeated in the order .dcseribed during the operation of the engine.

The present invention provides a simple valve mechanism whereina single valve may serve to control both the inlet and exhaust ports oi the engine. the valve member being rotatable so that it may be geared to the shaft of the engine with the gleat-estjt'acility, thereby avoiding the use of cams, and other parts which when worn require resetting of the valve. of the ordinary reciprocating type, and as the 'alve member is split, it may expand during the compression and explosion ot the gases within the cylinder so that a tight fitting of the valve is insured at these times, thereby compensating for any wear between the valve member and its casing,l

and the split construction or" the valve member also enables 1t to compensate for exiansion and contraction due to the temperature variations without interfering with the fit of the' valve.

l claim as my invention:

l. In an internal combustion engine, the combination ot the cylinder having a bore to receive the piston and provided with an axial elongation the, bore of which is of the same size as that ot the cylinder, said clon gation forming a valve casing andhavibr inlet and exhaust ports therein, a por valve member revoluble in said casing for controlling said ports, and an operating part connected to `said valve member for turning it and also having means for preventing axial movement of the, valve member towar the space in said cylinder within which the piston operates.

2. A valve for explosive engines compris ing a ported valve easing communicating with the compression and explosion chamber ot the engine, an annular valve member embodving a cvlindrieal shell rotatably mounted in said casing and split at one side to pro and to render the valve member expansible, the valve member being` also provided at points removed from thefsplitA portion with recesses the Walls of whichfrepesses form thrust shoulders, and an operating stem for the valve member having head of an engine` cylinder and forming a or,4

and exhaust of gases, and an operating part i provided with means for exerting a yielding thrust on said operating part and having a` thrust connection with the valve member. s

el. A valve for explosive engines compris ing a valve casing havin means for attach-v ing it to the head of a ey inder so as-to form the compression and explosion chamber thereof, said casing being provided With angularly spaced inlet and exhaust ports,v an annular valve member rotatably mounted in said casing, said member beingsplit at one sidetoform a controlling port for the ports ot' the casing and to render the valve member capable of expansion or contraction, and

an operating part extending through the en d ot said casingand having a driving and thrust connectionwvith the valvevmeinber vand provided with means for exerting a thrust thereon.

5. A valve for explosive engines compris-s ing a ported valve easing, an annular valve member rotatably mounted in the easing, a.

rotatable valve stern extending axially through the valve casing andchaving means for exerting a thrust movementthereon, and a cross arm rotatable with the stem and having a combined driving and thrust connectien with the rotatable valve member.

.6. Avalve for explosive engines comprising a ported valve casing,a valve rotatably mounted therein :tor controllin the ports of said casing, said valve having interior thrust shoulders, a rotatable valve stem ex-v tending axially through tlie 4head of said casing vand engaging said thrust shoulders and havingia driving connect-ion with the valve member, a collar on the stem arranged to co'perate with the head of the valve easing, andv a 'spring acting upon the stem to retain said collar in cooperative relation t the head of the casing.

7. A valve for explosive engines comprising a ported valve casing, an annular valve member rotatable' within the casing and havinga port for controlling the ports of the casing, the valve member being provided with axially extending recesses formed in its inner Walls and providing thrust shoulders at their ends, a rotatable valve stein l extending through the head of the valve casing, and a cross arm rotatable with. thestem and liavingits ends resting in the said re-y cesses and engaging said thrust shoulders of the valve member.

8. A valve for explosive engines comprising a ported valve easing, an annular-valve member rotatably mounted therein and provided with a controlling port, a rotatable valve stem extending through the headot the valve casing and having a driving and thrust connection. With said valve member to turn the saine and also to prevent axial movement thereof in one direction, a collar mounted on said stem and arranged against the head of the valve casino' an Aoperating n gear arranged exteriorly of the valve casing land having a Vspline connection with the valve stem, and a. spring' encircling the valve,



H. S. Harem??

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