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Publication numberUS955562 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1910
Filing dateMay 6, 1909
Priority dateMay 6, 1909
Publication numberUS 955562 A, US 955562A, US-A-955562, US955562 A, US955562A
InventorsGertrude W Thomas
Original AssigneeGertrude W Thomas
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US 955562 A
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955,562, I Patented Apr.19,19l0.


Patented Apr. I9, 1910.

Appllcattoa filed Kay 6, 1908. Serial No. 494.300.


955,562. ipectflcatton of Letters Patent.

To all whom, it may concern:

lie it known that I. (liarrat'oi: \\'."luo.\tas,

a citizen of the United States, residinp. at lhdtuuorc. in the State of .\laryland. lave invented certain improvements in (hin- Masks, of which the following is a specitication. l

This invention is an im movement in masks or facial bandages. and relates more especially to that class of such devices which are dcsigluat for application to the chin for the purpose of removing certain defects.

'he primary object of my invention is to provide a nutsk or bandage which will be etlective in remedying the facial defect columoulv kuowu ing the neck and retaining the bodilv teats so as to induce perspiration and stimulate the atl'ectcd part.-.

furthcr object of my invention is to provide a form of facial bandage or chinmaslt' which will prevent the sagging and drooping of the mouth, as well as obliterate lines or wrinkles.

Other objects and advantages of the inveutiou will hereinafter appear. and what I claim as new in the art. and desire to secure by letters-Patent. is more specifically set forth in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings. which form ii part of this spm-iticatiou: Figure l is a pet-s )ective view, Illustrating the application oi my improved chin-mask. Fig. 2 is a detail pers )ective view of.the improved chin-mask, and Fig. 3 is a similar view, illustrating a nuxlihcation.

Like numerals of reference indicate like parts in all the figures of the drawings.

In carrying out my invention 1 may construct the device in a sin le piece and of the same material througiout'. This referred form of construction is shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings, and in this instance the material which I employ is rubber, on account of its etlective and remedial qualities, hereinafter s )ecitied.

In making up t to device as shown in Fi 2 a plain sheet. of rubber is employed, whi i is molded to provide tbe'wide-body portion 5, of a shape approximating the contour of a persons neck and chm, the cooperating neck straps (3, ti. extending from the ends thereof. and the cot"; )erating bead straps 7. 7, extending from the upper edges of said body portion at the juncture of the neck straps therewith, that part of the body poras a double-chin. by sup )orttion which receives form of a pocket 5".

For the purpose of connecting the head and neck straps I employ in each instance what are commonly known as glove-fasteners. of the ball and socket type: the ball. as 8. being attached to the outer end of one strap and the socket, as 9, attached to the outer end of the other or compauistrap. Ad'ustment of the straps is pix-titled for by having several s aiced apart balls H. with any one of which a singl cm'iperatiug socket 9 is adapted to a reasonably close yet non-binding fit of the. mask the neck straps are tuade comparatively wide and provided with a pair of fasteuin devices. as shown.

.\s wi l he noted there is a particular advantage in enu'iloying a series of the fastening devices described, for that they permit of the device being readily and conveniently a plied to any size of neck, secl||'cl held in plitce, and very easily removed.

The remaining em )odiment of my invention consists in making the body portion and parts of the neck and head straps of stockiuet, and in this instance the end portions of the straps 7 may have attached thereto, so as to form conttnuat-ions thereof, elastic ta ms 10. so that. the mask itself may be held clo ely against the chin and neck. This modification therefore consists not only in a change of the material of which the device is made, but. also in adding elastic extensions to the otherwise non-elastic end portions, the s veral parts otherwise bein the state she and construction as hereto ore described in connection with Fig. 2 of the drawings. A similar provision of elastic extensions 15 may be made with reference to the neck straps 6, though the latter may be entirely of stockinet.

In ap )lying the device the body portion is place over the chin and. throat or neck, the straps 6 6 passed around the back part of the neck and fastened, and then the straps the chin being in the engage. and to insure 7 brought. over the top of the head and fas- -feet; known as double-chin, masnmch as the mask bindscloselv against the chin and throat or neck, and by etl'ectually excluding air from these parts confines the body heat and produces profuse perspiration, which the lower jaw,

results in stimulating the affected parts so that the will resume their normal condition. A dash of cold water after such a plication of the device closes the res and prevents the likelihood of colds. n using this device it is not n ry to keep the head and lower jaw in one position, as the yielding rubber mask remains. in intimate contact with the chin and throat or neck durin movement of the head, as well as during t e motions of as in talking or eating; thus the device may be worn at any time, night or day, without inconveniems-e and with H|llill efl'ect.

Practically the same results are attained by nmlcin the de ice of stockinet, as indicated in ig. 3 of the drawings, but in this instum'o it cannot be made quite as cheaply and does not remain at all times in intimate engagement to the same extent it does when to her is used. In fact the device when made of stockinet is mainly used durin the sleeping hours, and for the purpose of cep- -having a Ill" the mouth closed and forcin the wearer to hreathe throu h the nostrils, t us preventin snorin an labored breathing:

ilaving t us described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is

- A chin-mask for the purposes set forth, comprising a single piece of molded sheet rubber' shaped to provide a body portion- 5 pocket 5, neck straps 6 6 at the ends of said body portion, and head stra s 7 7 extending from the upper edges of t e body portion; together with ball and socket fastening devices attached to the ends of the straps for connecting the same, respectively, substantially'as shown and described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscrib' witnesses.

. G RTRUDE W. 'l|H)M.-\S. l

Joan Hannman,

n M. Wssn.

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