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Publication numberUS956741 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1910
Filing dateFeb 24, 1908
Publication numberUS 956741 A, US 956741A, US-A-956741, US956741 A, US956741A
InventorsDe Wane B Smith
Original AssigneeDe Wane B Smith
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Nursing bottle and nipple.
US 956741 A
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Patented May 3, 1910.

Fig.1. 53% 0M,



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 3, 1910.

Application filed February 24, 1908. Serial No. 417,289.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DE 'WANE B. Slurry, of Deerfield, in the county of Oneida and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Nursing Bottles and Nip les; and I do hereby declare that the fol owing is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable -.'0thers skilled in the art towhich it appen rtains to make and use the some, reference being had to the eccom an mg drawings,

and'to the characters re erence marked whereon, which form part of this specificstilon.

' The -.object of the present invention is to provide a nursing bottle which is veryaceeessible for cleaning, and the removable nipple closure portion of which is of such conpnd'closely adjacent to the open mouth of the bottle, is an annular y le closure 2 consists of an elastic head 0 cylin the hen struction that it will remain securely in J lace without requiring a separate fastening erice, while the nipple itself cannot be easily-forced down into the bottle.

In thedrawings Fi re 1 is a perspective view oifnnursin bott e embodying the present invention, iig. 2 is a vertical central Section of the upper end oi. the bottle and -,the nipple. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the the upper "sneer thebottle and e. a n under the flange 1 of the latter ti vdi-ui i ofzthe glroove adjacent toseid flange, while- 2" is streined or placed under ten- .sion across the mouth of the bottle lying,

when so stretched, in a substantia, y true lane, across the open mouth of-the bottle; eyend'the headportion Ztthe' walls of said n p le closure conver 'inwa y, or are are edtoward one anot or to provide an intelmddiate ole-"neck .ortmn 2 .which is preferably rovided with thicke ed "end strengthen rtions, as' s'how n, v11nd which terminates in a hollowppliahle-tmt or iii ple'portion 2. At'the e will be provided with the usual outlet opening or openings.

It is evident that the nipple can be placed on the bottle by stretching the head 2* and the bearded flange 2* into position across the mouth of the bottle so that said beaded flange will rest under the flanged edge 1 thereof and be received in the annular groove adjacent to the mouth of the bottle, in which position it serves as an efficient closure which will remain securely in place; while the nipple or teat portion will be maintu-inedin a normally erect position. When suction is applied to the test there exists-more or less of a tendency to'forxn a vacuum in the body of the bottle, and the head 25 will have 1'1 tendency to become vmore or less deflected inwardly, The thickened arched or outwardly converging Walls of the intermediate portion-s. 2 form a self-bracing structure which obviates any tendency on the part' of the teat "to turn inside out through an.

opening in th head' 2, this action being assisted by the thickened portigns of its walls when these are employed. The thickened wells, whichpreferably extend from the head portion 2 to a point about half way up to the-end or top otthe nipple or teat, assist the teat in recovering its normal form when the suction. is relieved and when the rerefaction in the bottle is relieved.

Ibis evident that the nipple can be readily removed by slipping the beaded edge 2 out from under the flange 1*, and that when removed the interior of the bottle is Very eccessible for cleaning and the interior of th nipple is also equally eccessible.

i The modified form of construction in Figs l differs from that shown in the other fig ures mainly by having the base of the teat located at an opening provided in the side ofor eccentrically to the head 2*, instead of centrellyas shown. in the other figures. eccentric arrangement of the tent or nipple, which is preferably inclined inwardly, as shown, isa convenient one, as it takes the place of a curved bottle, and the milk will run out easier than it does-with the nipple in t e center of the closure.

. her modif cations and chan es than those shown me of course, lie-ma e.

Theelastic closure for the bottlewill-pref erabl be of rubber, its is usual with. devices of this kind; and will be'ofsuch Sizqnelat-ive to the open mouth o the bottle,

the head? or diaphragm po -tionfi' This ,i.

.said diaphragm.

portion of the closure will resist any tend-Z ency of :the saidteat or nipple portion to-be forced downward, or a turned inside out,

" within the mouth of the bottle,a difficulty whichghas been more. or less experienced with the closures heretofore provided. for w iglemouthcd nursing bottles.

by reference'to the drawings it-will be seen-that the head or diaphragm portion 2,

lrmnediatel above and at a right angle, or substantial y so,

to the flange 2 is much thinner than said flange, and is also thinner V i L than the'upwardly-converging lower portion 2,

of the teat or nipple immediately above T- is relatively thin diaphragmportlon of the closure, when under I tension, is very elastic, and, when suction is applicdto the nipple, said head or diaso p ragm portion w l have a vibrative or pumpingfaction which will facilitate the nursing' operstion, as will be understood.

..What I claim" as by Lctters'Patent is:'

1. A nursing bottle comprising a receptacle haying an-opent'op or mouth equal in substantially so,

top, combined with a closure consisting of,

diameter to the body of the receptacle, or

and having a flange at its an elastic body having a beaded or thickened flange adapted .to engage the top of the reh beaded fian e.

' or thickened new and desire to secure ceptacle liencath the said flange on the latter,

said closure having a relatively thin diaphragm portion immediately above and corn tiguous to the said 'beaded, or thickened flange, said diaphragm portion extending ap proximately at'a right angle to said beaded flange, and a nipple portion immediately above said diaphragm portion and having upwardly converging Whlls. A nursing bottle pom'prising a recap tacle having an open top or mouth equal 1n diameter to the body ofthe receptacle, or substantially top, colnbinedwi'th a closure consisting of an elastic body having a beaded or thickened flange adapted toqengage the top of the receptacle beneath the said flange on the latter, said closure having a diaphragm portion immediately above the beaded flange thereon, and a nipple portion extending upward from the said diaphragm portion and having upwardly converging Walls, said converging walls being thickened from said diaphragm portion to a point about half Way to the end or top of the nipple.

3. A closure, for wide-mouthed nursing bottles, consisting of an elastic body'having at its base a beaded or thickened flange to engage a flange on the bottle, a diaphragm portion immediately above and approximately at a right angle to said beaded flange, and an eccentrically arran ed nipple portion extending upward from said diaphragm por tion. a

' In witness whereof, I have ailixed. my signature, in presence of two witnesses, this 11th day of Feb. 1908.


, Witnesses:

EMMA S. Hesse, Geo-E. RENDELL.

so, and having a flange at its

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