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Publication numberUS957872 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1910
Filing dateDec 5, 1908
Priority dateDec 5, 1908
Publication numberUS 957872 A, US 957872A, US-A-957872, US957872 A, US957872A
InventorsLewellen A Ely
Original AssigneeWilliam H Ennis, Lillie G Ennis, Lewellen A Ely
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Card-game apparatus.
US 957872 A
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vL. A. RLY,


mm @fm2/MQ@ BY', l Wawy ATTRNEY Patented May l?, 1912.0.

3a pointed out in the claim; y y l drawings, liiguresil and 2 illustrate one suit of cards, Figa. 3," 4 and 5 4individual cards ofthe reinainging ,three suits, Fig. G joker, and Figi `Zis 35 a' perspective View of the Scoring card. i

UNITED smrnerafran'r caricia N IJEWELLEN a. ELY, or narran, oiaiogiisieitoa orioiaiiroiiitrii TWiIJLIAi/i n.

ENNIS AND LILLIE ,Gr.ENNisgor gsziciifiiiAvigfMIeiiieiiiily` To all whom it may concern:`

Be it known that I, LEWELLENA. Enr, a citigaen of the United States, residing atl)ay; ton, in the county of l\lontgoineiy and State of Ohio, have invented certain" new and use#` i ful Improvements in Card-(aini-i .Amaai-ay` tus; and l do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exactdescription` of the invention, such .as will enable otlierei 41() skilled inthe art to which it appert'ains `to l make and use the same.` d Mylinvention relates to unproveinents in card games. i

the playing of a game `of ball with ers and terins -nsed in" a` base-balli gaine. Suitable rules Aare provided by which the ame is to be played and a score `card typt'iying a base-ballfield is also necessary for `the proper counting of pointe.`

My invention further consists of certain" other novelfeatures suoli as will be incre fully `described hereinafter and particularly 'In' the accompanying I prefer to provide a deek or pack playing cards comprising 4) cards divided the color in which the remaining t\voksuit speeicarimi afnemers raient-.1 Appiicaiion fiiednecember 5; 190e.:` `serial no ie-aise.` i y i iiit i" four suits with an extra high card or"`jokei`.` The four suits may be yconveniently Riesig? Ihated as the mit bat ball, and. diamond suits respective]y,` two suits aswthe ball and hat suits having their suit?, designations printed a color contrasting-with "call poiiiteards. n Thus, I provide suits` each composed of Jpoiiit. and `pitture cards.`

The pointeur-ds, Hoeallmlgfare moet instru `mental in i co1iritiiiirn lpoint assists, a teria` used lo designatethecount as iiSed .iiieri.b-`

olfbaeje balhi I "have combined the terms i point i and assist to lyindieatessiieh` eoiint.

linge andfivhich is` :1`p'plierlhby`i ine in thiis` card lgaineyto: peri'nit one siileworithe other toobtainan advantage similar to an ad-f vantage obtainedby an aseit in the eport i i Thepoint harder"therefore, `bear preferably i centrallythereof," a siiitdesignation, withV `the trick orfsti-ike iltakiiigivaluc and its` y i positioninithe suit Vindieatedfat all `four cor ners. ',lhe niiiiieralsindicating thestrikeor ytriek taking"-valiies are `utilized in `count-` ing poiiit assiste, a `terni hereinafter e);

plained and its `object fully" deieribed.

i At least mie ot the point eartle of each 701 `enit as `thel f-ll lill, whose tricli: or strike taking valiiefdepeiidi `iifioiiwlietlie its Siiit" :iS trninp or `iiotiiis4 provided in `two (liiigof-` i inally opposait-efooi-ners "with, a.. iniinoral to` lindicateitsvalne ivlieii that `Silitie triiinp,

tion in thesiiit.

i `iii additiontothc` iiiin'icraldefining its posilf*` `T he p'ftiili'e bard@` are eafch providedwith` d a numeral indicatiiig'ite ,valuefas a point ase et card,l such iiiiineral beingloeated` slib.-`

lly of the Card; i

`playerainfrecogniaiii t eleor `,fstrike takingi valli i "The pilotare iid at least` oiieoE the point@ y `eardein eaclirsiiit bear rebueesiindiative of `terms used `in baseballhnd whiehassi'st the i i y i i y farewell as embellieh the appearanccottlielcardathemselves "and` lend inter- The i haar i ha is navidad wifi]` Syaibqi of base-ball.

presentinstance, is a representation of a toboggan. The fly card bears a symbol indicating a iiy in base-ball terminology. This may either be the representation o a ,fly (insect) or preferably l'the `representa tion o a balloon L The umps card may bear efcaricature fof an umpire or a strikeA indicator, the catcher card may bear therepresentation of a mans face as seen through a catchers mask, and the pitcher card may bear the representation of a bust of a man in base-ball costume posed as a pitcher.'

The. joker or card having the highest value preferably bears a combination of the suit designations asilluustrated.

It will be observed that the cards of'each suit are numbered from l upward, in two diagonally opposite corners to assist the player in determining the strikev (or trick) taking value 'of the respective cards, but these numbers do 'not always correspond with the values of the cards in counting points as will be hereinafter described. Thus, though for instance, the 7 of each suit bears the number .7 of the series of ninnbers in' thel upper ri ht. hand corner,l the umps is numbers 13 for its trick or strike taking value, and bearsl the figure 3 for counting points.

The prevailing idea. of the game is the provision of a 'series of suitable ,cards combined with rules which Will enable the 'contestants to play as nearlyas possible Wit the national sport In playing the ame wit-h'four la ers the cards-are rstgshuttied and dealt, :icuii to each player, one card at a time. The next or 17th card may be turned for the trump or a ground rule made that the' four playersshall each be known by one of spective suits.

north is dealing, theinitt suit shall be ,nitions and joker is the high card trumps When the player at the east 1e 1 dealing, the bat suit is trumps, and-so on.

,In the rst case given, should the t joker be turned,. no trump. rules ma' prevail for the ensuing half-inning, or t e trump maybe made Ink any seated opposite each other The dealer and his partner are in or at hat, 'and their' opponents' are out or `idelders. The dealer leads, the play passino to the left inthe usual manner,'the vcard ont4 hi liest value taking the strike or trick. l

. playing the game, the fcllowinf defirules are to be cheers/edn: The and may be played fourth hand to complete a straight flush, taking that strike l (trick) even if the led suit is held. `The joker may be played to mi a table tgame corresponding.

the re- Thus-When the player at the event, theplayers' are partners.

essere a flush rvc'hen that flush is of trumps. In counting thev cardssas played, for assist-s points to thc ins or as errors against the fielders the joker, pitcher, fan, umpire, catbher and fly cach count as three, the remaining cards being counted as f their' relspe'ctive values, to reach 13 or 23 in one strike three errors by the fielders during any olie l half-inning permits the ins to place' a runner on first base. Ii: there is a man on first, this would operate as a forced play, to advance the first ruimer to second. Three strikes (tricks) taken' by the ins in any one hand permits them to advance a runner or place a man on rst, if the bases are empty. Three strikes (tricks) taken by the 'elders in any onel hand scores an out against the ins When a suit is trump, I nate the card known as batter and the uinps posite the trump suit, as the left batter these terms being somewhat similar to the' terms right and left bower7 in cuchrc but being more appropriate to the game mi? base ball wherein batters play an important part.

The card values in taking strikes (tricks) are as follows: In the trump suit, joker, right batter, left batter, one base hit, pitcher,

prefer to desi'g? uinps as right card of the suit op;

fan, catcher, iy, 9, 8, 7, et, 3 base hit, and-,2

base hit. In suits' not trump', the card values. run one base 'hit,`pit`cher, fan, um-

ire, catcher, tly, 9, 8, '7, l, 3 base hit and. 2 ase hit. ATo simulate the catching of a ily, the fol-V lowing rule is provided: An in may play any catcher, regardless of suit led, at any time onany Hy played by a fielder and thereby advance a runner,

1f on base, or place a newl man on first base, if the bases are empty. The catcher may be. layed by an in, on a partners fly and is t en called a shdrt stop, o erating. to prevent a fielder from scoring, s yould he play a catcher. The playing of a catcher bya fielder on. a in, counts as an outegainst the ins.

ATo simulate 'themaking of a home run, the following rule is (provided. Any straight Hush taken by an in, clears the bases and scores 'a home run as in the revuler base-hall game. lIf'the strike (tridk) containing the straight flush is taken by a fielder, it scores an out against the ins andA in addition thereto, takes the front runner ofi", making a total of two outs. l

fly played by any Y "amera Fregene belgenelare@)Ballena iaieabylf .i an in l and 'takinigT the strike `Griek); oper-j y clearing the b"`se it scores one y out against the i ins i andtakes ins, it perlnitsdthe ins to place a" new` runneron lirstbasew i by an in i and" c les v `the` `j (trick) it operates to place c to" second.` lf `ledb an in andlost,=it counts asan outagains the ina If the twoybase hitofthe ballsuit` is led by and takes a runner ofseoondbasdlif second it permits the ine, to `place anewfrunner on first base. i m The three basehit of the ball suit if led by an in and ltakingathe ietrikeiftricllgf operates to planea new runner onjthlrd and and taking theystriliajit scores an out@` against the vins andatalres afrunner olf i it opcrates jtoplaoe alrunner onfirstlbasetq" li' taken by aeldenitscoree anfoutagainst the ina y y A pas-eed or lost ball simulatedfwhen the high ball `(enebasehit) or thelowball lieldersyit "permits the operates to advancearunner; one base. Il.

raisedfby the next card fplayed `andjagairrl raised by the partner o'flthein playing;`

and not raised by thetourthhand, a twdn base advance is" secured by the ins.`

Advances of the runners on `basses always? operate on the rear riimner `Withan `open` base ahead of bnn.

A squeeze play einnilatedlitili'en anyronlef base hit is played fourthibandfby an inw and takesthe Strike (trick).` This operates to advance a runner oneybase.

Three strikes (tricks) `taken bythe ins duringr one deal olG cards,adva:nces aruny ner one base. y It' .takenby the fielders,` 1itrl` scores an out against the inst. If thefour1 strikers cr triche` are evenly divided betweenf runner on` second "base,"`

`abortcistop.` y c l c V c f "inthe 1foregeilig",` it isobvious that suit 1 niust `be followed ifheldexcept` that any. catchergrnaybe `played at any tirrie `to catch A any fly `or to actasjaishort stop to revent i rfthe opponents fronti catching' the lthatzan'ywdouble frnay" be played at anyltime c to scorefanadvancejor tozact as arshortstop. ""j'lhe sameiplayerdealsiand leads `the first card" of a "strike (ltrick) until "the *fielders i "s'eparatej `card Vor sheet 4rul `score boardyto recelvethe total runs `of each c Any `earnedadvance places anew runner on'iust,v if thefbasessare empty. i

fcard previously played) may be lvplayed at fany time on Vopponents cardto advance lalrunnerone;base if layed by an in, or f seorean out against t ie.` ins if fplayed by jatiielder.f` ilniitlijisplaytbe doublewdoesnot i ic`on"s`titutea?suitloard;` ""If played ona card 4 droppedgby cnesfpartner, lit"constitutes a and score ;threeN-outs,` freshuilling all y the cards *except trurnp,ifznecess`ary, The half-inning clears the bases to third. "Iilledby a fielder Itlaiftvvo sideegtherfe islnoy advantage to either sie.` i atea to place a runner on iiretfbase; lf led;` i

endswith "three" ontsythe deal passing to ."Nineffullfinnings` constitute a regular, "garnefin anyfcontest. v Any `number of even `inrnn s gepbal continued until "the "tie is broken i as inl` regw rnay` be` agreed upon, however, exat "1n oase of atie, the `gamemust be lan ball" games.

" flhe score` isdecided` by the number iof runs secured `by eachjfside @Poi` ts for assists arecountedlby adding `thefcarc'l valuesas cards .are played `to reach (two baee hit) `ot the lballsuit is led andlost."

` Tlie cards @are played; face `upivard` before The `score board `is eupileinented by a e `asis a regular loo ltlhe` personplayingso that all `carlfoount the fpointsg'and ithe ltotal "should .be announced fa'loncl byeaoh playeras the card is dropped,V

l. Inforder toproperly record'the runs `errore as v vell asthe `positions "of themen ontltlie" basesfitis"` necessary `to provide a innings to enable the players to record the runs made each innin.

lfollowed by a series of holes to enable the 'during any one half-innin a catchers mitt, a base ball In addition, the board bears the Words errors and outs players to record the errors and outs made Havin thus fully disclosed what I c aim as new,is:- v

A playing card-pack comprising a series carols dividedinto suits, the respective suits bearing representations respectively ofI diamond, aI bat, and a ball respeetivelas suit designations,l

my invention,

each suit consisting of cards bearing designations indicating a one base-hit, a twg base hit, a three base hit, four, seven, eight and nine, respectively, and cards bearin nations mdicuting a Hy ball, a cato umpire, a fan and a pitcher,

In testimony whereof, 'I aix in presence of two witnesses.


4el, an respectlvely.


desigm-y signature 2o

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