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Publication numberUS958857 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1910
Filing dateJul 14, 1909
Priority dateJul 14, 1909
Publication numberUS 958857 A, US 958857A, US-A-958857, US958857 A, US958857A
InventorsMollie A Dennis
Original AssigneeMollie A Dennis
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US 958857 A
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958,857. Patented May 24,1910



Specicati'on of Iletters Patent.

Patented May 24, 1910..

Application filed July 14, 1909. Serial No. 507,613.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MoLLIE A. DENNIS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Deposit, in the county of Broome and State of Tew York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dish-Drainers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to improvements in dish drainers and more particularly to an adjustable one for use in a kitchen sink.

The object of the invention is to provide a simple and practical device of this character which may be produced at a small cost, will be strong and durable in use and may be easily adjusted to lit sinks, tanks, or the like of different sizes.

Vith the above' and other objects in View, the invention consists of the novel features of construction and the combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter.' fully described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the ilnproved adjustable dish drainer; Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the same showing it arranged in a kitchen sink; andFig. 3

is a transverse section taken on the plane indicatcd by the line 3-3 in Fig. 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawings 1 denotes a kitchen sink, tank or the like in which my improved adjustable dish drainer 2 is removably mounted. The drainer consists, preferably, of two similar sections 3, 4 slidably and adjustably connected to permit the device to be varied in size for use in different size sinks. Each of said sections or members 3, 4 is preferabl constructed of perforated sheet metal an comprises ay bottom 5, two side walls 6 und one end wall 7. The open end of the section 3 slidably receives the open end of the section 4 and said closed ends 7 of the two sections are formed with outwardly projecting flanges 8 adapted to rest upon the upper edges of the walls of the sink or tank 1 to' support the drainer in the same. Said drainer, 1t being understood', is of lessdepth than the 'sink or tank so that waterl draining from dishes placed in the drain'er may pass through the perforations in the drainer and into the sink. To strengthen the sections 3, 4 of the drainer their upper edges are bent around a reintorcing wire 9, as shown more clearly 1n F1os. 2 and 3 of the drawings and to further strengthen said sections, the open end ot' the section 3 has secured to it a reinforcing strap or ban-d 10 which extends across the bottom and up the outer faces of the sides 6 of said section and has its ends bent inwardlyand then downwardly to rovide guide and retaining lips 11 to receive the upper edges of the side walls of the other section 4. For the purpose of securing the two sections in adjusted position, the side walls 6 of the section 3 are formed with longitudinal slots 12 to receive bolts 13 projecting yfrom the corresponding portions of the section 4 and having tinger nuts 14 upon their threaded ends, as shown more clearly in Fig. 3. When the clamping bolts or set screws 13, 14 are loosened, it will be seen that the two sections may be slid upon each other to vary the length of the drainer to t the particular sink or tank in which it is to be used and that when said parts are tightened the sections Will be securely fastened together in adjusted position. The sup orting flanges 8 may be formed with per orations 15 to receive a nail or the like from which the drainer may be suspended when not in use in the sink.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed is:

An adjustable dish drainer comprising two sections having foraminous ortions and each consisting of a bottom, si'e walls and an end wall, the open end of one section being adapted .to receive the other, means for guiding said sections in their sliding movement upon each other and retaining them in adjusted position, support engaging meansupon the two sections, and a reinforcing,r strap extending around the open end of the outermostsection and having its extremities bent inwarly and downwardly to provide guiding and/supporting lips to receive the other sectionA In testimony whereof I hereunto ax my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



JOHN E. Dennis, C. VAN Scnorn.


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International ClassificationA47J47/20
Cooperative ClassificationA47J47/20
European ClassificationA47J47/20