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Publication numberUS959054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1910
Filing dateMar 8, 1909
Priority dateMar 8, 1909
Publication numberUS 959054 A, US 959054A, US-A-959054, US959054 A, US959054A
InventorsCharles Glover
Original AssigneeCharles Glover
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Grinding and polishing disk.
US 959054 A
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Patented hilay 24, 1910;




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, CHARLES GLovEn, a citizen of the United States, residing at New Britain, county of Hartford, State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Grinding and Polishing Disks, of which the following is.a full, clear, and exact description.

My invention relates to improvements in grinding and polishing apparatus, and particularly to a disk grinder as a new article of manufacture.

The object of the invention is to provide a prepared disk in'which the abrasive material is applied to one side face and is graded from the center outwardly. For grinding, the article to be ground is first applied to that part of the disk having the coarser abrasive. The operator may gradually work, without interruption, from this part of the disk to that part of the disk \vl'iich bears a finer abrasive, thus expediting materially the Work to be accomplished.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 IS a side-elevation of a diskgr nder. Fig. 2

"is a central section thereof;

1 is a flexible back of any suitable material, such as a strong fabric. Secured to one face of this disk, by any suitable binding agent, is the abrasive material. 2 represents in this particular instance the coarser abrasive While 3 represents a finer abrasive. Emory is an abrasive-commonly employed and the varying grades thereof from coarse to fine may be very successfully used in this connection. It is preferred to have the Specification of Letters fatent. Patented Mia 24,, 1910,

Application filed March 8, 1909.

Serial no. 481,892.

coarser emery near the center of the disk While the finer emery is near the outer edge.

By this arrangement, more effective grinding can be accomplished. The article to be ground is placed against the disk near its center where the movement of the abrasive material isrelatively slow. At this point, a heavy cutting, grinding action occurs. By gradually moving the article being groundtoward the outer edge, a relatively finer abras1ve is encountered, which is moving at a relatively greater s eed. This movement is continued until t e article reaches the outer edge, where it encounters the finest abrasive, and is thereby given thefinal polish. By starting from the center and working out, danger of rufiiing and tearing the disk is avoided.

...This grinder and polisher may be used with the usual apparatus, which it is not necessary to show or describe herein.

What I claim is:

As a new article of manufacture, a grinding and polishing means comprising a flex: ible disk, abrasive material applied to one surface of said disk, said abrasive being of CHARLES GLOVER.



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Cooperative ClassificationB24D9/08