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Publication numberUS959110 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1910
Filing dateApr 21, 1909
Priority dateApr 21, 1909
Publication numberUS 959110 A, US 959110A, US-A-959110, US959110 A, US959110A
InventorsClarence U Buck
Original AssigneeCharles H Buck, Clarence U Buck
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US 959110 A
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Patented may 24, 1910:

@Mventoz 119i hwooea State 0 UNITED i STATES PATENT OFFICE;

immune-rum or connnnsrom', PENNSYLVANIA, AS$IGNOBOF ONE-HALF r0 cmnws manor, or. counassronr, rsnnsrwama.


Specification ofLetters Patent. PatentedMay 2Q, 1916,

Application filed mm 21, 1909. Serial No. 491,371.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that-I, CLARENGE U. BUCK, citizen of the United States, residing at Coudle-rs rt, in the county o-ii Potter and f Pen-nsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in- Percolators, ofwhich the following is a specificatiom v This invention comprehends certain new and useful improvements in percolators for 'use inpreparing coffee, tea, or other infusions, and relates more articular-1y to devices of that type embodying a boiler designed to be partially filled with water and a 'apted when heated to generate steam, the pressure of the steamserving to forcibly eject the heated water from the boiler and through the charge holder to form the infusion.

' oration; which is susceptible of being conder having upper and lower heads venien-tly cleaned to mamtai n the. parts in a sanitary condit on ;'and which isarrangedto preclude excesslve ressure in the boiler, so

:as to prevent explosions and admit of the device being used with safet With-this and other ob]ects in view that will more fully appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists in certain constructions and arrangements 01 the parts that 1 shall hereinafterfu-l ly describe, and then point out the novel features of in. the ap ended claim.

'or a full understandin of the invention and the merits thereof an also to acquire a knowledge of the details of construction, reference is tobe had to the following descri tion and accompanying drawing, IH WlZLlC Figure 1 is a vertical section or a percolator constructed/in accordance withmy invention; and Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view showing the screw as perforated disk and lower portion of the c argeholder in juxtaposition. Corresponding and like part are referred, to in the followin description and indicated in all the views 0 the drawing by the sam reference characters.

My improved percolator embodies a boiler '1 which in. the present instance is in the m of a vertically disposed copper cylinindcr heads being connected by a central shaft. 3' that serves to. reinforce the structure as a whole. The heads 2 are substantially fiat and the percolator is designed to rest upon the lowerhead, that serves as the bottom of the boiler, while the upper head is adapted to constitute a support for a cup. or other vessel for collecting the infusion.v The boiler is formed in its side with an opening 4 by means of which water'may be introclosed by a screw plug 5. When heated the boileris. designed to. generate steam, and: as a precautionary measure to prevent the pressure within the boiler from becoming excessive, I provide a. blow-ofi tube 10. that passes through the upper head 2-. This tube ward-1y tapering va ve seat that is controlled by an obconic relief valve 11, the stem 12 of the relief valve extending vertically downwardly through the tube and being atspri-ng 13 The spring exerts linear tension being normally closed against its seat. 7

6 desi ates, a vertically disposed pipe that is rlgidly connected to the boiler and passes downwardly through the up e1; head 2 with its lower end submerged in the water bottom thereofl Thelower end oi the pipe is open to aflordegress for the water. Above the boiler the me 6 equipped with a suitable handle '1 rough the instrumentality of which 'the-percolator maybe conyeniently carried from place to place.- This ppe is bent horizontally at a predetermined downwardly, as shown, the pipe being prior vided at its extremity with a relatively large downwardly facing screw socket 8:. A valve 9! is. mounted in the pipe in proximity to the socket and is adapted! to be mani latedi by a suitable key, thus admitting o the valve being convementl turned to close the pipe for a purpose to hereinafter disclosed.

A' charge holder 14 has communication with the upper extremity of the pipe and is ada ted to contain the ground co ee beans, tea eaves, or other charges with which the holder is substantia the cyllow cylinder which is open at itsopposite ,duced therein, the opening being normally on the stem wherebyto. insure oi! the palm and terminating in close proximity: to the water is to .be im regnated. This charge qly in the form of a hol-.

is formed at its 11 per end with a down:

tached at its lower end toone end of a col] stance above the boiler and is returned ends and is provided in proximity to such ends with threaded portions 14:. One of these threaded portions is adapted to be screwed into the socket 8, whereby to susend the charge holder in superposed reation to the boiler. The lower end of the charge holder is closed by ascrewcap 15 having a threaded annular rim which engages with the adjacent threaded portion l l the bottom of the cap being formed with a central aperture 16 to afford escape for the infusion. The bottom of the cap preferably tapers downwardly, so as to insure of all of the infusion flowing out of the aperture 16. A perforated disk 17 is preferably held across the lower end of the charge holder by the screw cap and constitutesa strainer to prevent particles of the charge from escaping through the outlet with the infusion. I

Before describing the practical use. of my improved ercolator, it is to be assumed that the boiler is partially filled with water, that the holder contains the desired charge, and that the valve 9 is closed. The device is then set upon the stove, or heat is otherwise suitably ap lied to the boiler, so as to heat the water a d generate steam, the pressure of the steam tending to force the water upwardly in the pipe 6, but this water cannot escape into the charge holder however,

because of the closed valve 9. When the pressure of the steam has reached a certain degree, it is suflicient to unseat the relief valve 11 against the force of the spring 13,

some of the steam being thus permitted to escape through the blow-oil tube 10 to prevent the pressure from becoming excessive and preclude a possible explosion. The escape of steam from the blow-off tube serves to apprise the operator that the percolator is ready for use, whereupon a cup or other suitable vessel is placed on the upper head 2'below the charge holder, and thevalve 9 opened Water from the boiler is then forced through the pipe into the charge holder and through the particles of the charge packed in'the latter, the infusion escaping through the aperture 16 into the culp or vessel or receiving the same. It w' lbe apparent that when suflicient'infusion has been obtained the flow of the same may be arrested by closing the valve 9 to cut ofl the supply of water from the boiler. It is to be observed that the upper head 2 is provided with an upstanding rim 18 to retain any drippings.

Among the many advantages residing in my im roved structure, attention is particularly dlrected to the fact that the holder may be readily detached from the socket to remove the old charge and introduce a newv one, and that the parts of the charge holder may be separated from each other, so as to be susceptlble of being thoroughly cleaned to maintain'the device in a samtary condition.

Having thus described the invention what isclaimed as new is:

A percolator of the character described,

comprising a vertically disposed boiler hav- Y ing aflattop and bottom, the top being designed to support a vessel for collecting the infusion, a vertically disposed water pipe passing through the top of the boiler and extending downwardly therein with its lower end open and arranged in close proximity to the bottom of the same, the pipe projecting upwardly beyond said top and htLV-r ing its upper end turned horizontally above the boiler and terminating in a downwardly facing threaded socket, a container for a charge having its op osite ends open and threaded, one end of screwed into the socket to suspend the container in vertically spaced relation to the boiler, a substantially fiat strainer exte'nd ing across the lower end of the container with the charge resting thereon, a screw cap disposed at such lower end and embodying an annular rim havin threaded engagement therewith .and a ottom abutting the strainer to support the same in place, the

the container being.

bottom being substantially funnel-shaped and being provided with a central opening arranged to discharge the infusion into a collecting yessel supported on the top of the boiler, a manually operable valve mounted

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