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Publication numberUS959379 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1910
Filing dateAug 6, 1909
Priority dateAug 6, 1909
Publication numberUS 959379 A, US 959379A, US-A-959379, US959379 A, US959379A
InventorsFlora M Otis
Original AssigneeFlora M Otis
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Elastic bed-pan.
US 959379 A
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Patented May 24, 1910.



" nnasrrc BED-PAN.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, FLORA O'rls,a citizen of the United States, residing at Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, have invented new and useful Improvements in Elastic Bed-Pans, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to elastic bed pans, and has for an object to provide a bed pan that will be particularly adapted to be used when the patient is receiving vaginal douches, and to provide a pan which, when in use, will present such elasticity as will obviate any discomfort on part of the patient.- A still further object of the invention is to provide a bed pan which will be composed of detachable parts, one partserving the purpose of the pan proper while the other part serves as a reservoir and 1's in direct communication with the first part. Another object of the invention is to provide a pan that will be constructed of such material that will permit itto be used upon an unconscious patient, obviating the use of rubber sheets or the like which are employed for the purpose of preventing soiling of the bed clothing. 7

The above mentioned and other objects are attained by the construction, combinations and arrangements of parts, as disclosed on the drawing, set forth in this specification, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims. I

In the drawing, forming a portion of this specification and in which like numerals of reference indicate similar parts in the several views :Figure 1 is a perspective view of the bed pan. Fig. 2 is a detail longitudinal section taken on the line 22 of Fig. 1.

My improved bed pan. is formed from rubher or similar elastic or flexible material which is adapted to present a very broad cushioning area, and as illustrated, the pan comprises a main web or body portion 1 which is provided with inflated or other equivalent cushioning rim 2. The rim 2 is hollow as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawing and is provided with a detachable inflating tube 3. The tube 3 may be of any well known form but is preferably provided with a suitable mouth piece 4 at one end whereby the rim may be conveniently inflated by the nurse or other attendant of a patient.

The main body or web portion of the pan is provided with an elongated radial neck 5 L Specification of Letters Patent.

Application fled August 6, 1909. Serial No. 511,639.

- Patented May 24, 1910.

whose end adjacent to the main body'or" web portion 1 of the an is enlarged, and as shown, the neck is ormed with a guard portion 6 which is disposed in parallel spaced relation to the main body or web 'portion to form therewith a discharge mouth. The portion 6 is reinforced preferably by one or more plies of rubber or the like 7, the purpose of the said reinforcement being to present the desired or required rigidity at that point of the pan where it is essential to hold the portion 6 in its proper spaced relation to the main body or web portion. The outer extremity of the neck 5 carries a threaded nipple 8 which is adapted to be engaged by a threaded nipple 9 upon one end of an elastic reservoir 10. The reservoir 10 is located preferably in a plane with the neck5 so as to form therewith a diweb portion of the pan thus enabling waste matter to be eifectively discharged from the pan and conveyed to the reservoir.

The construction just described is such that the reservoir can be detached from the neck 5 whereby it can be used should it be so desired as an ice or hot water bag. By

providing the nipple 9 it will be readily apparent that when the reservoir is detached an it is desired to use the same as an ice .rect communication with the main body or or water bag the nipple is adapted to receive any well known form of plug or stopper. At the closed end thereservoir is provided with a suspension eye member or equivalent device 11.-

U on reference particularly to Fig. 1' of the rawing it will be seen that the inflated rim portion of the body 1 is of a greater diameter at its center than at the end portion. This construction is such that the rim will be effectively held against colla se and will readily the patient.

I claim 1 A bed pan formed from elastic material and comprising a main body portion, a cushioning rim part1 surrounding the said main body portion,

sustain considerable weight of handle forming a reservoir removably engaged with the neck.

2. A bed an formed from'elastic material and provi ed. with a main body portion havingan inflatable rim, a neck extending from the said main body portion, a guard a oll'ow neck extending fromthe main body portion, and a detachablev carried by the neck and dlsposed in spaced relation to the body, and a detachable handle forming a reservoir operatively connected with the neck and opening directl thereinto at one end, the opposite end of t e reservoir being closed.

3. A bed pan formed from elastic material and comprising a main body portion, a cushioning rim upon the main body lportion, an outwardly extending hollow 'nec upon the body dportion, a guard upon the neck and exten ing partly across the body portion, re-

inforcing means extending transversely of ard and supported at its ends upon the ortlons of the'rim, and a detachable handle orming a reservoir closed at its outer end and open at its inner end, the said inner end being detachably connected with the said neck.

4. A bed pan comprisinga main body por- 'hollow neck upon the main body portion and o ening directly thereinto at one end, a ban 1e forming a reservoir connected atone of its ends to the other end of the neck, and a guard extending from the neck and partly across the said main body portion of the pan.

In testlmon v whereof I aflix my signature in presence 0 two witnesses.



CsT. GRUNAR, v Roar. F. Gauss.

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