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Publication numberUS960926 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1910
Publication numberUS 960926 A, US 960926A, US-A-960926, US960926 A, US960926A
InventorsThomas Hoops Jr
Original AssigneeWilcox Crittenden And Company Inc
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Light-securing means.
US 960926 A
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LIGHT SECURING MEANS. nrucmxou mum 0019,!009.

960,926. Patented June 7, 1910.




lpcctlcattoa 0! Letters latent. Application fled Dctober i, 100.. lertal Io.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I. TRUMAN lloors. Jr., a citizen of the United States, residing at .\liddlcto\\'n, in the county of Middlesex and State. of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Light-Secnrin Means. of which the following is a sreei ation. reference beinghad therein to t It accom mnymg drawings.

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in light securing meuns..refclring more )urticulnrly to mechanism for securing a lig it of glass, and has for its object, among other things, to quickly and easily secure the la.-s in position by mechanism that is PlOt need at the minimum cost.

To these, and other ends, my invention consists in the mechanism having certain deltnils of construction and combinations of parts, as will be hereinafter debcribed and more articnlarly pointed out in the claim.

Ile erring to the drawings, in which like numerals of reference designate like parts in the several figures; Figure l is a view of my improvement as applied to a hinged side light cover; Fig. 2 is an enlar 'ed sectional view thereof upon line A-B 0? 3 is a detail view of the t'astemn lv invention is designed to secure y fasarticle, in place, connection with i ht of a vessel where a water-tight ten a light of glass, or other but is especially valuable in the side joint is esiruble, one form of. which is shown in the drawings, wherein the cover, designated by the numeral 1, is bin 1 to the plate 2 by the pintle 3 and secure in its closed position, with the rubber gasket 12, contacting with the collar 13 by a screw 4 that is t'tllllltt'lt'ti to the plate. 2 and panties throngt the eats 5, with a thumb screw 6 threaded thereon. The plate 2 is fastened Fig. l; and i to the side of the vessel by means of bolt or screws that pass throu 'h the holes 7 therein. \Vit'hiu the corn is a recess or groove 9 containing a splirring [0. between which and the integra lip II, the light of glass s is held, as shown in Fig. 73. lty this mechau ism the glass is held securely with a water tight joint, being inserted or removed by simply springin the ring into the recess or taking it there rom, an operation that requires no labor or time.

The light of glass illustrated in the draw ings is round, but within my invention may he oval, or; an other one of many slut ics that will radii; suggest themselves as beni; met with in practice.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by IJPi'l'l'n Patent, is:-.

In a device of the. character dcserilx'd. the combination with a light of glass; of a holder having an openi themiuwitlra lip projecting over one ent thereof, and a to cesa in said opening, located so that the distance between the inner edge thereof and the inside face of said lip is subsinntiullv the same as the thicknes-s of said light of glass; and means for' holdin; said light of lass within said holder and a 'uinst sail ip, said 'means comprising a spit men'iber sprun into said rectum with thc snrfac of one sit e thereof, except such portion as is on said recess, contacting with said'light ot glass, and thereby producing a water-t|;;bt oint.

in presence oftwo witnesses,

I THOMAS HOOPS. Ju. Witnesses:

Wmuur JV. 'lu'ox, II. C. \Vm'rru-vmr.

.In testimouv whereof I allix my signature-

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