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Publication numberUS961748 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1910
Filing dateAug 4, 1909
Priority dateAug 4, 1909
Publication numberUS 961748 A, US 961748A, US-A-961748, US961748 A, US961748A
InventorsWilliam J Allin
Original AssigneeWilliam J Allin
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US 961748 A
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961748 Patented June 21, 1910.



, Speciication oi' Letters Patent.

Application filed August 4, 1909. Serial No. 511,091.

To all 107mm it may concern:

Be it known that I, ,ViLLIAM d. ALLIN, a subject of the King of Great Britain, and residentJ of vUlerendon, Arkansas, have invented certain new und useful improvenients in Hoes, of which the following is e specification vcontaining` 'a full, clear, Aend exact description, reference being had to the accompanying` drawings, forming n part hereof.

My invention relates to improvements in hoes, the object of iny invention being to provide a connect-ion between the socket :md blade whereby the binde nitty be held in vnr-ions positions relative to the socket.

A further object ot' niy invention is to provide .1- niezins whereby the blade ni-.iy be detnehably connected with the socket and handle.

.For the above purposes niy invention con* sists in certain novel teatures'of construction und :arrangement ot'v parts as, will be hereinafter more tuliy set forth, pointed out iuv niy clnnns und illustrated in the accompanyl ing drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is o perspective of the complete hoe; Fig. 2 is :t Isectional showing e construction whereby the blade may be detached from the handle; Fig. 3 isn vertical sectional elevation illustrating the biere :is

applied to n removable hnndle sect-ion; and

Fig. i is ai. perspective of the completo hoe in position to be used ns e scraper or shovel.

JReferring by minierals to the accompanying drirwings: l designates e handle oiordi nei-y wooden construct-ion. l

2 designates u socket secured to the end of the handle. This socket is preferably nnide withn reduced flattened end 3 having redini teeth d formed on one of its feces.

5 designates n plete having beveled side margins (3 land n reduced integra? neck 'Y the end of which is cninrged end tisttened to forni u head 8 und 9 designates radi-el teeth on seid tiettencd head adapted to engage with the teeth d lof the socket 2.

10 designates n bolt hevin 's heed 11 et one end, which bolt is inserted through open'- ings formed in the heed t5 end reduced tiettened .cud 3 or' the socket 2.

12 designates e winged nut vwhich adapted to co-ect with )the boit it) to cnnnp the socket 2 und plete 5 together. r

13 designates n blade which is preferably construct/ed ot' n single pieeeo sheet steeln und is provided with projections 14 stamped out of its body portion arranged to engage the beveled margins ot' the plate 5. l

l5 designates an opening `formed in the plete 5 which is .internally threaded.

16 designates e set screw which is inserted through the blade `and seated in the opening 15 thereby securing the blade 13 to the plete 5. 17 designates' the beveled lower margin of the blade 13 .and 18 designates a depression formed in the upper margin of the plate 13 arranged to embrace the neck 7 of the inte 5.

.It is obvious by the construction ot n hoe as shown that, by reason of theedj ustlnent between the handle and blade, 1 have provided a hoe which may be adjusted so that operators of various statures may give :i proper working'angle to the hoe blade.

1t is obvious further that by the construetion shown and by referring to Fig. 4, that this blade xniry be sharpened on its Crear iower edge. ,in .this connection it is to be noted that by use ot' the ordinary solid connection bet-Ween the handle and blade the shnrpening has been done onthc front lower edge of the hoe blade.

By the construction of a hoe as shown the device may be used as an ordinary hoe or the' blade may be positioned es shown While I have shown and described a deteebeble and adjustable blade :is appliedjto a socket it is obvious that n tang and errule may be employed instead ot' the socket, and,

while have shown e binde having a. singler cutting edge, 1 do not wish to be understood es limiting myself to this form of blade es 1 iney enipoy e blade having cutting edges .on eithenone or both of the side margins and its tower margins Without departing from.

the spirit or my invention.


1. in e hoe, e socket formed of n single piece of nietei, e heed ,orinedintegrel with seid socket, redini teeth formed on seid heed, n plete, s heed on seid plete, radial teeth formed on the of seid plete, nieuns for clnrnping 'the heads oi the piste and socket together, zrblede, inte rel portions struck from the bodyof the lede to engage the y a' blade having projections struck from .its

body portion adapted to engage the inclined margins of said plate.

8. In a hoe, the combination of a handle, a

head having radial teeth secured to said nandle, a glate, a head on said plate, radial teeth forme on the head of said plate, means for clamping the heads together, a blade, integral portions struck from the body of the blade to engage'the margins of, said plate and a set screw for detachably securing the blade to said plate.

, In ltestimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification, in presence of two subscribing *Witnesses- WILLIAM J. ALLIN. llVtnesses:


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