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Publication numberUS961872 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1910
Filing dateJul 6, 1909
Priority dateJul 6, 1909
Publication numberUS 961872 A, US 961872A, US-A-961872, US961872 A, US961872A
InventorsWilliam Fred John Lutz, Harry D Barlett
Original AssigneeWilliam Fred John Lutz, Harry D Barlett
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US 961872 A
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961,872.. Patented June 21, 1910.



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented J une 21, 1910,

Application filed July 6, 1909. I Serial No. 506,091.

' To'all whom "it may concern:

- the United States, residing the county of Cookand btate of Illinois,

Be it known that we, WILLIAM Franc J 01in LUTZ and HARRY D. BARTLETT, cltizens of at Chicago, in

have invented new and useful Improveor'drain-pipe connected with the lower-ex-- ments in Packing, of which the" following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention. relates to means for tightly calking the connectionbetween closets, drains, .and the like and the waste-pipe or sewerage-pipe adapted to be secured thereto. Its object is to provide a suitable packing forthis purpose that will be absolutely airtight and water-tight when in its completed position, and which will fit the parts in such manner that they are not liable to become accidentally separated or dislodged owing to any warping or stretching of the pipes or the settling of the building in which the work is placed. This is accomplished by the means and in the manner. hereinafter fully described and as more particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings :Figure 1 is a central vertical section of the upper endof a waste tended nose of a closet-bowl, and showing the improved packing in position therein.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of said packling removed from the connection and drawn to about the same scale. Figs-3 and 4 are .transverse vertical section showing diagrammatically the parts of the packing in scale, in order to betterillustrate the normal assembled form and drawn to an enlarged position of the packing andfthe shape it usually assumes when under compression inthe connection. i v

Referring to. the drawings, it will be noted that A represents the end ortion of the usual sewerage drain pipe t at terminates at about the level of the floor and has its end edge a preferably flanged outwardly, substantially as shown,- to form a slight shoulder or flare to the--- end of said p1 e.

' This shoulder is adapted toform a stop or a suitable annular washer B that preferably rests .on the floor and supports the end of said drain-pipe, and limits inner circums ferential edge I) deflected or. flanged at an obtuse an' le to the lane of said washer so that it W1ll fit snug y against the shoulder or flare a of the pipe abovementioued. The nose 0 of the bowl is preferably slightly and make a tight fit.

-which surrounds said rin per end of the pipe and between the same and the flange of the bowl, a suitable packing ring D .is placed upon the upper end edge of the pipe where it ma be partially seated in the recess or seat ormed by the flanged edge a of. said pipe. Thus, when the bowl is inserted into place and is forced down so tightly into the pipe, the packing ring D will spread inthe manner hereinafter pointed out and seal the connection against the escape or passage of air or water in either direction. The washer B has its periphery provided with severalholes or recesses 1n alinement witlisimilar openings in the lateral basal flange of the bowl and in order to tighten the. latter in position,

suitable headed bolts 1) are passed through said openings and the parts drawn-tightly together by suitable nuts on the upper ends of said bolts. t r

The packing above referred to consists,

vljsreferably, of aflat annular metallic-rin of substantially the saine diameter as Sai drain-pipe and may be made ofzinc, copper, or the like, or, if desired, it may be of some suitable. cast metal. This ring is adapted to hold in shape and be partially surrounded by suitable packing material the outer covering of which is a tubular woven fabric approximately U-shaped in cross-section made full in the portions e, e, thereof, that are disposedon its upper and lower surfaces and on its top, bot;- tom, and inner edge. T ese' -por-. tions 5 form suitable annular-receptacles or I spaces wherein is adapted to be inserted and. acked a quantit of asbestos, ground cork, Y air, or any we l-known calking material, having the portion that passes around the inner edge of the ring free from material excepting the woven fabric. This provides a. soft addin in the space between the crotch ormed tween the floor-flange and nose of. the bowl and the upper flared end ofthe drain-pipe both. above and below the ring D and maybe oiledand sprinkled or coated with. graphite or ,plumbago to preserve the same.

It will be noted,by particular reference to Fig. 4:, that when the packing is compressed the filling material both above and below the ring will be displaced and forced into the empty space in the tubular fabric between the inner edge ring and the outer sur face ofsthe nose of the bowl. This is caused by the outward movement of thefilling being limited and restricted by the non-expansion of the outer portion of the fabric, and the compression on the packing, being exerted on both sides of' the ring simultaneously, any lateral movement or expansion :of the packing material must take place be tween the nose or the bowl and the inner circumferential ed e of the ring in the man tubular woven abric substantially 'U-shapedin cross section having the ends of its sepa rated portions enlarged and a fillerof suit-- able material inserted therein.

a 4. A packing comprising a metallic ring and a covering surrounding the same on its upper and lower sides and its inner circumferential edge, and having the portion thereof above and below the ring enlarged as compared to the portion surrounding the edge of said ring.

5. A packing comprising a metallic ring and a covering surrounding the same on its upper and lower sides and its inner circumferential edge and having the portion thereof on the edge of said ring reduced in thick- 7, ness, and having the portions thereof on the upper and lower sides of said ring provided with suitable packing materia L 6. A packing comprising a metallic ring and a tubular woven fabric covering surroundin the same on its upper and lower sides an its inner circumferential edge and having the portion adjacent the inner edge of said ring reduced in thickness.

7. A packing comprising a metallic ring, and a tubular woven fabric covering surroundin the same on its upper and-lower sides and its inner circumferential edge and having the portions thereof on the upper and lower sides of said ring filled with a suitable packing material.

8. A packing comprising a flexible ring having a fabric containing lubricant and from the center of width of which the'lubrieating material is; substantially, removed.

9. A. packing comprising a flexible ring having a fabric envelop and lubricant filler, the transaxial edges of which are made thicker than the'portion between the same;

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 30th day of June, 1909.





E. K. LUNnr.

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