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Publication numberUS962089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1910
Filing dateNov 16, 1909
Priority dateNov 16, 1909
Publication numberUS 962089 A, US 962089A, US-A-962089, US962089 A, US962089A
InventorsEmma M Newton
Original AssigneeEmma M Newton
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US 962089 A
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Patented June 21, 1910.





Specification of Iietters Patent. Patented June 21, 1910.

' Application filed November s, 1909. Serial No. 528,315.

To all whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, EMMA'M. Nnw'roN,I-a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New Brighton, Staten Island, county of; Richmond, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improve ments in Stockings, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

v This invention relates more particularly to childrens'stockings and to means whereby the supporting means for the same will not injure the stocking.

' In the usual form of hose or stocking supporters and particularly those provided for children, the construction of the supporter is such that the stocking becomes torn or otherwise injured by reason of the nature of the fastening means employed to hold the stocking to the supporter, sothat when the stocking is once torn, the injured part soon increases in size therebymakmg-the stocking either useless or unsightly and very often on this account has to be thrown away. .7

The primary object of the invention is to overcome the-objections referred to, and to provide simple means whereby the stocking at the upper portion thereof may have means formed as a part of the stocking and so con! structed that the stocking will not only be strengthened, but the usual form of stocking supporter may be employed in such away that it may be readily fastened thereto or detached therefrom without injuring the stocking in any way.

-A further object of the invention is to provide a stocking in which eyelets may be employed and so strengthened thatthe same will not easily become detached from the stocking, and to provide means whereby in case the supporter should'break or for other reasons, a safety pin-may be used for holding the stocking roperly. 1

With these an other objects in view, the invention will be hereinafter more particularly described with reference to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification, and will then be pointed out in the claim at the end of the description.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a fragmentary perspective view of the upper portion of the stocking. Fig. 2 is an enlarged secporter 10 being usuall The supporter 10 may have the part 11 provided with the usual button 12 over the 'head' ofwhich the clamping member 13 is adapted to pass and be held thereto in the usual'or in' any preferred way. The head of the button 12 is adapted to pass through an eyelet 14a securely held to the upper part of. the stocking or hose '15, the said supprovided with at least two members 11 a apted to be fastened to. different parts ofthe stocking. As

shown, the stocking 15 has the upper part folded over, as at 16, and suitably held so as to strengthen the upper part of'the stock ing, and between the folded part of they stocking may be arranged strengthening stripsor. elements .17 and 18. These strengthening elements '17 and 18 may be of flexible material and may extend transversely of each other and fastened to the stocking. in such a way as to provide a strengthening body for the eyelets 14 which .pass therethrou h. A plurality of'eyelets are provided an thesefimay vary in number each button or supporting member: of the hose supporter 10. The drawings show four eyelets and the purpose of providing this number is to arrange the same in pairs on opposite sides of the center of the stocking so that in case the supporter should break '80 as desired, there beingat least one eyelet for for any reason whatever, a safety pin or similar fastening means may be passed.

through each palr or one of the pairs of eyelets to hold the same to another garment, though ordinarily one eyelet of each pair only is used when the supporter is of the form shown.

The e elets pass throu h both the bod of the stoc ing and the fol ed over art 0 the stocking and through the strengthening elements'or strips 17 and 18, and said eyelets provide 'a wearing surface for the shank of the button member 12, the openings through the e elets being ofsuch a size that the'head of t e button may readily pass therethrough. As will be seen, the eyelets serve to strengthen the stocking at this point, and

by reason of the same will prevent the stocking from being torn by the fastener as the said fastener does not have to be clamped to the stocking itself; and said eyelets form sim le means as a part of the stocking whic may be readlly applied thereto.

' Having thus described my invention, I

claim es new anddesire to secure by Letters Patent In a stocking, rcinforcin strips secured near the up er edge thereo at the end portions of said strips, one above the other in the form of a cross, the edge ortion of said stocking above said stri s f0 ded over and secured to the body portion of said stocking below said strips whereby said strips are 10 concealed, and an eyelet passing through said stocking and reinforcing members, said eyelet being adapted to receive the fastenin element of a supporter.

is specification signed and witnessed this 13th day of November A. D. 1909.


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