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Publication numberUS963769 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 12, 1910
Filing dateMay 27, 1909
Priority dateMay 27, 1909
Publication numberUS 963769 A, US 963769A, US-A-963769, US963769 A, US963769A
InventorsJohn Albert Johnson, Charles P Wood
Original AssigneeJohn Albert Johnson, Charles P Wood
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US 963769 A
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' J. A. JOHNSON & 0.1a. WOOD.


Patented July 12,1910.




Patented July 12,1910.


, I Q ahwentozg v JJ g/fixwa/z Witnesses A TE era as PATENT a'omq ALBERT Jomtson AND enemas P. wool),- o'F-s'r. PAUL, MINNESOTA.'


ment in Egg-Cases, of which the following.

is a specification.

Thls invention relates to a folding egg box of metal, preferably thin steel or sheet iron.

The object of the invention is a shipping crate which will fold compactly into a small compass for return shipment, and which will be of suflicient strength to withstand hard usage.

The invention consists of a metal box having a cover hinged by links to one side of the box, ends formed of folding sections also hinged to the box sides, and a bottom and central partition hinged to and folding upon the side to which the cover is connected, thereby permitting. all of said parts to fold upon each other and into the cover.

The invention also consists in the novel features of construction hereinafter fully described, pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is aperspective view of the box in position for use. Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing the box partly folded? Fig. 3 is a horizontal section through the box in open position. Fig. & is a lon itudinal section taken through the box fo ded. Fig. 5 is a detail sectionalview illustrating a catch for locking the parts in folded position. Fig. 6 is a detail perspective view showing an end portion of the box bottom.

It will be understood that when the box is in use the usual cardboard or other form of fillers are employed for the purpose of receiving the eggs, but as these do notform a part of our invention and are removable they haveno-t been shown in the drawings.

In constructing the box, we employ a bot-.

fibe'fold'ed for the purpose of shipping when -retu'i ned'-.empty. Considering these various .partsin detail, the cover 5 is connected to Specification of Letters Patent. P t t d Ii- 1 12, 1 10,

Application filed May 27, 1909. Serial No. 498,601. a

one of the sides by links 6, said links being pivotally connected to the rear corners of the cover, and upon the inside of the flange, and to the ends of the side piece, and about midway between the top and bottom edges of the said side piece. When the egg case is set upfor use, it is divided into right and left hand compartments by means of a central partition 7 which is hinged to the rear side member 2, and when the box is folded this partition folds against the said side member. The end members 4 are split centrally and vertically thus forming them into two sections, the sections being hinged together as shown at 8, said sections folding inwardly and upon each other. We prefer inorder to strengthen. the box to form the end ortions of the side members of separate pieces and for this purpose, we employ angled metal strips 9. These strips are rigidly connected to the side members 2 and 3 forming portions of said side members and are hinged to the'end members 4, which construction is most clearly brought out in Fig. 2. To prevent the end members folding outwardly a section at each end carries a stop pin or brace 10. This allows the sections to fold inwardly upon each other, but prevents their folding in the opposite directlon. The bottom 1 has its ends strengthened by U-shaped strips 11 and these strips at-their rear ends carry pins 12 which pins are journaled in the lower ends of the rear side member strips 9, thus hinging the bottom which can fold inwardly over the side member 2 and the partition 7. To hold the bottom in place and prevent it from dropping outwardly the end members 4 are flanged upon their lower edges as shown at 13, the flanges extending inwardly forming a support for the bottom.

When it is desired to fold the box, the partition 7 is folded against the side 2, and the side 2 is folded into the flanged cover 5; the bottom 1 is then folded resting upon the partition 7, the ends 4 are then folded is simple and durable in construction and that it will fold compactly into the cover which forms a carrying case in which the box can be shipped when empty.

\Vhat We claim is:

A folding egg case consisting of it flanged cover, a side member to which said cover is loosely connected, the said side member folding into the cover, end pieces pivotally connected to said side member, a pivoted bottom folding upon the said side member,

seems the end pieces folding upon themselves and upon the bottom member, and a second side member pivoted to the end members and folding over the other parts, all of said 15 members when folded resting Within the flange of the cover.



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International ClassificationB65D6/18
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/26