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Publication numberUS964512 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1910
Filing dateFeb 6, 1908
Priority dateFeb 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 964512 A, US 964512A, US-A-964512, US964512 A, US964512A
InventorsGottlob Haendle
Original AssigneeGottlob Haendle
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Charging device for mixing and crushing machines.
US 964512 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented July 19,1910.



- subject of the German Emperor dent of Miihlacker, Kingdom of Wiirteming device for mixing and crushin eo'rrnozerrmmnn, or MU'HLACKEB, GERMANY.

' crmnome nnvrcn ron MIXING AND cnusnme MACHINES.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 19; 1910.

Application filed February .6, 1808. Serial No. 414,543.

To all whom it 'rmiy concern:

Be it known that I, Go'rrmn HKNDLE, a

and resiberg, Germany, have invented Improvements in and Relat' to Charging Devices for Mixing and Crushing Machines, of which the following .is a specification. I

The present invention relates to a chargma-' chines, particularly for those used 1n the brick industry. The machine is provided with a cutting and mixing apparatus. 7

The object of the invention is to provide a continuous and simultaneous supply of various materials separate from one another to the machine, to out 0E from the material by means of the cutting drum fine flat strips which are thrown in all directions by said drum so that the ingredients thereof are thoroughly mixed, and further to construct the feeding apparatus in such a -manner as to reduce to a minimum the friction between the walls of the feeding apparatus and the material.

The device difi'ers from the known charging devices, principally in the provision of the feeding apparatus consisting of a casing,

.'the side walls of which possess a trapezoidal shape in longitudinal as well as in cross section, while vertical partitions in said casing are provided to separate the difi'erent materials, the purpose aimed at being the greatest possible reduction of friction between said materials and the aforementioned walls.

In the drawings in the several figures of which similar characters designate like parts :Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a device embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is i a ground plan of the charging device. Fig. 3

is a cross section of the same. Fig. a represents the cutting drum in section.

The charging device consists of the well known horizontal endless feeding band a located below a hopper 1 having the side walls 6, c which are made from sheet metal or other suitable material which is rigid. The side walls I), 0 are arranged so that they approach one another from the bottom toward the top and from the front to the rear end, whereby the feeding apparatus has a trapezoidal shape in longitudinal section as well as in cross section. It therefore follows that the different materials 6, f, g which fall vertically from the several com artments of the hopper, which are formed t erein by vertical partitions on the endless hand a owing to,

gravity, and which are moved forward by means of said feeding band, are adually removed from theside walls in hot ,vertical andhorizontal directions, so that the friction between the materials and the side walls is greatly diminished and reduced to a minimum. The said materials can be fed into the device through funnels or in any other suitable manner, no device for this purpose being shown in the drawing, as such device does not form part of the present invention.

At the lower ends of the vertical partitions h, 2', k which separate the difierent ma terials, vertically adjustable gates Z, m, n are provided, which erinit the deposit of the materials to be mixed on the band 'a in the desired proportions and one above the other.

At the front end of the device the cutting drum 0 is revolubly mounted u on axle p suitably journaledin the side we is b, and c.

This drum 0 has cutters q, r, s, which are alternately mounted in such a manner that they cut off fiat fine strips from the materials which are fed to the drum by the endless band a. Said strips are thrown in all directions by the cutters so that the materials are intimately mixed.

As will be seen in Fig. 4, each of "the cutters has a yielding contact with the material due to the s ring t, which is secured to the drum 0, an bears against the back of the cutter.

The knives s consist of straight, blades preferably of the shape shown in Figs. 1 and i, while the knives r are formed with right angular projecting fi pieces (Fig. 2) which have a chisel like e ect and cut thin fine flat strips off the material, said strips bein cut into pieces and scattered in different irections by the knives s.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is A charging device for mixing and crushing machines, comprising in combination, with an endless feeding band, a hopper formed of two side walls and slanting both in vertical and in horizontal direction,.and

vertical partitions for separating the difiertheir lower ends for regulating the quantity In witness whereof I have hereunto set of materials to be de osited upon said endmy hand in presence of two subscribing witless band, and a cuttmg. drum at the front nesses.

end of the charging device having alternat- GOTTLOB HANDLE. ing cutters for cutting fine fiat strips oil the Witnesses:

materials and intimately mixing the same, C. \VALBERT BAUER, substantially as described and shown. ERNEST ENTENMANN.

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