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Publication numberUS964620 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1910
Filing dateJul 23, 1909
Priority dateJul 23, 1909
Publication numberUS 964620 A, US 964620A, US-A-964620, US964620 A, US964620A
InventorsMartha W Dana
Original AssigneeMartha W Dana
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US 964620 A
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964,620. Patented July 19, 1910.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it. known that I, ll/TARTHA W. DANA, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ottawa, in the county of Lasalle and State of Illinois, have invent-ed a new and useful l/Vateh-Pocket, 'to be worn on the belt, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to watch pockets adapted to be carried by body encircling belts.

The object of the invention is to furnish a Watch pocket which will securely hold a watch against loss through falling or theft, which can be easily and quickly secured and removed from an ordinary body encircling belt, and which will be of strong, lasting, construction and decorative in design.

The invention is particularly designed to be used by persons not wearing a vest or provided with garments having pockets therein particularly adapted to hold watches. It is so designed that it may be used either by men or women and without becoming uncomfortable.

lVith the above and other objects in view the invention embraces certain combinations, constructions and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the following specification and clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure l is a front elevation showing the pocket secured to a belt, Fig. 2 is rear elevation thereof, Fig. 3 is top. plan view showing the construction of one form of the watch pocket, Fig. 4 is bottom plan view of another form of the invention.

Referring to the accompanying drawings 1 denotes the body of the watch pocket, which comprises two sections which are secured together by edge stitching. The portion of the body 1 which constitutes the lower part of the pocket is tapered at 2 and a pocket wall 3 is stitched thereto, with its upper end unstitched to the body so that a watch can be inserted between the wall 3 and the body 1. The upper edge of the wall 3 is formed with a curved outline to add to the beauty thereof.

The upper end of the body 1 is tapered to form a belt tongue t, the outline of which is curved to present a pleasant appearance, and two button snap members 5 are secured to one side of said tongue 4. The body 1 is provided with two button snap members 6, adapted to be engaged by the button snap members 5, which members 6 are located on Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed July 23, 1909.

Patented July 19, 1910.

Serial No. 509,226.

the side of the body opposite to the side to which the snap members 5 are attached, and near the lower end of said body, as shown in Fig. l. The snap members 6 are secured to a flexible strip 7, which is sewed at its lower end to the lower end of the body 1, and said members 6 form the ball members of the usual button snaps, while the members 5 form the socket members of said snaps.

The body portion 1 is cut-away at 8 to form a tongue or flap 9, which may be formed out of the same piece of material as the body or may be formed out of another piece of material as indicated in Fi s. 4 and 2. This tongue or flap 9 is adapted to hold the wall 3 against the body 1 so that the watch located in the pocket cannot fall out or be easily removed for the purposes of theft. For this purpose the tongue or flap 9 is provided with a button snap member or socket 10, which is adapted to engage with a ball snap member 11 carried by the body pocket wall 3.

The pocket is secured to a belt by placing the tongue at around said belt and engaging the snap socket members 5 with the snap ball members 6, whereby the tongue will be securely held on the belt. When secured on the belt the tongue 4 will be concealed by the belt and will not be uncomfortable to the wearer thereof. The tongue or flap 9 constitutes a guard flap whereby the watch contained in the pocket will be held therein, except for manual removal. The removal of the watch is effected by unfastening the flap 9.fro1n the wall 3. This guard flap does not prevent the use of a chain in connection with the watch as either a chain or a fob can be used without rendering the device un sightly or impractical.

Having described my invention I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent An article of manufacture comprising a watch pocket, a tongue of flexible material connected to said pocket adapted to be placed around a belt, a flap carrying a fastening device on the back of thepocket, a fastening device on the tongue adapted to be secured to said flap device, a guard formed out of the tongue adapted to hold the pocket closed and means for holding the guard against the pocket.

MARTHA W. DANA. \Vitnesses:


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