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Publication numberUS966162 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1910
Filing dateFeb 21, 1910
Priority dateFeb 21, 1910
Publication numberUS 966162 A, US 966162A, US-A-966162, US966162 A, US966162A
InventorsAlden V Brown
Original AssigneeAlden V Brown
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US 966162 A
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To all whom it may concarn:

Be it known that I, ALDEN V. BRowN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Troy, in the county of Rensselaer and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Globe-Protector, of which the following is a specification.

It is the object of this invention to provide a protector for fragile elements in illuf `ployed minating constructions, such, for instance, as the mantles which are commonly employed upon gas burners.

One object of the invention is to provide a transparent protector of the class above mentioned, which shall be so constructed that it will be free to eXpand, both longitudinally and transversely, when heated, without danger of breaking.

Another object of the invention is to improve the means whereby protectors of this type are commonly held in position.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter described, delineated in the drawings, and specifically claimed, it being understood that changes, properly falling within the scope of what is claimed, may be made, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Similar numerals of reference are emto denote corresponding` parts throughout the several figures of the drawings.

In the drawings,-Figure 1 is a perspective, showing the device of my invention mounted upon a gas burner of improved type; Fg. 2 is a perspective of the protector disassociated from the burner upon which it is ordinarily mounted; Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the protector, parts being shown in elevation; and Fig. 4 is a top plan thereof.

In the drawings, the numeral 1 denotes the gas pipe, to which is secured a ring 2, the same being held in place upon the pipe 1 by means of arms 3, the ring 2 commonly carrying the globe portion of the gas lamp.

The device forming the subject matter of this application, may be used, either upon upright or inverted illuminating structures, the lnverted type being delineated in the present instance.

An annular member 4, is shown, preferably fashioned from a single strip of metal, and provided, at its upper edge, with a plurality of radially disposed, outstanding arms 1 such instance,

Specificaton of Letters atent.

Application filed February 21, 1910.

Patented Aug. 2, 1910.

Serial No. 545,162.

5, which, if desired, may be fashioned integrally with the annular member 4. These arms 5 are adapted to be bent, at their extremities, to form hooks 6, which, engaging the ring 2, are operative to hold the protector in position about the mantle 12 of the gas lamp. This annular member 4 is preferably fashioned from metal, and, threaded into it, between. the arms 5, are headed set screws 7. These set-screws 7 are adapted to be advanced to engage the pipe 1, to serve, either alone, or in combination with the arms 5, to support the protector in place.

Located within the annular member 4, and secured thereto by means of solder, or in any other manner adapted to a like end, is a ring 8, provided with an integrally formed, depending fiange 9, the fiange 9 and the annular member 4, defining a trough, adapted to receive a plurality of transparent strips 10, preferably fashioned from glass, the trough formed by the members 9 and 4 being filled with cement, to hold the strips 10 in place, the cement being indicated by the numeral 11. These strips 10, when mounted in place, give to the protector, a tubular form, the meeting edges of the strips 10 being parallel, and spaced slightly apart, as denoted by the numeral 14. Owing to the fact that the edges of the strips 10 are thus spaced apart, and parallel to one another, it will be seen that when the device is heated, the several strips 10 will be free to expand, not merely longitudinally, but transversely as well. It is to be understood that the spaces 14 which exist between the meeting edges of the strips 10, are but slight, the construction being such that when the strips 10 are heated to the vdegree to which they will ordinarily be raised by the heat emanating from common ordinary gas burners, the spaces 14 will be closed, Owing to the eX- pansion of the strips 10; thus inclosing the gas burner completely, and shielding the same against wind.

Obviously, if desired, the outer globe of the burner,-which is shown in dotted line in Fig. 1, may be removed entirely, the protector proper constituting the sole shield for the inantle 12 of the burner.

In supporting the protector in place, the set-screws 7 may be relied upon solely; or the arms 5 may constitute the sole supporting means; likewise, both the arms 5 and the set-screw 7 may be employed together. In

the set-screws 7 will be advanced to engage the pipe lr, the set screWs being` manipulated until the protector is spaced at an even distance from the periphery of the mantle 12; Whereupon the extremities of the arms 5 may be bent to form the hooks 6.

Having thus described the invention, What is claimed is A device of the class described comprising a plurality of straight, transparent strips disposed to form an open ended Vreceptacle; means for engaging the strips at one end only, Whereby the strips may have free lon gitudinal expanson; the strips being` spaced apart slightly, and being` expansible When 15 heated, to touch along their longitudinal edges; and means for secnring the device to a burner.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature 20 in the presence of two Witnesses.


`Witnesses R. S. BR'OWN, C. E. BROWN.

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Cooperative ClassificationF21V15/02