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Publication numberUS966821 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1910
Filing dateJan 15, 1910
Priority dateJan 15, 1910
Publication numberUS 966821 A, US 966821A, US-A-966821, US966821 A, US966821A
InventorsAnna S Gaw
Original AssigneeAnna S Gaw
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US 966821 A
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A. S. GAW.



Patented Aug. 9, 1910.



Specicationof Letters Patent.

Patented Ang. 9, 1910.

Application led January 15, 1910. Serial No. 538,243.

To all 'whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, ANNA S. (law, a citi zen of the United States, residing at Chicago,countyof Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and Improved Sliding-Sole, of which the following is a speciication.

My invention relates to a'sliding sole and has for its object the production of a device of Athis character adapted for arrangement upon an ordinary 'shoe to facilitate ready sliding upon an iced surface, and at the same time to serve as a protection against wear of the shoe-sole during such sliding'.

A further object is the production of a slidino sole as stated which will be strong` and durable and simple of construction, hence of low cost to manufacture.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

With these objects `in View my invention consists in a sliding sol'e characterized `as above mentioned and in certain details of constructioniand arrangement 'of parts all as will be hereinafter fully described and particularly pointed out in the ,amiended claim.

My invention will be more readily understood by reference to the accompanying drawing forming a' part of this specification, and in .which is illustrated in perspective the preferred form of my device.

Referring now to the rawing 1 indicates the body of my device which is fiat and of a peripheral shape -substantiallythe same as that of the shoe-sole upon which it is destined for use. Hence, in view of this qlnilifcation, it is understood that no limitation is made to the precise contour and di mensions of the body of the device since the same may vary in these particulars in order to :wconunodate the specific form and di meusions of the yshoe-sole upon which each is designed to be applied. Said body is formed l'n'et'erably, although not necessarily, of sheet metal Yfrom which it may evidently be readily punched.l Provided at the front and rear endsl ot' said body at opposite sides thercoi are ears 2 and 3 respectively preferably formed integ' 'ally therewith. Said ears extend-upWardly from said body and serve as a means of connection for the extremities of toe and heel straps et and 5 respectively which are secured thereto preferably by rivets 6. Said straps, as seciuare of the ordinary buckling `type and are adapted to securely bind the device tothe foot by passing over the toe and instep thereof in the usual well-known manner. The front end 7 of the body 1 is, as observed, bent upwardly and rearwardly in av gradually rounding manner, such provision being made in order to protect the toe portion of the shoe and also to avert accidents which might occur, when sliding, were it not so rounded; it being clear that with this construction thesole will be adapted to glide over juts or projections upon the surface passed over, which otherwise would cause the tripping of the performer.

Owing to the fact that plate l 1s continuously ilatand covers both the sole and heel, the ti-ont edge of the heel is prevented from catching on obstructions. By arranring the front strap 4 to overlap the upwardly and rearwardly turned end l, the leather is securely held in place.

llaving' described my invention.what I claim as new and desire to secure b v Letters Patent is:

.A slidingsole consisting oi a continuous flat metallic plate adapted to cover both the sole and heel of a boot or shoe, the front end of said plate being` bent upwardly and rearwardly to pass over the toe ol said boot or shoe; securing lugs at each side of the front and back of said plate. the front lugs being positioned tov aline with the endvof the lront end ot' said plate; a securing strap attached to said front lugs and ada ted to overlaplsaid upwardly and rearward y bent end; and' a back strap attached to said rear lugs and adapted to embrace the heel and` ankle, .substantially as described.

ln testimony whereof .l have signed in v naine 'to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

ANNA S. GAlV. lVitnesses HELEN F.` Linus, Josnua lt. Il. lo'rls.

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