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Publication numberUS967120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 9, 1910
Filing dateJul 19, 1909
Priority dateJul 19, 1909
Publication numberUS 967120 A, US 967120A, US-A-967120, US967120 A, US967120A
InventorsJohn Gamble
Original AssigneeJohn Gamble
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Base-ball mitt.
US 967120 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Ana. 9, Mitt Application filed July 19, 1909. Serial No. 508,420.

To all whom it maiyron cem:

Be it known that I, Jonn GA BLE, a citizen *ofythe Uni'ed States, residing at Philadelphia, in th aeounty of Philadelphia and State of lenntylvania,have invented a new and sefnl improvement in Base-Ball Mitts, of which the following is aspecification.

My invention relates tobasc ball mitts, and pertziins more particularly to pads for such initts. I

The object of my invention is to pr od1lce a pad for base ball mitts which is more flexible than those heretofore employed, and which obviates the stiffness and rigidity of mitts prior to their limbering and softening by use and adjustment to the shape of the. hand of the wearer.

A further object of my invention is to pro duce a pad for base ball mitts having radial slits or cut out portions adjacent to the outer edge of the padding carried inthe cover of mitts whereby the same may be bent to conform to the shape and movements of the hand in catching a ball.

To these ends my invention includes the combination and arrangement of component parts to be hereinafter described'and more particularly pointedout in the claim.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating my invention, in which like reference numerals indicate. similar parts, Figure 1 is a plan view thereof, Fig. 2 is a longitudiiml sectional View thereof, taken on line 2-.J of Fig. l, and Fig. 3 is a plan View showing a modilied form of my invention.

The padding shown in the drawing); is adapted for use in the well known type of catchers mitts in which the palm portions and back portions of the cover are separably connected to permit the insertion and re- -moval of the padding, and is equally well adapted for use in mitts in which the cover is irremovably secured, and for the smaller and lighter construction of first-basements and-holders mitts.

l'teferring now to the drawingsgflil indi- 'cates the padding for mitts for base ball players which preferably mprises a main body portion 2 which may be of any desired thickness of material, and conforms to the shape of the outer cover of the glove. Said body portion may be made of felt or similar suitable material for its purpose. As shown inthe drawings, a concavity may be formed in the face of the central or palm portion of said body portion at 3 to provide a depression or pocket for catching a ball, and a ring i of padding material may be provided, which conforms to the contour of the outer edge of the main body portion and the cover of the mitt, which may be stitched or loosely carried on the back of the said main body portion.

I do not desire to limit the eonstriwtion of my mitt to the specific form and arrangement of the padding portions shown and described, as the construction thereof may be varied within a wide range, to which may be applied the means forobviating the stiffness and rigidity of such construction, which I Will now proceed to describe.

In Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings, the main body portion 2 of the padding is shown pro titled with a plurality of radial slits 5 in termediate of the ends of the pad, and on the opposite-side from the thumb piece 6. Said slits occur at approximately the line of the joints of the hand and fingers of the wearer, and thereby permit the mitt and padding to be bent and become adjusted to the movem'cnts of the hand in catching a bali.

In the modified form of my invention shown in Fig. 3, the body portion of the pad is provided. with a if-shaped eutont portion Ton its outer edge, to acconmlish the same result as the slits 5 before described. It will be appreciated that said slits or cut-out portions may be made on either the front or back face of the pad in either the main body portion or inthe ring 4; carried thereon and that said rm a maybe carried on either the face or the bark of the body portion, or omitted from its construction as prei'e'rred, without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention.

i laying thus describedin invention, what I claim as new and desire o secure by Let. ters Patent, is- I A. flexible pad adapted to be carried in the cover of a base ball mitt, comprising a main body" portion of flexible material. conform ing to the contour of the cover, and provided With radial transverse slits intermediate of In testimony whereof, I have hereunto its ends at approximately the line of the signed my name to this specification, in the joints of the hand and fingers, whereby the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.

mitt may be bent on the joints of the hand JOHN GAMBLE. and fingers to conform to the shape and Witnesses: movements thereof, substantially as de- HARRY M. DITTLE,

scribed, THOMAS H. CONLON.

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