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Publication numberUS967406 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1910
Filing dateJun 26, 1908
Priority dateJun 26, 1908
Publication numberUS 967406 A, US 967406A, US-A-967406, US967406 A, US967406A
InventorsJohn Martin
Original AssigneeJohn Martin And Company
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Advertising device.
US 967406 A
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Patented Aug. 16, 1910.



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Patented Aug. 16, 1910.



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Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Au'g. 16, 1910.

Application led June 26, 190B. Serial No. 440,450.

My invention relates to advertising devicesadapted to be delivered by hand or through the medium of the mails, and more particularly to that class of devices generally referred to as postal and advertising matter.

` rll`he object of my invention is to produce a device suitable for advertising purposes which may be delivered by halid or through the medium of the mails, and comprising detachable sections or parts which may themselves be passed through the mail or be delivered by hand, the object being to thus insure that the advertising matter upon one of the detachable sections will be passed on to another person by the person who Vfirst receives it, thereby securing a larger circulation. tages of my invention will be more fully disclosed by the drawings and accompanying description thereof, and will be made manifest by the subjoined claim.

In the drawings -Figure l is a perspective view showing my invention. Fig. 2 1s a plan view of one side of the device opened out flat, drawn upon a different scale, however, from that, used in Fig. l. Fig. 3 is a View similar to that of Fig. 2, showing the other side of the device; Fig. 4 is a sectional view of the device when folded for mailing. Fig. 5 is a view of a modiiication showing the device partial-ly unfolded. Fig. 6 is a plan view of the same on one side. Fig. 7 is a similar view showing the other side of said modilication.

Similar letters designate like throughout the specification.

In said'drawings, Figs. 1 to 4, inclusive, illustrate a four section device and Figs. 5, (i and 7 illustrate a three section device.

Referring now to Figs. 1 t-o 4, inclusive, the letter A represents, as a whole, a card of any size, texture or color suitable for receiving printed matter, drawings or illustrations These'and other objects and advan' parts I in black and white or in color and suitable i for folding and mailing. B, C, D, E are four sections into which the said card may' be divided by score lines, indentations, perforat-ions or the like, as shown at A1, A2, A3, A,A (Fig. 2), the opposite sides of said sections being shown in Fig. 3 at B1, C1, D1, E1.

` The card A is folded along the lines A3 A4 so that the sides C1 and D1, and B1 and E1 are in juxtaposition, respectively, and then the card is folded alongr the lines A1 A2 so that the sides D and E are in juxtaposition, whereby it will be manifest that a folded card, illustrated in Fig. l, is produced which will have as exposed sidesY or sections,`the mailing or addressing section B and an advertising section C. It will be noted that these latter sections, upon their opposite sides B1 and C1 carry the advertisement which, together with that on the side C are to bemore particularly directed to the person vwho receives the package and whose name will preferably appear upon the address section B. It will also be noted that upon the sides D, E, attractive advertisinglmatter will be placed so that there will be an incentive to mail the sections D, E as souvenir post cards. In this way a lsingle package may reach three persons and thus the value of this device as an advertising medium `is greatly enhanced.

I place the words Souvenir-special or some similar phrase, preferably, upon one of the two exposed sides'B, C to attract attention and to indicate that the package when opened will be found to contain a souvenir, e'. e., the post cards D, D1 and'E, E1. As a specially attractive feature of my invention, I may make the illustration or advertisement on the sides D, E, one of a seriesso that the souvenir card will have an added value. A person obtaining one will naturally be expecting and will be anxious to obtain the succeedin one of the series. For this reason it is cfg special importance that the sections D, D1 and E, E1 are detachable and that they are kept clean, when the package A as a whole is passing through the mail, by reason of the manner of folding the same whereby they are located 11 on the inside of the package and only the sides B and G are exposed.

l A modification of this device is shown in Figs. y5, 6 and 7 wherein but one souvenir detachable post card is used'. In this form the card A is folded along the Scored or' v perforated lines A5, A", so that the advertisexnent upon the side H1 will be folded inwardly upon the central'section'or surface 5 Gr1 while the parts F, F1 will be .folded over the surface I-I of the post card section.

In each instance it will be seen that the ded card has two exposed surfaces one ""pihmarily designed for addressing and the i0 other for advertising,

the inside surfacesof both' of said parts being also arranged to receive suitable advertising, while at the same time there is a detachable section folded within these two sections and thus preserved from exposure while the folded package is In testimony, that I ofthe sections at one end of the device'be# ing detachable from each other and from the other sections, and each detachable sec tion having a space on one side to receive an address, said two detachable sections being arranged to be folded'atwise together and between the two other sections, whereby the latter sections when folded conceal and protect the two detachable sections, the outer face ofone of the outer or protectin sections having a space to receive an a dress and the other face of said sections and the two faces of its companion section having spaces thereon to receive advertising matter. l

claim the foregoing as my invention I alix my signature in the presence of two witnesses, this 22nd day of June A. D. 1908.




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