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Publication numberUS967464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1910
Filing dateFeb 1, 1909
Priority dateFeb 1, 1909
Publication numberUS 967464 A, US 967464A, US-A-967464, US967464 A, US967464A
InventorsRoy E Tilles
Original AssigneeRoy E Tilles
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Foot-measuring device.
US 967464 A
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Patented Aug. 1 6, 1 910.

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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 16, 1910.

Application filed February 1, 1909. Serial No. 475,340.

This invention relates to foot measuring devices.

It has for its principal objects to produce a simple and inexpensive, light weight, foldable or collapsible device which may be adjusted to measure feet of different sizes, and

to adapt the device for self measurement in ordering shoes or other foot wear by mail.

The invention consists in the parts and in the arrangements and combinations of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, which forms part of this specification, and wherein like symbols refer to like parts wherever they occur, Figure 1 is a side elevation of a foot measuring device embodying` my invention showing a foot in dotted lines and the width measuring slide being in position to measure the ball of the foot; lfig. 2 is a top plan view of the device with the foot removed theren from but showing the position of the slide to indicate the length measure of the foot shown in Fig. 1; F ig. 3 is an end view of the slide detached from the device; Eig. 4

is a plan view of the body blank knocked down or unfolded; and, Fig. 5 is a plan view of the slide blank unfolded.

The device comprises an elongated body portion or strip 1, preferably of `paperor other suitable flexible material of light weight which is more or less resilient. Preferably, the heel portion 2 of the strip is widened substantially as shown. At the end of the heel portion 2 is a flap 3 which may be folded along' the dotted line marked 4 in Fig. 4 of the drawing, which line may be indicated by scoring the strip or otherwise providing` for readily folding the flap. At the opposite ends of the flap 3 are corner flaps or folds 5 which are adapted to be folded along the lines 6 so as to stand vertically at each side of the heel portion 2 when the end flap 3 is folded up as shown in Figs.

1 and 2. To hold the folds or flaps 3 and 5 in set up position the folds 5 may be provided with folds or fiaps 7 which may be folded along the lines 8 and secured to the heel portion 2 of the strip, preferably, to the `under side thereof. This may be accomplished by gumming the upper faces of the flaps 7 or by providing said flaps with tongue portions 9 which are preferably hooked so as to engage in slots 10 or other suitable slitted portions provided therefor in the strip 1. By this latter arrangement the folded portions may be readily knocked down or collapsed when the device is not in use. The gummed set up structure may also be readily collapsed by creasing the corner folds 5 from the corners of the heel portion diagonally outward as indicated by the line 11 in Fig. 4, so that said corner flaps 5 may be folded inwardly as with a bellows fold under the end flap 3 which may be folded down upon the strip 1. Itis noted, however, that the bellows folding of the corner flaps is not necessary in case the tongue and slot connection is made between the fiaps 7 and the strip, although such. a fold may be used if desired to ol'lviate the necessity of unfastoning the flaps 7 to collapse the set up [laps 3 and 5.

On the upper face of the strip 1 may be marked a graduated measuring scale 12 which. extends lengthwise thereof. This scale may be marked with numbers or characters according to any desired system of size markings, so as to cooperate with a slide or adjustable member 13 which is arranged to be moved lengthwise of the strip 1. Preferably, the slide 13 is formed in a single blank of stout paper or other suitable material and folded into a flattened band or sleeve to slidably fit the strip 1. The slide 13 may be suitably marked or shaped to readily distinguish its indicating edge. For example, its indicating edge may be offset or projected outwardly as at 14, and, if so desired, may be marked with an arrow 15 or other suitable indicating character. The slide 13 is provided with ribbons or tapes 1G one of which is preferably longer and marked with a graduated measuring scale 17. Preferably these tapes extend from opposite sides of the slide and they are offset with respect to each other so that they may be brought around the foot from opposite sides and made to coperate edgewise. By this ar rangement, the graduated scale may be placedl along the marginal portion ofthe meeting side of the tape so that the end ,por-

tion of the opposite tape, may be brought edgewise into coperative relation to said graduated scale, and the tapes may be manipulated more conveniently than if the tapes were-made tooverlapfflatwise. The scale17 may be arranged so that the measurement may be taken from theinner-corner of the opposite tape, or, if desired, a marginal markthereon, as indicated. at 18.

A. preferable form of blank for the'slide is illustrated in` Fig; 5. The blank comprises the intermediate portion 13 having the flaps 19A-and 20 whichy may be folded along the dotted lines. The narrower liap 20 may be gummedyas indicatedby the.- stippled portion, so, as to be secured to the'edge portion of the-'Hap 19 which is cut away or notched at21 so as vto permitthe shorter tape 16 to bebrought over the outerface of said Hap 19 when-thel blank is folded to complete the slide.4 If desired, the strip 1 .may be folded lengthwise one or more times to make the device more compact for mailing or placing in-a pocket.

In-.the operation .ofthe device, the folds or flapsat thevheelend of the strip are set up andsecured so asto provide an abutment or stopfor the heel when the foot is .placedflatwise; on, the strip. rlhe slide may then be moved until its indicating, edge is on a line withfthe end of the toe or one of the scale markings nearestbeyond the end of the toe (see FiglQof `the drawings). This will give the lengthzfortheishoe or other covering to be fitted to the foot. Then thelength has been determined, the slide may be moved vto afposition so that th'eball measurement may be taken, as indicated inFig 1 of the draw.- ing. Usually, according'to the system of sizingreadymade foot` wear, the'length and` ball measurements only are necessary. If desired or necessary, however, it is obvious that the waist, instep, and heel measurements maybefobtained by the userof the slide.v

Obviously, the device admits of considerable modification without departing from my invention, and, therefore, I do not :wish to be limited tothefexact construction and arrangement shown.;

What Lclaimis:

1. Affoldable foot measuring device com prising a- -flexible strip having a length measuring scale thereonand aslide on said strip comprising af flattened sleeve having one edgefportion'. adapted to cooperate with saidyscaletomark; the lengthlof the foot and. said'sleeve alsohaving a-tape measure thereon adapted to measurethe width of the foot.

2. A foldable foot measuringI device comprising a flexible strip having a length measuring scale thereon, and a slide coinprising a single blank of flexible material whose intermediate portion is folded to form a flat band and having oppositely extending tape. members which are oset with respect to..ea ch other so that they may be brought around the foot out of alinement with each other-so as to coperate edgewise and one of said tape members being provided with a measuring scale on its marginal portion adapted to coperate with the adjacent marginal portion of theother tape member. ""3. A foldable foot measuring device comprising a flexible' strip having a collapsible heel abutment and a length measuring scale thereon, and' a slidemounted on said strip and having onefedge portion arranged to c0- operate withsaid scale to indicate the length of the foot, said slide having two oppositely extending tape members thereon for determiningthe width of the foot.

4. A footmeasuring device comprising a striphaving an'abutment and a length measuring'scale thereon, and aslide mounted on said stripl and adapted to cooperate with said scale to indicate the length of the foot, said slide having means thereon for determining the width-of the foot, said means comprising two tapes extending from opposite sides of said slide and being offset with respect to each other so that they may be brought around thefoot out of alinement with each other so as to cooperate edgewise, andy a measuringscale on the marginal portion of one of said tapes in cooperative relation to the adjacent marginal portion of the other tape.

5. Avfoldable foot measuring device comprising ay flexible strip having an end {iap portion and corner fiap portions adapted to be folded perpeiidicularly of said strip to constitute a heel abutment, and means for releasably securing said corner flaps to said strip,.said strip having a length measuriiw scale thereon, anda slide mounted on sai( strip and adapted to coperate with said scale to indicatethe length of the foot, said slide havingimeans thereon for determining the width of the foot.

6. A foldable footmeasuring device comprising a; flexible strip having an end Hap portion andl corner flap; portions adapted to be folded perpendicularly of said strip to constitute. a heel abutment, and means for releasablysecuring said corner flaps to said strip, said strip; having a length measuring scale thereon, and slide mounted on said stripand adapted to coperate with said scale toy indicate the length of the foot, said slide comprisingI a flattened sleeve portion of. flexible material and having two flexible tape members-extending from opposite sides of said slide, said tape members being ollset with respect toy each other and one of said tapes having a measuring scale on the marginal portion thereof in coperative relation to the adjacent marginal portion of the other ta e.

E. As a measure, a strip having end portions reduced respectively at opposite edges, one end portion having a scale and the other end portion an index, said scale and index in use being adapted to register 'With each other.

Signed at St. Louis, Missouri, this 30th day of January, 1909.


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