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Publication numberUS967638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1910
Filing dateOct 16, 1909
Priority dateOct 16, 1909
Publication numberUS 967638 A, US 967638A, US-A-967638, US967638 A, US967638A
InventorsDaniel Hogan
Original AssigneeMeinecke & Co
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US 967638 A
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. n. HGGAN..


1 Patented Aug. '16, 1910.

'To all whom it 'may concern.


s'riirns ParnNfr orrioii.




x y Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Aug'. 16, .19101.

Application led October 16, 1909. Serial No. 522,911.

Be it known that I, DANIEL HOGAN, a citizen of the United States, and residentof Hoboken, Hudson county, State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bed-Pans, of Which the following is a specification. y

My invention relates to bed pans and has for'its object/to Simplify and eheapen the cost of manufacture of pans of this descrip* tion and to provide a pan which is not so apt to break, is easy to pack, takes up a minimum amount of space consistent With the desired results, and is readily and easily ltept'clean and in a` sanitary condition.` A further object of my invention is to so construct a bed pan that While the same is in iisethe parts of the patient are readily accessible` and visible to the nurse or doctor and can be treated or cleaned While the patient is in position on the pan. The danger of soiling the bed and bed clothing is thus greatly reduced if not entirely oloviated. The pan isalso so constructed as to be' easily placed in position beneath` a rel clining or helpless patientI and is noteasily tilted or overturned. y

(ltlier ,objects ot my invention will ap` pear from the description liei'i-iinalter and the l'eatures ot"novelty will lie pointed out in the appended claim. Reference is tobe had ing d 'anfing in ivliich 'Figure l is a side elevation ot' my iniproved bed pan; Fig. 2 is a plan View thereof and Fig. 3 is an end'elevation.

In the drawing l rej'irescnts the bottoni or to the accon'ipanyw main receptacle of the pan whicliis adaptv ed to act as a container in the customary manuel'. c l v 2 is the spout or pour-out and P. is a rim or liange which extends over the rece itaele 1 and is shaped to form the substantiallyv central inlet opening 4l. This ovm-hanging I'ini or flange 3 comprises a front inclined.

portion 5 and opposite side portionsl prop` ei'ly formed to support the thighs of the patient. It will be noted that the side walls of the sprout 2 extend forward toward the opcning'elfor some distance and merge into the said opening it and incline 'upwardly toward the mouth of tlienspout.v An outlet passage is thus provided having high Walls to prevent accidental spilling of the contents of the pan, which passage is also siibstantially as wide as the diameter of the inlet opening 4, so as not to obstruct the view of the parts and` to prevent clogging of the outlet passage. The front end 5 of the pan is comparatively low so as to be easily `inserted beneath the patient and gradually rises in an easy incline for supporting the back and buttocks and then spreads to form the thigh supporting portions 6. The baselTof the pan extends substantially througlr q out the entire length and width thereof and 1s of considerable area so as to atliord a solid support and thus avoid the danger of accidental overturning or tiltiiio. 'llie pan is Widest at the thigh supporting portions' to 70 afford a substantial and comfortable support for the patient at thesepoints and to prevent sidewise tilting,

. By having the open spout an open passage which extends from the in- -iier edge ofthe portion 5 to the extreme rear rl`his construction leaves i end ofthe pan. the parts of thc patient readily accessible and visible to the nurse or doctor during use ol' tlu` pan sothal. said parts may be cleaned and treated whilethe patient'. is-in position on the pan. The danger of soiling the bed clothes or bed is thus practically eliminated. (living to this Wide passage just described the pan may be readily and conipletely emptied and all interior parts thereof may he easily reached and cleaned so that the pan is easily maintained in a sanitary condition.

.n anyfcustomary manner. lt is also not iso apt tobreak as is the Vwell known ltreiielil'yl bod` ian and owino to its'shaie is oas to v e l pack for shipping or storage `purposes b i'l ilacino' the lout.' olf one )an uiside down 100' seribed may be made without departing from the spirit of my invention as defined in the `claii 2 merge intov the inlet opening 4;, l provide the pan With 75 u i i190 My improved pan is also easily and li cheaplyv manufactured and may be constructed by stamping or molding according to the material used in its manufacture in tuopai'ls u, o which are joined together 95 l claim: K v In Witness whereof IV havey hereunto set A bed pan provided with a relatively 10W Anpwflrdlyd inclined1 back sulport merging Witnesses.

-`:to a Wi e centra ortion or su 'Jortin 5 'the thighs and furthel having a cential loiig; DANIEL HOGAN*- gtudinal open passage extending to the extreme rear of the pan and terminating in a relatively high pour out.



my hand in the presence of two subscribing l0y

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Cooperative ClassificationA61G9/003