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Publication numberUS967688 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1910
Filing dateApr 14, 1910
Priority dateApr 14, 1910
Publication numberUS 967688 A, US 967688A, US-A-967688, US967688 A, US967688A
InventorsCharles Philip Lowndes Titherley
Original AssigneeCharles Philip Lowndes Titherley
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Topical medicated pad.
US 967688 A
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en a f UNITED sum Pannier OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent.

No Drawing. Application filed April 14, 1919. Serial No.

To 11/! uh/tom it may concern: 7 i

lie it known that l. Cumin-3s liiiui' Lowxnrs TITHEHLEY, a subject of the king of England, residing at Iatng tree." Pierre field Road, Forum in the countvof Lancaster, England. have invented new and useful Improvements in Topi al lledi aied Pads. of which the following is a specilicte tion.

This invention has reference, primarily, to articles for removing dirt or moisture. or

both, from the skin.

According to the invention, a small piece of woven textile material, or equivalent ahsorbent substance each as pa ice-say from 3 to inches long, and It to l niche: broad is charged with materials as hereinafter specified, which render it hygroscopic. and I such as will always remain moist. that i.-:,non drying; and ti: hygroscopic material consists' principally of glycerol and saliiylic acid, and preferably there would also he. used in connection with it, a small quantity of citric acid- The article thus made will not only serve the purpose referred to. but is also antiseptic. and has emollient pr p-"- ties. I r V T he composition used on the textile fabric being non-drying, the articles last a very longtime.

'ith regard to the hygroscopic and nou-- drying compoeition used. the following: chemical ingredients produce one which is i cleansing, antise itic. and has emollient :roperties, and al eep moist and retain these qualities. so] that when the skin is perspiring or requires I leansing, if one of these small pieces ort E glyccro e0 one which will always:

sheets of absorbent material, which constitutes a small doll is taken in the hand, and

is pressed slightly on and moved over the skin, it absorbs not only the perspiration,

hut entirely abstracts by its peculiar properties. the dirt or dust from the pores of the skin. and leaves it clean, cool and pleasant.

These pads'or pieces of fabric are to be used t in place of the papier poudre papers, and

are made up in dozens and sold in a packet or box.

.-\i i example of the nondnving and hygroscopic composition is as follows :10 lbs. of salicyli acid. 5 lbs. of borax. 50 to 100 lbs,of glycerol. Where the composition is to be particularly hygro copic the full amount of glycerol is used; and after the ingredients or the substances have been intimately mixed. there is added 1 ll). of citric acid dissolved in a gallon of water; and to this solution. for c\'cl' 250 gallons. 2 oz. of eitral dissolved in 1 pint of absolute alcohol are added. to which are added 14: gallons of water.

What I claim is:-

A; an article of mauufzu'tare. a non-drying and h "l'o copic skin cleanser consisting of a base of thin fabric slightly moistened with a mixture of 10 pound; of salicylic. acid. 5 'ionndsof borax. 50 to 100 pounds of l and 1 pound of citric acid.

in testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


'itnesses l'inmsr ll. Rouizns. Smimzviuaa (loomw.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61K8/0208