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Publication numberUS96862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1869
Publication numberUS 96862 A, US 96862A, US-A-96862, US96862 A, US96862A
InventorsAlbert F. Allen
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Improvement in hose-fife nozzles
US 96862 A
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Letters Patent No. 96,862, lated November 16, 1869,


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part ofthe same To all whom it may concern Be it-.known that I, ALBERT F. ALLEN, of the city and county of Providence, and State ot' Rhode Island, have invented a new and useful Hose-PipeV Nozzle.

Mylinveution consists in the use of a flexible-rubber nozzle, -and in rendering the same uniformly variable by compression, in order that the size of a stream passing through it maybe varied at pleasure to any desirable and useful extent; and I do hereby declare that the followingr specification, taken in con' nection with the drawings furnished, and forming apart of the same, is a true,`clear, and exact description thereof.

Figure l represents, in perspective, one of' my hosepipe nozzles.

Figure 2 represents the same, in vertical section,

showing its interior arrangement.-

A represents the body of the nozzle. It is provided within its lower end with a female screw, by means of which it is attached to the hose-pipe in the usual manner.

B isa compresser-cap. It is provided with a female screw, fitted toa male screw cut upon the outside ot theupper end of the body A. lVithin the tip of 'the compresser-cap is an opening, circular in form, somewhat larger in diameter than the largest stream the variable nozzle is capable of throwing. Within this kopening is an annular inclined plane, leading from the inner sidesV of the compresser-cap, to the edges ofthe opening. y,

C is a rubber bushing, permanently secured within the top of the body A, in any desirable manner, and

extending suiciently above to admit of its free compression and expansion. f

This bushing` should be composed of rubber, tempei-ed to a proper consistency, and vulcanized; and while being sufficiently hard and compact, should also possess the desirable degree o f flexibility.

Figures 3 and 4 represent, in top view, my variable nozzle, with the compresser-cap raised and lowered,

illustrating the variation between the llargest and smallest diameters.

AThe use .of a flexible-rubber bushing ,in a hosepipe nozzle in itself secures a smooth and solid stream of water, in addition to its capabilities of compression and variability.

The operation of my nozzle is obvious, as by raising or lowering the compresser-cap the size of the stream is increased or diminished, as may be desired. The rubber expands to its natural size .by its own flexibility, and contracts by reason ofthe uniform compression of the inclined plane within the compresser-cap.

Having thus described my invention,

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. The hose-pipe nozzles lined with a flexible-rubber bushing, for the purposes specified.

2. In combination with a hose-pipe nozzle, the liexible-rnbber bushing C, and compresser B, provided with suitable screw-connections and au annular inclined plane, for the purposes specied Witnesses; ALBERI n, ALLEN.

WM. O. Woon, FRANK A. J Acnsox.

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Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/185