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Publication numberUS968828 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1910
Filing dateJun 5, 1909
Priority dateJun 5, 1909
Publication numberUS 968828 A, US 968828A, US-A-968828, US968828 A, US968828A
InventorsJoseph C Beckley
Original AssigneeJoseph C Beckley
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US 968828 A
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968,828; Patented Aug.30,1910.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 30 1914 Application filed June 5, 1909. Serial No. 500,273.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH C. BEOKLEY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Dayton, in the county of Montgomery and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Garbage- Tanks; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the in: vention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanyin drawings, which form a part of this specih artion.

This invention relates to improvements in garbage tanks which are transported on wheels from place to place by the city gar bage collector and in which garbage is c'ollcctcd from smaller receptacles located throughout the city. The garbage tank is of such proportions that when tilled it may be conveniently lifted from the wagon or truck for the purpose of emptying the same. It is generally the practice in the larger citics to burn the garbage thus collected and crcmatories are located at desirable distances fromthc corporation line. To obviate the ncccssit of. using a. horse-drawn vehicle to transport the garbage to the crematories, loading stations may be provided within the city and along the line of railroads. At thcsc loading stations the tanks are transferred to cars from the horse-drawn vehicles, it. is'lhercl'orc the object of the present: invention to provide a garbage tank which may be conveniently handled in this manner.

Afurthor object of the invention is to provide a tank with a detachable double roll top over which may be rolled back or opened f. an either side while the collector is gathering the garbage and which therefore obviates the necessity of the collector going around on the outer side of the tank to lill it. Either half of thc top or cover may be thrown back to open the same from either side. v

Another object of the invention is to provide other convenient features which will be horcina'l'ter (Lscribed and claimed.

lreceding a detailed description of the invention, reference is made to the accompanying drawings, of which Figure l, is av side elevation of my improved port ablc garbage can. Fig. 2, is an end elevation of the device. Fig. 3, is a sectional view on the line a (a of Fig. 1. Fig. e, is a perspective view of the substitute form of cover on a reducedseale. Fig. is a top plan vie and a side elevation respectively of the'devices for maintaining the tank 111 a level position when it is being transported from a vehicleto a car. Fig. (3, is a View of the form of handle used to lift the tank during the operation of transferring it.

'lhroughout the specification and draw ings, similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts.

1 designates an oblong rectangular form of garbage tank constructed of a suitable quality of sheet metal and reinforced on its opposite sides by longitudinally-disposed angle bars ti and 12, the former extend. around the ends of the tank as well as serve as abutmcnts for the lower longitudinal edges of the rolling covers 2 and 3 to be again referred to. At each end of the tank are mounted stitl'cning members 14 which project a suitable distance under the tank and terminate in lugs 15 which are instrumental in holding the tank on the wagon or truck upon which it is transported from place to place. At the upper ends of said stiffening members H, are mounted flanged pins 13 which are adapted to be engaged by the books .17 ot' a yoke 10 which serves as a handle to lift. the tank when it is desired to remove the same. from the wagon or truck. During the transferring operation, the tank is held in a. horizontal position by pivoted members 18 whose outer ends straddle. the vertical sides of the yoke 16. On the front end of the tank are rigidly secured yokes or brackets 20 whiclrare adapted to receive arms extending down from a seat 21 upon which the driver of the wagon sits while transporting the tank from place to place in the collection of the garbage. lVhen the tank is removed from the vehicle, this seat 21 is detached. The ends and sides of the tank project upwardly a suitable distance above the. anglebars (3 and the ends are provided with depressions ll in which a rod 4 rests. This rod extends from end to end of the tank and acts as a pivot for two telescopic roll covers 2 and 3 hcreinbeforc briefly referred to. These covers are pro-- vidcd with handles 5 and are rolled one within the other from either side of the tank, thus obviating the necessity of the garbage collector going around to the outer side of the tank to till the same. \Vhcn both roll covers are in a. closed position,

p of the tank exposed at a time, thereby preventing the escape of disagreeable odors as much possible. The pivot rod 4; is in the depressions 11 bv keepers '7,

one end of which is attached to the angle bars 13 on the ends by staples S, and the other end of which is held by a pin 10 conrecs :raeketfi and the angle bar (3. ank is transferred to a car, for example, utter being filled, the roll or telescopic covers ant are removed and a separate cover 5) shown in Fig. 4C- may be substituted, d substitute cover being of a Hat form ailows the tanks to be placed one on top of the other for transportation to and from the crernatory. The covers 2 and 3 and 19 being removable, unobstructed entrance may 12 Trad to the tank for the purpose of cleansi the same.

, laving described my invention, I claim: A portable garbage tank having a two part telescopic cover adapted to open from either side of the tank and to be utilized n collecting garbage from house to house, trod vex-lapping ends of said cover, the ends of said pivotal. rod being supported in recesses .in he ends of the tank, and means for ma aining the ends of said rod in said recesses, substantially vas specified.

A portable garbage tank having a twomrt telescopic cover, a rod extending from ed to a chain and passing through When the forming a pivotal connection between v end to end of said cover and forming a pivot for the parts of said cover to swing upon, the ends of said rod within the ends of the cover being supported upon the ends of the tank, a keeper pivoted on each end of the tank and adapted to maintain said rod in position, and a flange extending around the outer sides of the tank near the month. thereof and, adapted to engage the parts of said cover to limit the closing movement of said cover.

3. In a portable garbage tank, an oblong rectangular body having a flange on the outer sides thereof adjacent to the mouth thereof, a detachable two-part telescopic cover providing a closuretor said tank during the collection of garbage fromhonse-to house, a rod extending from. and to end of said two-part cover and forming a hinge therefor which enables the parts of said cover to swing in opening or closing to one or the other side of said tank said rod being detachably supported on the ends of said tank, pins on the ends of said tank adapted to. receive a handle by means of which the tank may be conveyed from one means of

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