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Publication numberUS969409 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 6, 1910
Filing dateJul 21, 1909
Priority dateJul 21, 1909
Publication numberUS 969409 A, US 969409A, US-A-969409, US969409 A, US969409A
InventorsFrank J Russell
Original AssigneeFrank J Russell
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High-voltage receptacle and plug.
US 969409 A
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urLloAnoN rum JULY 21,1909

. Patented Sept. 6,'1910.

' a snnzz'rs-sngn'r 1.

37' nlm/wrox Y fr a//t J Russe/ P. :ff RUSSELL. y v HIGH VOLTAGE BEGBPTAGLB AND PLUG.


` 969,409 Patented Spt.6,1910.

v y spasms-snm' 2.


v uruornpxnnnn JULYz1,19o9. Y K i f 969409- Patented sept. 6, 1910.

Snaren-toa e No'. mi)


Y l Applicatonted July 2 To all 'whom it may-concern:

Be itV known t'liatl, l"n.\.\'ii J. Russian., a v

'citizen of the United States, residing at Une of th.` principal objects is to provide ra receptacle aiid'plng construction that extremely simple. not only in structure. but iii operation. and the elements ot'. which are so arranged that the danger of short cir- `eiiiting from moisture or accidental contact is reduced to a minimum, while the contact elements are :it all times completely housed and protected, whether tiie two ii'ieii'ib'ers are. in assoeiated'or disassoeiated relation. n

.i further and important oliject is to provide a structure in which the contact elements are relieved of all strains, both when the. ineiiibei's are together. and when they are separated, the tittiiig. moreover, being strnctiiraliy ver \"st roug iud rigid, and also being so designed tliat'dii't and dust will not collect lliei'ciii. j

.\ii eiiihodimeiit of the invention that is at'present. considered a preferable one is disclosed in the accompanying drawings, wherem:--

Fieure l is a side elevation of the fitting, shoiimg the two members in. associated relation. Fig. :2 isa longitudinal sectional bien? therethrough.y Fig. 3 is ii similar view 'at right angles to Fig. .2 oii` the line of section t--It ofthe latter ligure. Figui is a crosssectioual view ou the. line l4 of Fig. 3. Fig. 5' is a front end view of the receptacle. member. Fig. t'i is a .sectional perspective 'view ofthe support. or body of the plug member and tlie contacts carried thereby, the guard or armor sleeve heilig removed.

Similar reference numerals iinlicate coru responding lpai-ts in all the vfigures of the drawings. t f In the embodiment. disclosed, the structure may be employed in connection with a jiiniztion box 7, of any .well-known type, having Specification of Letters Patent.

1,1909. seran No. 508,853.

f oi' linie li.

1 `HmHmrorxiaria RECEETAQLB AND PLUG..


Patente-a septic, 1910.

:in open side S, which is closed the fitting,

said tilting being mounted exteriorly on the.'

box. and secured by suitable fasteners 9.

Thel titting consists of two parts, a recep tacle meinbei t0, and a plugr member '1.1.

The receptacle. member consists of a porcclain'or equivalent body having a base. lf2 forming the cover-for the open side of the junction box. and provided with openings l. through which .the fasteners tl are passed,

craiilv interposed between the box and base.

.a gasket 'ol' insulating material tl being pref;

'l`lal rear side of tbc. hase ll has a rearwardly tapered. boss 1f, and its opposite side has a projecting socket portion 1li preferably arranged obliqucly tothe base iit a downward inclination and having a deep socket or hole end. 'l'his socket is provided with a'thclt ceutral wall or post. lh' integral with'the i'eccj-itacle body and of the saine cross-sectionai shape as the outer wail ofthe'socketl outer -end Y a tapered ti'aiisveisely disposed slot It). and longitudinal grooves 20 arelalso formed -in opposite Sides thereof. in which are l? closed at its bottom and open at the outer A The said wall or post has in its seated vielding contact springs 2l. that have .di

their onter ends slightly bowed.y as illus-' ti'ated at 22.. The inner right-:united ends 2'. of these contact. springs are located iii reicssed seats i225 at the bottoni of tliesocket A v IT and receive fastenersl that pass through tln bottoni' ofthe socket and have. 'hi-:ills housed in seats .25 formed in the rear side of the. base. 'l`liese fasteners constitute .he live wire terminal connections.

'lhe plug membercomprises a body orsupport :iti of insulating material having on its inner end a projecting transversely dipesed insulating tongue 27 that is arranged 'to loosely register in the slot. 19.l The body furthermore has an outwardly extending portion- 2S provided 'with opposite recesses tt separated by an .insulating bridge 30. Wire terminal binders Ill are locate:l iii said recesses andy engage t'lie;outer inse ends 32 of spring contacts Il?) that -pass through thek main portion of the body or. .support-"2li, and

project on opposite sides of and in spaced rclatioii to t-lie tongue :27. These contact elenientsll a rearranged to Slide longitudinaliy in the grooves '20 upon opposite sides of the. center w-ill or post 1S and pass beneath the curved engaging ends 22'. of the contacts 21', as illustrated in Fig. 3. 'llie .said insulator support 26' is located and Secured within a siov cylindrical guard sleeve or armor 34 that iS 4arranged to register in the socket 17 and.

surround the post 18. This sleeve is preferably made of fiber oi' other insulating material and it carrieson one kside of its inner end a head that slides longitudinally in a groove 3G Aformed in one side of the socket.

' This head properly directs the plug member to its operative position, and prevents its rotation, as will. he obvious. The outer end of v`the sleeve 34 detachably receives a wooden or equivalent bushing 37 having a ta )ered opening 3S therethrough, through whic i the j usual extension wires pass.

rlhere are many advantages for the structure as disclosed. In the first place, a. deep socket or hole 17 is provided in thereceptaclepmemher for the plug member Vand its contacts, and the thick insulating post or wall 18 arranged between the contacts 2l of said receptacle member affords effectual protection to the terminals against` being short eircuited by moisture or by coming into contaetwith outside articles. Furthermore, the

slotin the end of the post serves to prevent moisture creeping from contact to contact.,

` and also constitutes au air gap'to prevent an are across the terminals when the plug is' pulled. ln the plug member, 1t. will be ob` served that the contacts are completely housed by the armor or sleeve, and said contacts are thus protected both when the plug is in and out of the receptacle. Furthermore,

4this arnior takes `all the .st-rain and prevents breakage of the contacts orfot the 'support for said contacts. lt will he obvious, there-y fore, thatxthe arrangement ot' parts ailfords a high degree of protection both mechanically and electrically, and said parts are at the saine time very eonipactly combined. 'lhe downward angle of the plug whenused on a wall is advantageous, inasmuch as it dellects moisture and dirt and prevents its entrance into the socket.

From the foregoing it is thought that thel construction. operation and many advantages of the herein described invention will be appa ri-nt to those skilled in the arl., witl1- out further description, and it will he under located in the socket and havingr a slot in one end, contacts arranged on opposite sides of the post', a plug member comprising a support having a tongue that engages in the slot of the post, and contact elements carried by the support and coperatingwith the cont-acts of the receptacle member.

2. In an electrical litting, a receptacle member having a socket, a post; arranged in the socket in spaced relation to the side walls thereof, contact elements ai' 'aiigedalongside the post, and a plug member comprising ii bod)v or support of insulating material, contacts carried by the saine, a sleeve surrounding the body or support and fitting in tho socket, said sleeve surrounding the post, and

said post having aslot in its outer end and the body having a tongue that engages in the slot.

3. In an electrical litting, areceptacle member having a socket, a longitudinally disposed insulating post' located in the socket and having a slot iii its 'outer end,v

contacts arranged on opposite sides of the post, a plug member comprising a support having a tongue that engagesin vthe slot` ot' the post. a guard sleeve that extends into the socket, and siirroumls the post, and coutact elements carried b v the support. and eooperating with the contacts of thel receptacle member. i g

-1-. In an electrical fitting, a junction box having an open side, wreccptacle member mounted on the exterior of said junction box and having an angularly disposed socket a post arranged in the socket in spart-il relation to thc side walls thereof, contact elements disposed alongside the post, and a plug iueinbcr comprising a body or support ol' insulatingr material, contacts carried b v thc sauic. an aiiuorsleeve surroundingr the body or support. and tilting iii the socket, said sleeve surrounding the post, said post. having a slot in its outcr cud and the body having atongue that 'engages in the slot., and a bushing arranged in the outer cnd of the armor sleeve.

k3. ln an electrical fitting, a i'cceptaelemember having a pliigiec.civiiig socket anda wall ot' insulating nailerial arranged within said socket between the. receptacle contai-ls and provided at one end with a groove forming an insulating air gap. ,Y

f in lcstiuiony whereof l hereunto allix'iu \r signature iii the presence of two witnesses.



'l`iios. \V.vh`inwi:i.r.2 J. Emmi: Y

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