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Publication numberUS970095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1910
Filing dateJan 20, 1910
Priority dateJan 20, 1910
Publication numberUS 970095 A, US 970095A, US-A-970095, US970095 A, US970095A
InventorsGeorge C H Mcpheeters
Original AssigneeGeorge C H Mcpheeters
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Vacuum-wall hot-water tank.
US 970095 A
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` Patented Sept. 13, 1910.



Specification of Letters Patent.

`Patented sepais, 1910.

Application filed January 20, 1910. Serial No. 539,089.

To all 'whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, (iconen C. II. Mo- Pnnirrnas, a citizen ot the 'United States, residing at Palo Alto, in the county of Santa Clara, 4State ot California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vacuum-vali Ilot-later Tanks; and I do hereby declare the iollt'iwinr to bc a t'ull, clear, and exact description oit' the'invent ion, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to what are cornmonly known as kitchen boilers and has special reference. to providing a boiler ot' this description with a vacuum jacket to enable the heat to be retained in the boiler, the 'vacuum acting,Y in the ordinary manner to insulate the boiler from the outside atmosphere.

Une objectoi the invention is the provision of moans adapted to hold a receptacle within a casingv and in .spaced relation thereto, the means a ttor-ding; ironmninieation for inlet and outlet pipes to the receptacle.

Another object of the invention is the provision of spacing' means of this character which will also act to retain inlet and outlet pipes in their proper positions.

lVith the above and other objects in view, the invention consists in general of an inner receptacle` an outer casing in spaced relation thereto, and novel spacers holding,` said inner receptacle and the casingl in spaced relation, said spacers being ladapted to atl'ord conimunication between the receptacle and the exterior of the casing'.

The invention further consists in certain novel details otl construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and specifically set forth. in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings, like characters of reference indicate like parts in the several views, and Figure 1 is a sectional view taken through the preferred form of boiler constructed in accordance with this invention. Fig. 2 is a partial sectional view of a modified itorm of the boiler. Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail section through one of the spacers. Fig. 4t is detail perspectives ot' the spacers with the parts separated.

The numeral 10 indicates the inner receptacle and thenumeral 11 the casing therefor. This inner receptacle and its casing are held in spaced relation b v means of certain novel spacers. In order to afford entrance to the inner receptacle this receptacle is provided with a. plurality of apertures y12 and the casing is also provided with threaded apertures 13 arranged in opposed relation to the apertures 12. Surrounding each of the apertures 12 is a flange 14. having a threaded opening 15 formed centrally thereoit' and this flange is securely attached to the outside of the receptacle by means of rivets 1G. At 17 is a thimble provided with threaded ends one of which is screwedinto the threaded opening in the flange 14. Screwed into each of the openings 13 is a sleeve 1S having external threads 19 to engage the threads of the opening wherein the sleeve is screwed and this sleeve is further provided with an internally threaded recess 20 which engages onto the other threaded end of lthe thirnble 17 The sleeve 18 preferably is :formed with a wrench receiving head 2l for the purpose ot' screwing it into place. The thimhle 17 is provided with internal threads throughout its length for the purpose of engaging the external threads `formed on the ends of certain pipe nipples.'

These pipe. nipples are arranged so that at 22 is an inlet pipe for the cold water, at 23 is au outletor draw-off pipe for the receptacle, at llt is a hot water inlet )ipe and at 25 is a hot water outlet pipe. The pipes 23 and 9.4 a re connected in the usual manner, not deemed necessary here to be shown, to any form of heater such as a stove water-back, instantaneous heater, or the like. The casingl 11 is provided with a suitable opening to receive a valved nipple 26 by meansv of which the space between the casing and the receptacle may be connected to a vacuum pump.

In the form of the invention shown in Fig. 2 the general construction is the same as that just described with the exception that the tw heads are bulged outward and that the spacers are arranged radially of the spherical surfaces thus formed.

By means of this construction it will be observed that the pipes which communicate with the receptacle extend through the tubular spacers and these spacers do not permit the entry of air from outslde the easing or the entry of water or steam from the receptacle to the space between the receptacle and casing. When the device has been set up the valved nipple 26 is connected to a vacuum pump and the air exhausted from between the receptacle and casing. The valve is then cut oil and the pump detached, the outer end of the nipple being, if desired, suitably seal-ed by a plug or cap. lt `will be obvious from the foregoing that only the Small area .of the pipes and spacers will aord conductors for ,the heat Within the ,receptacle so :that when the Water contained therein is once heated it will remain in this condition for a relatively long period of time. It Will, furthermore, 0e-obvious that in the process of heating' up this Water practically no heat will be Wasted and the process will thus be greatly hastened. There has thus been provided a simple and efficient device of the kind described and for the purpose specified.

lt is obvious that minor changes may be made in the form and construction ot' this invention Wit-hout departing from the material principles thereof. It is not therefore desired to confine the invention 'to the exactform herein shown and described, but 'it is wished to include allsuchas properly come Within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new, is te l. ln a device of the kind described, au inner receptacle, an outer easing entirely surrounding the inner receptacle and spaced trs/enea therefrom, and means to hold the casing in spaced relation to the receptacle, said means comprising,- a plurality of tubular spacers secured to the inner receptacle and to the casing to prevent access of air or the contents of the receptacle to the space between the casing and receptacle, and inlet and out-- let pipes leading through and secured Within the spacers.

Q. The combination with an inner receptacle provided with a plurality of apertures,

. and an outer casing spaced from the receptaclc and having threaded apertures opposed to the apertures in the receptacle; of a plurality of spacers holding said receptacle and casing in fixed spaced relation, each spacer comprising a flange secured to the receptacle around one of the. aperturesy and provided with a centrally disposed threaded o iening,

a thilnblc having threaded ends one or which l is engaged in the opening of said flange, and a threaded sleeve screwed into the aperture of the casing and onto the other end of said thimble. f

'n testimony whereof, l ailix my signa tur/e, in presence of two. Witnesses.

" GEORGE C. l-L MCPHEEFIERS. A"Witnceses r.


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