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Publication numberUS970466 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1910
Filing dateJan 12, 1907
Priority dateJan 12, 1907
Publication numberUS 970466 A, US 970466A, US-A-970466, US970466 A, US970466A
InventorsGeorge Clements, James M Hostler
Original AssigneeHygienic Renovating Company
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Cleaning device.
US 970466 A
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' 970,466. Patented Sept. 20,1910.



commmr, or cmcaoo, rumors, A coaroaarron or CLEANING nnvrcn.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed January 12, 1907. Serial No. 352,018.

Patented Sept. 20, 1910.

Our invention relates to cleaning devices and is illustrated in the accompanying drawing which is to be taken as in an important.

sense diagrammatic.

A is the interiorof a room, B a rug on the floor thereof, C a sofa, let us say plush covered, in the room.

D is the bod portion of a brush and D the bristles. ssociated with the same is a metallic part consisting of the hollow body D and the downwardly depending nip les D D", which pass through the body, an the upwardly projecting inclined portion D to which the hollow tubular handle D is attached. From this handle leads the hose D to the wagon E. This hose may lead to a fixed stand-p1 e D, which is connected by a further lengt of the hose D with the wa on.

is another cleaning device, in this case the well known suction device, associated with the handle F hose F, stand-pipe F and hose F which leads to the wagon. is a fluid cleaner tank situated on the wagon F and provided with the fillin device herein shown as a. funnel G. T e tank G is connected to the pressure tank G by the connection Gr controlled by the valve G". G5 is a pipe which leads from near the bottom of the fluid cleaner tank to the hose D. The hose F leads to the suction pump J.

These several parts, as reviously stated, are shown diagrammatical y and we do not intend to restrlct our. invention to the precise form, arran ements, sizes or proportions of the several e ements. We have only shown a art the other parts will be easily understood. Moreover, neither of these stand-pipes is necessary as a permanent fixture as the hose itself could be led directly from the wagon to the room where the work is to be done.

The use and o eration of our invention are as follows; 11 the cleaning of many articles of furniture it is highly desirable that a wet cleaning aswell as a dry cleaning of the mechanism on the wagon, though.

process should be carried on. The exhaust system is in effect a dry cleaning system. Associated with the apparatus necessary for carrying it on, we provide our wet cleaning apparatus. This consists of a pressure supply on the wagon, a fluid cleaner storage on the wagon, suitable connections therefrom and a discharge wet cleaning a paratus for actual use. If the tank be charged with a fluid cleaner, as for instance some kind of liquid soap, by operating the necessary valves pressure can be applied within such tank and to the surface of its contained fluid. This will drive the fluid in regulable quantities up through the various pipe connections to the cleaning brush and if this brush be operated the eflect will be to brush or scrub the surface to be cleaned while, at the same time, the brush is supplied with a cleaner fluid. When this process is finished, or the object has been sufficiently scrubbed, dry cleaning apparatus may be employed to withdraw such cleaner fluid together with the dirt and dust incorporated with it. In such a dry cleaning apparatus the exhaust is usually made through some kind of a filtering receptacle and we have omitted showing this because it is unnecessary for illustrating the broad principle.

We have shown'the wagon with a good deal of the mechanism removed as it is un necessary here to illustrate it. We show only those portions'of the apparatus on the wagon which are directly connected with the cleaning device.

We claim:

A cleaning device comprising a portable frame or body with a cleaner fluid storage tank thereon, a pressure supplying device thereon, and a suction device thereon, a cleaning brush, a flexible pipe leading from the fluid cleaner tank to the cleaning brush, a suction cleaner device and a pipe leading therefrom to the suction device on the wagon, and suitable controlling valves whereby the suction and brush devices may be operated simultaneously or successively.


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Cooperative ClassificationA47L11/34