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Publication numberUS970958 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1910
Filing dateAug 9, 1909
Priority dateAug 9, 1909
Publication numberUS 970958 A, US 970958A, US-A-970958, US970958 A, US970958A
InventorsIsidor A Schulherr, Benjamin I Vincent
Original AssigneeIsidor A Schulherr, Benjamin I Vincent
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US 970958 A
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970,958. Pant'ea sepuzo, 1910.






' specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 20, 1910.

Application filed August 9, 1909. Serial No. 512,061. v

' larly to the type which is applicable to the back between same,

use of motormen,'teamsters, etc., and for handling rough and heavy material.

The novelty ofthis invention resides in the peculiarly shaped' oneiece palm sewed to a one-piece back and t e qulrked'fourchettes, which extend partly the length of the fingers, and connect the palm and the whereby a glove is produced having a one-piece seamless palm which greatly increases the life of said glove, due to the fact that the seams are nearer the back thanthe palm of the hand, said seams bein prevented from coming in contact with t e material Which'is handled by said gloves, and, consequently, from being y worn out thereby.

In the drawings formingpart of this specification, in which like numbers of reference denote like parts wherevel` they occur, Figure 1 is aJ perspective view of a finished 'glove; Fig. 2 is a perspective view of two adjacent fingers separated to show the quirked fourchette; Fig. 3 is a plan view4 of pattern; Fig. 4 is a alm pattern; and Fig. 5 is'a plan viewvo the one-piece back. 'i

- The palm 1 of Vglove 2 is cut from a heavy piece of leather, or other suitable material, 1n one'piece in the shape as depic'ted in Fig. 4. Each of the fingers 3 of said alm are cut respectively wider than 'the hngers 4 of the one-piece back 5. The quirked fourchettes 6 are cut in the shape as shown in Fig.`3 and each is provided with the points 7 between the edges 8 and 9. The

thumb 10is inserted into slit 11 in said palm and sewed thereto withthe edges at the base of said thumb overlapping the edges of said.

slit within said glove. The ltape 12, which is fastened at13 to the back 5, passes through eyelet 14 and-over rod 15, and isiprovided with a button 16 on the loose end thereof. The V-shaped piece of leather 17 is' inserted between the palm and back near the wrist Missouri, have in-v on the side adjacent the little finger and sewed thereto. tight, so as to bring said eyelet near the end A13, the hand can be easily inserted into the glove, While the pulling on said loose end of said tape draws the glove snugly about the wrist and holds same thereon. Between eachI two adjacent fingers a quirked fourchette 6 is folded with the points 7 together and the edges 8 are sewed to the contiguous edges at the base of the fingers 3. The edges 9 of said fourchette are sewed to the ad- When said tape is not drawn joining edges of fingers 4 respective to said fingers 3.' The remalmng loose edges of each g of the fingers 3 are sewed vto the edges of each finger 4 respectively contiguous thereto, and each side edge of palm 1 is sewed to its adjacent edge of back 5. By reason of Cutting the. fin ers 3 of palm 1 wider than the fingers 4 of back 5 and sewin said fingers. together With the quirked ourchettes as hereinabove .described, the seams are caused obviously, Vto be nearer the back than the a m of the hand.

e claim:

1. A glove' com'prising a 'alm having a slit therein, a thumb inserte into said slit and secured to the edges thereof, fingers integral with said palm, a back having fingers integral therewith, each of said first-mentioned fingers being respectively wider than each of sa1d second-mentioned fingers, a plurality'of quirked fourchettes, each of said fourchettes being provided with a pair of points and havin a pair of edges disposed at an obtuse ang e and a pair of edges disposed at ri ht angles, said oints extending partly the ength of the si e between each two adjacent fin ers, said edges disposed at an obt-use angle eing secured to the edges contiguous thereto at the base of said firstmentioned fingers, said edges dis osed at right angles being secured to the e ges contiguous 'thereto at the base of said secondmentioned fingers, and means for securing the remaining edges of said first-mentione fingers to the ed es adjacent thereto of said second-mentione fingers, said means, also, being em loyed to secure adjoining edges of said pa m and said back together.

2. A glove, comprising, in combination, a back having finger pieces, a palm having opposing finger pieces, and fourchettes formed to separate said op osing fingers at their bases,` and havin their sides converge in such relation that t 'e edges of the palm finger iece are directed to join the edg es In testimony whereof we have afixed out' of the ack fin or pieces and torminating at signatures in prence of two witnesses. points near the` ases of said fingers, whereby i ISIDOR A. SCHI'ILHERR the.y palm finger pieces will be caused to curl 5 toward the edges of the back finger pieces BENJAMIN I' VICENT' afnd lie in' the .straight lines of said edges',` Witnesses: and whereby the seams of theV glove fingers GLADYS. WL'roN, will lie at the back thereof. EDNA J. GroCKELD

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Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/02