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Publication numberUS971007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1910
Filing dateFeb 23, 1910
Priority dateFeb 23, 1910
Publication numberUS 971007 A, US 971007A, US-A-971007, US971007 A, US971007A
InventorsBert S Hubbard
Original AssigneeUnion Telegraph Company
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Loose-leaf binder.
US 971007 A
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ArrLloATloN Hun rma.2s,1e1o.

Patented fseptgo, 1910. A. j

Hr To T 3 ams# Hammam@ UM BD Sifeflsgeem tim-QE.


To all whom 'It may concern:

citizen of the United States. residing :it

Oakland, in theeonnty of Alameda and State of California. have invented new and e nsefnl Improvements in Loose-Leaf Bind longitudinal' section;

connected h v the flexible back 9. to 'one 'of these covers. preferably ythe bark ers, of which the following is a. specification. y A.

My invention relates to loof-:e leaf binders, andpertaiiis especiallyv to a binder for temporarily holding in position between two covers a stack or pad of blank bank checks or the like.

The object. of the present invention is to provide a simple, practical holder and hinder of this sort.- `which will protect the edges of the stubs andwperniit the. use :of loose sheets. and whiclnwill permit ofthe ready insertion and reniovahof a stub or padof leaves. and in which the locking parts will all he carried as fiiitures of the binder, witliont any liability of the loose parts becoming lost.

The invention consists of the parts 'and the construction and combinations of, parte' i as hereiiiafter-inore fully described and claimed. lia,ving'ret erenee to the accompany ing drawings, i'n .whirli- Fignie l a perspective View broken awa): to sl'iovs'4 he construction. Fig. 2 is a f and B represent respectively the bottoni and top covers ot the hook suitably Secured rover." are two or more fixed stnds 3, 'and also secured to the saine, cover is a secondary ti'exihle hack and .stub protector 4. The edge ot' this stnh` protector 4 is provided with snitalle set-tiring means. as the female glove-iffistening devices 5. which are adapted toeoat't with rounded vireninferentially groovell ends of the studs 3 and hold the perforated pad of leaves 7 in piave.

ln operation the pad or stack ot' leaves, suitably perforated. is slipped over the studs '3 and is lieldfthareon Aby folding over the .stub protertin;r liat'k 4 and *causing the 's1-)ring members. 5 to slip over and interlock book is then ready for use.

vit'h the grooved ends ot' the studs. The 'llie bark 4 not only looks tlie'pad in plane. but protects the LOOSE-LEAF DINER.

Specification of Letters Patent. VPtQHtQd Sept.. 20, 1910. Application tiled February 23, 1910. Serial No. 545,480.

edges and corners 'of the stubs Ot' the leaves, and does not interfere in any way with the easy opening and closing of the top cover A. W'henever a pad 'is used np, the back 4is easilydetachcd, and the pad taken ont andv filed away and a new pad 'i nt ni: 'I lVhile I prefer in practice to use the ordinary feinste glove-fastener simply :is a

`matter of convenience and economy, it Is manifest that,` other lforms of securnff means Vcould be used, one meinbe'r'of Whic is carried by the back and the other 'member of which is formed on or provided by the filing posts 3.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Pat ent, is:

ing consisting of top und bottoni covers and connect-ing back, and tiling studs carried by said bottom cover, said studs having cireurnferential groove adr'aoent to their outer ends, of a secondary exible hack secured along one edge to the bottoni :over and hffviner the remaining portion kunconnected to said cover and to the top cover and alsoto the first-named back, and arranged parallel with the hitter wliereb the top cover end its connecting back whol y incloses the second aryiback, said secondary back having spring locking members teleseoping with the groove ends of the tiling stnd's.

2. A oiner consisting of top and bo'tom covers and srconnectin back, said bottom cover having filing sti: s fixed to it, and a secondary flexible wholly inclosed by the first-named'back and secured along` one edge to the bottom cover and havingr the remaining portion normally and permanently Separated from the top cover and the back which eonncv-ts the top and bottom covers, the opposite or free edge of the secondary hack having .'ioeking inemhei's toengage the ends of the tiling studs.

In testimony whereof I' have hereunto set:v

Y itiv 1. The combination with si. suitable back- A back parallel with and y my hand in the presence of tivo subscribing I witnesses.

BERT' S. HUBBARD. Witnesses:

' C. M. Stimmen,

Gozo. C. Henman.

It is herby certified izilat the assigne in LettersPatent No.'97l,r001,.gmnted y vSeptember 20,1910, upon.v the application f Bert S. Hubbard, f Oakland, California, shou'id haeubeen described-and specified yas T he Uu'mz Lit/zogmp Company l instead of The UnionV Tlegraph Company as shown by the record of assignments 'i in this oce; arid that' the said Letters Patent should b red with this corretion therinihat the Samia may vconform to the record of the lcaie'vrir Patient Oice.

' Sigma and eadnhisst'h zijn? October, A. D., 1910. l

in Letters Patent No. 971,"07I

(Smm Y y y111.15.1s4o0x1a, i i -v Y 'Y v' y Umnm'vz'saoner of Patenti. E ,l v

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