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Publication numberUS97154 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1869
Publication numberUS 97154 A, US 97154A, US-A-97154, US97154 A, US97154A
InventorsFranc francis H. Barnard
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Improvement in pocket-knife
US 97154 A
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4 To all whom 'it may concern:

` purpose.

1 uniud were utentoiiijlre.


Leners Patent No. 97,154, ma Not-@mbar 23, 1869.


Beit known th-at we, FRANCIS H. Barisano` and WALTER L. BRAoE, both of the' city and county of Hartford, and Stateot' Connecticut, have invented .a

. certain new and useful Improvement-iu Pocket-Utensil ...s-an article ot' manuiacture'; andto enable others skilled in the artto make and use the saine, we will proceed to describe, by referring to the dra-wines iny which the same letters indicate like parts in each of the figures.

The natureot' this invention consists in arranging several tools in one handle, as a knife-blade, combined ii'ith a screw-driver, having` a rucked edge-formation to iit 'illevoriiice oi the spindleelnib ot' a lock or latch, linthe purpose ot` operating the late-ll when the spindle. is removed therefrom; also, a boring-awl, which also answers `the purpose of amarking-awl'and areamer,

all vcombined to produce a new improvedarticle of nninuiacture.

l "lhis'ntensil is designed for the use ot' joinerscar peuters, 850) The handle ,is made of metal. Y rlhe tools' qonsist oi' first, a boring-awl second, ofa scre\\'driver; third, a knife-blade.

-. The brad or horing-awl is formed three or four square,

and tapers 'to'i a point', thus forming a toolof practical use for three purposes,

First', in putting ruortise locltsin doors, it will make the. holes for the screws. f i Second, if the holes in the iiistening-plate are not largeenough Lto admit the body of the screw, .it will answer the purpose of a reamer.

Third, it can he used at.v any time as a marking-ani. The screw-,driver 'is also'made to answer a. double First, to put in the screws. V

Second, in case the door should be shut,- the enlarged roughedge portion is inserted into the lock hub orifice and tliedoor temporarily opened therewith, in place ot the knob and spindle; also, a knife-blade, made long and slim, making it of great value in trimming doors and windows, and for general use. f

In theaccompanying'drawingsl Figure `l is a side View of thvisinvention, having the sveraltools opened out'ot their handle.

Figure 2, theserew-driver.

The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making pari: cf the

Figure 3, the knit`e-blade.

Figure 4, the boring-awl.

Figure 5, the thumb-lock and spring-back.

Figures ti and 7, the common spring-back.

These several tools are fitted to the handle and secured to work thereon, substantially in the common' Way of fitting knife-blades to their handles.

- rt is the metal handle. b are spring-backs.

`l1 a thumb-latch o1' lock, for holding all or either one of the tools iirinly in an opened position, (as screw# driverin iig. l1.)

This latch is actuatedby the tlm rnb-,piece b, on the latch b'. f

These spring-backs b b' are constructed substantiall y as knife-back springs have heretoibre been ina-de.

' c is a kniiefblade, made long and slim, much in the common way.

. (l is ascreW-driver, having a roughened edge enlargement,V d', for inserting into' the oriiice ot' the spindle-hub oi'fa lock, hy ,which it takes the place (for the time being) of the knob and spindle.

This screw-driver isrsecured in the handle a in the common way of securing knife-blades in their ha ndles. -e is a boring-awl, also secured in the handlein the. common way. Its shape is threegor fo'ii'r square, andtapers to a point, so that it will he convenient t'or a marking-and, fora boring-awl, and for a reamer. Thus itwill-be seen that this implement is desirable and useful for a variety of purposes.

. We believe ,we have thus shown the nature, con-" struction, and advantage ot' this invention, so as to enable others skilled in the art to make and use the same therefrom.

What We claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent is pocket-knife, a, with spring b, thumb-latch b', and thumb-piece b, blade c, awl c, screw-driver d, with the rough enlargement a', constructed 'and arranged as described, substantially as set forth. i



E. W. Buss, JEREMY W. Buss.

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Cooperative ClassificationB26B11/00