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Publication numberUS972434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1910
Filing dateApr 29, 1910
Priority dateApr 29, 1910
Publication numberUS 972434 A, US 972434A, US-A-972434, US972434 A, US972434A
InventorsOscar Blomberg
Original AssigneeOscar Blomberg
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Valve-spring retainer.
US 972434 A
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' .citizen of the United States,rresiding at '5 .Stateof Michigan, have invented certain l0 enable others skilled in the art to which it ing a Sspring 'cap' to the valve stem orl rod;

1,20' In the accompanying drawings, which '.30- of F ig. 1 Fig. 3 is a transverse section taken i and Fig. 4 is a detailed view, showing one V nieral 1 kand the springby the numeral 2.

"40 te secure this spring cap to the valve stem.

. --f'vided with a marginal flange or laterally` p. -.which the end of the spring is adapted to fit.

To Vaufruf/om 'it concern: Y

Be it known that I,- Ososii BLOMBERG, ak

Muskegon; in the county o1 Muskegon and *new* and useful Improvements in Valve- Y Spring Retainers; and I do hereby'declare the v'following to be al full, clear, and exact description. of the invention, such as will .Y appertains to make and use the saine.

AMy invention has for its especial object to provide an improved valve spring retainer or device` for securely but detachably hold,-

and to this end, the invention consists of thev novel devices and combinations' of devices hlereinatter described and delined f in the c aim.

illustrate the invention, like characters'indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawings: Figure lis a view chiefly 'in VVvertical section, showing 25 portions of the spring and valve stem or 'rod and illustrating my invention applied thereto, some parts being bfken away and some parts being shown full; Fig. 2 is a transverse section taken on the line approximately on the line :1:3 :1:3 of Fig. 1;

end of the valve stem or rod.

The valve stem is indicated vby the iiu- As a means for causing the spring to re-act against the valve stem, it has been customai'y to provide a socalled spring .cap for engagement with one end of the spring and My invention iovides an extremely simple and highly e cient device for detachably r locking or anchoring the spring cap to the valve stem and for permitting quick detachment thereof from the stein whenever dc- 'sired. The spring cap 3 has an axial per- `lfora'tion, adapting it to be slipped freely .over the valve stem and it is preferably pro- 56 turned edge, forming a concave seat, within. I

' -At the proper point to give the desired l K x l Specicationof Letters Patent.

Application led lApril 29, 1910. SerialNo. 558,424. f

. Patented oct. 11i, ,1910.

compression of the stein, the valve s tein is i provided with a notch preferablyin the form of an angular groove 4. lA 'retainer or lock. plate 5, preferably of oblongvferni, is Y formed ywith an elongated slot, oneextiein- -ity 6 of which is of suiicient diameter to permit the said retainer to be slipped over i and on to the valve stem. The other ex- 60 tremity or portions 7 of the saidv slot is of such width that it cannot be passe'd on to j the full diameter ofthe valve stein," but ma be slid int-o interlocking engagement wit the lock groove 4. At that end which is adjacent to the large end 6,' the retainer 5 is 'provided with a laterally bent or extended lock lug or .fiange 3, which when the retainer and spring cap are in working position, as shown in Fig. l, engages the rim of said cap so that the cap serves in turn to hold the retainer in working position. Y When it is desired to remove the spring `cap from the valve stem or to move the same on the valve stem so as to relieve the spring from tension. it is necessary first to force the vspring cap far enough away from the retainer to permit the latter to be moved radially inward until the large extremity 6 of its slot is brought into registration with the valve stein. whereupon the said retainerinay be slipped oil of the stem of the said spring cap and the said sprinv'y cap will than be free for moveinent,also,'ot from-the valve stem.

The device above described, while extremely simple and of small cost, has in practice been found highly practical for tlie Y purposes had view. By use thereof, it 1s niade an easy matter to apply springs to valve -stems or rods and to remove said springs therefrom. The device is, however, capabe of general use, wherever it 1s desirable to lock a'spring cap or similar member of a stein or rod. Attention is, also, called to the fact that the construction of the spring cap and of the retainer are such that both may be stamped from pieces of sheet metal and neither requires boring.

The combination with a rod having a lockv 100 notch, of a spring pressed cap 'havin' af perforation adapting it to be positione on said rod adjacent to said notch, a cap retainer having an elongated slot with rela- V Tod, and ay snr-ing normally pressing said Vlvlnesss:

{vey Widel and larrowsv extremities, the large par';--.- which hold th'e'said remmer in 'extremity l0f Suid slot adapting said relocketo said. rod, substax'ltiully as described. y10

taineg-V to be posi"'ioned an said rod and the In testimony whereof l dix my Signature Said nam-(m extrwnity adapting it for interin presence of two Witnesses.


locking cfgag mei, with the nch of said press cal; `gan'st .said retainer, and the said s remmer z 1d having #.urmally engaging l G. W. 'fa-1MAL', R. W. J\ uson'.

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