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Publication numberUS973345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1910
Filing dateJan 6, 1910
Priority dateJan 6, 1910
Publication numberUS 973345 A, US 973345A, US-A-973345, US973345 A, US973345A
InventorsJoseph A Dalton
Original AssigneePeter J Quinn, Joseph A Dalton
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US 973345 A
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vPatented oct.18,19 10.

bsek cling.

dence and State of Rhode Island, have inconcentric head c3 having a' reduced portion 60 vented certainnew and useful Improvements c* to tit within a second concentric bore in Drill-Chucks, of which the following is :i formed at the bottom of/the tool-bodv, as at specification. b4, and leave a shouldei` onlsaid head, as 6^", My invention relates to an improved to abut the bottom end face of said body, in structure. in that class of tools for holding the manner shown in Figs. 1, 4 and 5. The 65 drills; and the objects in view are to s-imhead c3, of the member c, is provided with a 'plify the structural parts of the chuck, and central opening c to freely receive the shank to have the body of the tool 4free to be d1 of the drill CZ. .The spring s surrounds gripped upon to permit a drill to be'easily the shank c1 of the support c, the upper end released or mounted in position during the of said spring being made fastin said shank, 7.0



Specification of Letters Patent,

Application filed January 6, 1910. Serial No. 536,670.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH A. DALTON, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Pawtucket, in the county of Prov-iievolviiig movement of the tool in a machine-spindle, of the novel construction,` arrangement, and combination of parts, as

hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying sheet of drawings, Figure 1 represents a sectional View of a drill-chuck, as constructed in accordance .with my invention. Fig. 2 is a plan section taken on line 2 2. of Fig. 1, showing arrangement of spring connection for the toolbody and its support. Fig, 3 is a plan section taken on line 3-.-3 of Fig. 1, showing the cam arrangement for forcing rolls into frictional contact upon the shank of the drill. -Fi 4 is a side elevation of the fixed support 01'` the tool-body, together with means for releasing the rolls. from engagement-with the drill-shank, and, Fig. 5. isV a plan. section taken on line 5.,-5. of Fig. 4.

Like reference characters' indicate like parts.

.collar a1.

b is the tool-bodytf of cylindrical form, having a. circular recess formed in its top face, at b1, to receive the stock-collar a1, and said body is vprovided with an opening therethrough from said recess, 'the 4upper part of said opening being a concentric bore to act'as a chamber, as b, for the rece tiony of-a coilspring s and the lower part o said opening arranged to dispose three cam faces, as at points L, b, 03 in Fig. 3, that form 'hearing surfaces for three rollers r, r, 1'.

c is the support for the'tool-body b, said support having a cylindrical shank c1 which is. reduced in diameter fto form a screwhas three legs c2, c2, c2 divided equidistantly apart throughout the circle of said support, depending from the Shank c1 of-the latter, and which legs terminate iyith an e'iilarged as at a. p ointl s1 in Fig. 2, While the lower end of said spring is made fastin the'toolbody as'` ata pointsV2 in said figure. The tool-body?) is loose between the stock-collar al and head c3 of the fixed support c, and the 7 legs c2 of the latter are designed to fit-dietween the friction rollers r. The surface 'of' the cams b3- `extend from ythe'concentric' bore b4 of the tool-body b to a point near to and below the shank o1 of the support c. 8 Assuming the tool to be mounted in a machine-spindle and to revolve continuously7 iii the direction indicated by the arrow: Yi hen desired toV insertv a drill the operator grasps the body Zi With'a hold suilicient tocause a 8 contract-ing of the spring s and at the same time permit the rollers r to move to theirlowest position on the cam surfaces ZJ?, when the shank di of the drill may then be'readily inserted within the support c, after which the .9 operator releases his grasp upon the body b when the expanding action of the spring then causes t e rollers 'r to move along the" increase of rise; of thecams and into firm frictional contact u on the surfaceof-the 9 drill-shank. Therefgre, by having the-toolbody Z) free to grasp upon and turn against the tension of the spring .s permits a drill to be readily inserted and held ine4 rigid position during the revolution ofthe tool. .1

. What I claim and desire to secure by Let.-

which is provided with a screwthreaded 4105 aperture; a bodyrhaving a. circula-r recess to" receive 'the stock-collar and said body having an opening extending from its recess, the

upper part of said opening in the forni of a f' threaded portion c2 to engage in a threaded circular chamber, and the lower part 'of said 110 aperture of they stock-collar a1, said support opening arranged. to dsposl three cam bea ring surfaces; :n cylinlllriul roller mounted .1111193011 Scam surface; a, cylindrical sup )orb ing melnbQr 11a-ving shank which is'redlucd 'in the' threaded aperture of the stock-coH'zu', mud* member ,haring three'legsdependmg from its shank und which logs; terminat' with n circular head having: a reduced .porofton o'fit a bore formed in the, front face of thl tool-body, yand said member provided. with an vopening' formed in -its 3head Vt'o re- 'smd spring having ono om! ulm'vlwd to thu latter and ts otlwr 0nd ntun'lwd to Huid fm1]- body. v

in presence of two witnesses.


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