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Publication numberUS973687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1910
Filing dateJan 17, 1910
Priority dateJan 17, 1910
Publication numberUS 973687 A, US 973687A, US-A-973687, US973687 A, US973687A
InventorsPaul B Naylor
Original AssigneePaul B Naylor
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US 973687 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

'citizen of the United States, residing unirse ermee earner cerros.

Penn isf Nan, on o..L

I Specification of Letters Patent.


applicati@ ma Jasary 17,1910.v serial No. 538,481.

To all whom 'it may concern; A

Be it known that I, PUL' B.`NAYLon, a at Kansas City, in .the county` of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented-certain-nevv and useful Improvements in Silos; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as Will enable others skilled in the'art'to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to improvements in silos, bins and like receptacles. y The object of the invention is lto provide an improved construction of silo, bin or simi.- lar receptacle having means whereby the staves formingv the sides of the saine will be securely held together and braced.

Another object is to'provide an improved fastening device for holding the hoopsof the receptacle in position.'A I n With the foregoing 4 and other objects in view, the invention Iconsists of certainnovel features of construction, combinationand arrangement of parts ,as will be morev fully described and particularly-.pointed out in lthe appended claims.

- portion of a silo constructed in .accordance In-the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a detail perspective View of the upper with the invention; Fig. 2 is a lcentral vertical section of the silo complete; Fig.I 3 is an enlarged vertical section throughJ one of the staves showing the manner of fastening the hoops thereto; Fig. 4.- is a similar view showing'the connection between one jof the hoop fastening boltsvand one of the brace rods of the silo, and Fig. 5 is a detail horizontal section through a portion of one side of the silo taken immediately above the hoops and their fastening devices.

In the'embodiment illustrated, 1 denotes a silo which is constructed of a series of hstaves 2, and. which may be of any desired size or height. The silo is o f-circular form and the edges of the staves are provided With tongue and groove connections, there-v by providing an air tight closurevbetw'een the same. The silo is provided With the usual hoopsB'and in addition thereto is-pro-4 l vided, adjacent to its upper and llovver ends,

With outer hoops 4: and inner hoops 5, said hoops being preferably in the form of round met-al rods, the ends of each of which are .connected Atogether by a member la in the form of a block havingverticallyv spaced apei'- v tures therein through which the ends of the rod Vare passed in oppositedirectioxis.' l' Theseends are each threaded and providedwith a raient-.ea oet. 25,' '1910;

nut 4b for tightening or loosening the hoop When desired.' The outer and inner-hoops 4c andv 5 atthe upper and lower ends of the silo are arranged opposite each other and are held in posit-ion by a series of Ushaped bolts 6 which are passed over the outerk hoops le and through apertures rformed in thestaves and have their ends engaged with )the inner hoops 5. The inner ends of --the bolts vare threaded and on said threaded ends are arranged clamping plates 7 andA nuts 8. The nuts, When screwed up on the' threaded ends of the bolt, draw the clamping plates 8 into tight engagement With the bolts into engagement with the hoops l on the outer side of the silo, thereby holding hoopsv 5 and the looped ends of the the hoops in place and securely fastening .the hoops and staves together. Any suit able number of bolts 6 may be provided and iii` practice a' bolt Will probably be provided for eachfstave, thus idependently soy fastening' all ofthe staves to the hoops. Y In addition to the bolts 6 at the Vupper end of the silo, lV preferably provide similar bolts `9 which are arranged atintervals between.

the bolts 6.' The bolts '9 are ofjsomevvhatk greater length `thanthe bolts 6 vand Withthe upper looped ends of said bolts 9 are engaged the eyes '10a' at the upper ends of occurs during the summer season in vsilos -of the ordinary or usual construction.

Frein the foregoingdescription taken in connection with the accompanying. drawings, the construction and operation of the inventionwill be readily understood Without. requiring a more extended. explanation.

Various changes-in the'form, proportion, andy the minor details of construction may be resorted to Without departing from the ,principle or'sacricingany of the 'advantages of this invention as detinedin the appended claims.'

ing tongue and groove joints, outer hoops arranged around said staves at the upper' and lower ends of the silo, inner hoops en gaged with the inner sides of the stavesfn at the upper and lower ends of the silo, a

series of U-shaped clamping bolts inserted through said staves and engaged with said outer and inner hoops, clamping plates and nuts arranged on the inner ends of said bolts, a series of brace rods arranged at intervals around the outer side ofthe silo', said rods being' anchored at their lower ends and having eyes at their upper ends engaged with the cross bars ot' said U- shaped bolts.

2. A silo formed of a series of verticallyarranged staves, adjustable hoops engaging the inner and outer faces of the staves for securing the stares in position, anchoring rods for steadying the silo and means for securing the upper ends of the anchoring rods to the silo and retainingin position the stave `positioning hoops, said means comprising a substantially U-shaped threaded g bolt adapted to` extend through the staves on opposite sides of the adjustable hoops and lclamping nuts engaging the` threaded ends of said bolt. i

` In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand' in presence of two subscribing Wit- .nesses` PAUL B. NAYLOR. Witnesses OSCAR T. HALLEY, JOSEPH E. SANDERsoN.

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Cooperative ClassificationE04H12/08