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Publication numberUS975146 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 8, 1910
Filing dateJun 15, 1910
Priority dateJun 15, 1910
Publication numberUS 975146 A, US 975146A, US-A-975146, US975146 A, US975146A
InventorsLudwig Manelius
Original AssigneeLudwig Manelius
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US 975146 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

' L. MANELIUS. WINDOW 801mm APPLICATION FILED JUNE 16, 1910. 975,146. Patented Nov. 8, 1910.

v g SHEETS-S 1.



, 975,146. Patented'Nov. 8, 1910.




' Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 8, 191.0.

App 1ication fi1ed June is, 1910. Serial No. 566,908.

To all whom itmay concem:

Be it known that I, LUDWIGr MANELIUS, a

' .subject of Finland, residing. .atPhiladelghia, in the county of Philadelphia and tateof Pennsylvania, have invented cer-.

tain new and useful Improvements in \Vin- (low-Screens, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvementsin window screens, the object of the invention being to provide an improved screen mounted upon a spring roller supported on the sill, the free end of the-screenv being attached to the lower bar of the sash, so that when the sash is raised, the screen will be. drawn from the roller, and when the sash is lowered, the

screen will wind on the roller, thus screen-. v

:to the roller 6,' and wound thereon, and at its free'end is secured to a bar 19. This bar ing thewopening regardless of the elevation of the sash 1 A further object is to provide an improved mounting for a spring roller on which my improved screen is secured, provide improved means for attaching the screen to the sash, and improved means for holding the roll against turning when detached from the sash and the window frame.

With these and other objects in View, the

invention consists in certain novel features I adapted to receive hooks 21 on the sash 2,

of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts, as will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.-

In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1, is a broken view in front elevation illustrating my improvements. Fig. 2, is' a view in vertical cross section. Fig. 3, is a view in longitudinal section of the spring roller.

Fig. 4, is a view invertical cross section,

showing the window in closed position, and Figs. 5, and 6, are views of details of construction.

1, represents a window frame, 2 a vertically movable sash, and 3 the window sill. On the sill 3 two brackets 4, and 5, are secured and support my improved spring roller 6. The roller is rovided at one end with a round trunnion mounted in a circular opening in the bracket 4, and a spring rod 8 located in a recess 9 in the other end of the roller, projects beyond the end of the roller, is rectangular in cross section and is adapted to be positioned in a recess 10 in bracket 5. This recess 10 extends from the outer edge of the bracket inwardly, and the upper wall of the recess is provided with a notch or pocket 11 to receive the angular end 12 of rod 8. This angular end 12 is smaller than-the main portion of the rod, forming shoulder tolimit the longitudinal :movement of the roller, but adjacent this shoulder'the rod is angular or flat at its 1 sides as shown at 13, for a purpose which will hereinafter appear. 1

A coiled spring 14: is located in the recess f 9 around rod 8, and at its inner end is pro- ,jected through an opening 15 in-the rod.

The outer end of the spring is secured to the ;rod, and the spring is confined within the irecess, and the rod is held against longitudinal movement by means ofa split disk 16 secured to the end of the roller and located i in a groove 17 in rod 8.

18 is the wire screen secured at one end 19 comprises two sections triangular in cross .seotion, with the end of the wire netting positioned between them, and the sections secured together. By reason ofthis means of attachment between the netting and the bar 19,'the netting is compelled to lie close to the'sash and exclude flies and insects from entering at this point.

Bar 19 isprovided with openings '20,

and connect the bar and sash so that when the sash is moved, the screen will also be moved. On one end of this bar 19, a bracket 22 is fixed, and has a bifurcated or forked 13 of rod 8, and prevents any turning of the 9 rod. While in this position, bar 19 may be readily disconnected from the sash, and the screen removed without any liability of the tension of spring 9 unwinding. It will therefore be noted, that with my improvements in position, when the sash is raised, the screen will be unwound from its roller to cover the opening in the window frame, effectually excluding flies and other insects. WVhen the sash is lowered, the roller will wind the screen thereon, and hence it is not necessary to attend to the screen at all, as it will automatically prevent any of the flies and other pests from the outside entering the room when the sash is raised.

Various slight changes might be made in the general form and arrangement of parts described without departing from my invention, and hence I do not limit myself to the precise details set forth, but consider myself at liberty to make such changes and alterations as fairly fall Within the spirit and scope of the appended claims";

Having thus described my inventiomvghat I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

to the opposite end of said roller, brackets constructed to support said roller, one bracket having" a i'r'ciilai epefiing' to receive said-trunnion, the other bracket having a recess to receive the smaller diameter of the angular end of the rod, said bracket having 1. A Window screen comprisingfi asp'ring iii the upper wall of therecessat 5 roller having an angular springro ",b-f'ackts its: fixedthe free adapted to be secured to a W1 ndow sill and support said roller and" a screen seemed at 01 16 and W0 6' theroller of aha-r3 s'ciired t the free e-n Y f the s reen; means on: said bar co'nstfncted te ejigagl said:

angular rod preventing crime-latter,

sii bs'tantially as described.

'ndovv sei e-ea the 2. In a W1 W'itha roller hav I mountedt'o tum i spring arorincl said r atone emit tot he red the' ith the re1 1er, said roe"rogeetingieutbeyofid the of the roller an ha ing antral-ac groeve therein, ii lS pl llt die-k s'ecarefl (Sn-the end of therolle'r' and-locatedsaid groove; the outer end ofilsaid rod lfeing of we di mi-esters; Both: diam bar ge an diameter ot the" angel ofs' ct pi Vfi-t rttary movement; thereof sash i's'lowered substantially as describe 3. In a windowsereen, the" def nite-attenone end, of

atone 1 a A d tliqiol lef; saint: pro; "at beyon'cl 1161? andgl iaving an;

f tweeaa titan; a scream secured to one g V mae-angu fes see: Sara:

of said screen and adapted to be secured to a sash substantially as described.

4.5 a Window screen-, the combination 1 With a foller, having a recess one ridacf 1 mod rfi-dliiite'd te turn in saidrecss,a coiled spring-attend said'rodiii-the" redesssecured at one eam the rod and at the other end to" V 5 the: roller-,-- sale we jii oj'ect ing out beyond 7 the end of the roller and having a-iilaiiiin-lar groove therein asplit-disk secured onthe end'ofthe rrllr and: located in said groove," the-outer-endcofsaid rod being of two diam et'ersg hoth diameters afigulafin cross sectiomascreensecnred to onend ofsaid roller and Woiindthereon,- atrlinnion fixed to the opposite end of said roller; brackets con structed tosupport said roller; one bracket having. acircular oyining to receive said trtinniofr; the other bracket ha ving a recess" to receive the smaller diameter of the angular end of the rod,- s'aid Bracket-having a mania-the up er wall; oi the recess at its inner end; aflbar securedt6 the free end} of-' said 'screen'and comprising we sections hava diagonal meeting, faces with the Wire jnetting secured between thefi1,--sai d bar hav: ing openings therein toirecei-ve hooksvo l a- 5 Window sash; anda bracket fixed toi said bar i-andhavin'g aforked orbifiircated lower end; adapted tostraddle and hold; the said; rod a"? i i-1st rotafi movement; substantially as described:

In testimony wheioffiiave signed name tethis spec-ificationinthe presenceof two 'siibscribing I witnesses;


R.-Ha' Grins? E: Pom;

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