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Publication numberUS976010 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 15, 1910
Filing dateNov 3, 1909
Priority dateNov 3, 1909
Publication numberUS 976010 A, US 976010A, US-A-976010, US976010 A, US976010A
InventorsJohn C Thompson
Original AssigneeJohn C Thompson
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US 976010 A
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Patented Nov. 15, 1910.



mention filed November 15209. Serif-rl uo. 553e* G2G, y Y

To all concern:

Be it knowntliat l, Jenn i). Trionrson, u citizen of .the United States, residlng et Beh mont,l in the county-of Sun Mateo and State slip l which 'is responsible for e great. loss of eicieney' in pumps, ynir compressors and the like n herein lift vulves src employed.

A further object is to provide u duplex lift valve that is durable, simple'in const-ruction andeconomical. .in cost of menuiacture,

end whichdoes Vnot-readily get out of order and .is easily repaired.

The invention 1s esneclnllyedepted for use in hi lx pressure pumping miichinery in which earge volume of-weter is lifted to c. considerable' height, suchl for instance as is employed in municipal wsterplents.

' The'lzirge port aree. of this-vulve increases the capacity of je.' pump end permits of greater speed with less powerby reducing the frictionzrl resistance of water entering and leaving the pump.

The invention consists of the parte and Vthe combination and const'ruction of parte as hereinafter more fully described. und claimed, reference being had to the eccompanying drawings, in whioln- Figure 1 is n vertical sect-ion of the invention showing the vulves sented. Fig. 2 is a like view 'showing the valve disks in their open position. Fig. 3 is a cross section on the'line X-X, Figi. Fig. 4 is u frugmentnry plan view showing the manner of mounting the valves 1n multiple. Fig. 5 is .a sectional view showing the' invention 'es ap lied to the ordinary duplex pump.

11 the drawings A is thc pluto or valve rdecl; formed in n. pump or nir compressor',

on which the lower disk 2 or" the valve seats. A port opening 3 is provided in the piste l and has u rib or raised seat i around iis upper periphery upon which the leather packing ring 5 on theundcrsidc of the valve disk 2 normally rests.

The lower vulve disk 2 husan upwardly extending' cylindrical stcm (i, centrally dis posed, in which n coil spring 7 is mounted.

' epee-.scenes se L l l l The vulve disk i). is provided with a nunilier of port openings l0, 3, exterior of the stero C und inside the gasket ring 5, und these portepcnmgs l0 nre normally closed ivy-un upper volvo disk il, provided with gesliet'rings-l2-l3, which seat upon the lower disk .-J; the inner ring 12 normally boor-inf? upon tout port of 'thefdisk adi. jacent to the stein (5, and the outer ring i3 outside the port openings l0. A cylindrical .Stein l; is ,formed on the upper disk ll., snrrounding :ind slidrible upon the stern (5. A coil spring l5 `hearing upon the disk l1 and. against the rigid bar 9, tends to retain the upper vulve disk ll sented upon' the lower .disk 2. The guiding of the two vulve stems in the manner shown insures both valves coming flown square on their seats without chatter. All'tllese vulves, of which there may oe en?,T number, seating on thev valve decir n. will do en equal duty. lll/'ith the ordinary type of valve the central ones do moet ofthe work. i

ln operai-ion as u fluid, is forced or drown by suction through the port-,3, its ),nessure is distributed upon the under surfaces of both the valve disks 2 und '11','cauS- ing. euch disk to lift end compressing the .springe 7.-15, as shown in Fig. 2, and thus a owing-*the passage ol the iuid. As soon as the fivudprcssure is discontinued the springs Z und l5 force their respective `valve disks 2 und ll downward to their sented position. The comparatively low lift of euch vulve disk insures its speedy closure, thereby decrcasingthe slip. on thc upper dishr 'il is of conipuretivel light tension -and is compressed approxi .mately twice the length of the lift of the lower vulve. thus causing the upper vulve l195 The spring 15 insuring it against loosening. By using.

has been working for many months night I and day and every hour of the day in a 20);36 x36 Cross Corliss compound engine with 12% plungers,1naking 45 R. P. M. against Q90' head, in the plant of a great municipal water system and has given entire satisiaction.

Having thus described my invention, what l claim new and desire to secure by Letl. The combination with a valve seat, of a poi-ted valve plate normally seating thereon, said valve plate having a stem, a guide bai' having a recess forming a guide for the upper end of the stem, a second valve provided with a hollow valve stem concentric with the first-named valve stem, said second valve adapted to seat over the ports in said valve plate, and said. guide bai' having a second recess into which the stein of the second valve is secured. when said valve is lifted, and independent means by which the valves are maintained closed,.said second valve having a limited openin and closing movement independent 'of the first valve.

Q. The combination with a valve seat, of a .ported valve plate seating thereon, said valve plate having a hollow stein, a guide bar havinga recess in its under side in which the stem is slidable, a spring housed f in said stem and bearing against the same and against the bottom of said recess, to. maintain the valve plate normallyfseated, a' second valve plate seating over thel rts in the first valve plate, said second va ve plate Vhaving a hollow stem concentric with and .Slidable 45 lon the first-named stem, said ide bar'having a second recess to recoivent e stem 'of the second valve when'said valve ie 1fted,'and a s ring actin against 'the guide bar and sai second va ve (plate to maintain the lat- 59 ter normally seate .Q Y 3. The combination with a valve seat, of a orted valve plate seating thereon,- said va ve plate having a hollow1 Stem, a uide bai having a recess in it-sunderis' e in 55 which the stem is slidable, a sprin housed in said stem and bearing a einst?` he same and against the bottom of sai recess, to maintain the valve plate normally seated, a second valve plate seating over the ports in the first 60 valve plate, said second Valve plate having a hollow stem concentric Withand slidable on the first-named stein, said, ude `bar having a second recess to receive t e Stem of the second valvev when Said valve is lifted, a sir-ing actin? against the guide bar and sai second va ve nlate to maintain the latter normally seate ,/said valve plate having on its underside an annular groove dovetailed in cross section, which groove Sur- 70 rounds the port o ening in the'valve seat,

and a gasket of eat'her and gutta pei'cha filler inserted intosaid rooveandprojectingA below the face of t e valve plate and seating on the valve seat.

In 'testimony whereof I have hereunto setiny hand `in the presence of two subserib.

ing witnesses. A


Witnesses: v

' DANIEL R. Surnom,


and e5

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